why i don’t plan on drinking

Alcohol is an undeniable part of life. It is even more undeniable in college. But I choose not to drink. I always get the looks and questions as to why not.

“You don’t drink??”
“Have you ever had a drink?”
“Do you want to try?”

I have no problem saying that I don’t drink. There are so many reason why I’ve made this decision. First off, I’m 18. It’s illegal. But that doesn’t stop other 18 year olds from buying and consuming alcohol. Not only do I not drink now, but I don’t plan on drinking even when I turn 21. Here are the reasons why…

  • It makes you act out of character. I know you can drink responsibly but too many people my age drink just to get wasted. I would rather remember what happened the previous night rather than wake up, not knowing what went on.
  • Alcohol dehydrates the body. When alcohol enters the body, it absorbs water. And water is vital for the body. So I don’t want to get rid of a good thing for just one “night of fun.” Caffeine also has the same effect but I rarely drink anything with caffeine. Green tea is very low in caffeine and if I were to ever drink coffee (after the lots of sugar and milk, of course), it would be decaf.
  • Alcohol depletes electrolytes. Electrolytes help keep the body balanced. Mostly, they help with muscle and nerve function. I would much rather keep my muscles and nerves healthy, thank you very much.
  • I don’t like the taste. I know I’m only 18 and I could grow into liking the taste, but as of right now, I think it’s gross. I don’t like the smell or the taste. I’ll stick to water.

I know there aren’t a lot of reasons but these are all important to me. I think it is possible to have fun without being drunk. So if I’m at a party, I would rather make fun of those being fools ๐Ÿ˜‰

But in all seriousness…

34 thoughts on “why i don’t plan on drinking

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only 18 year old who plans on not drinking…at all. The big thing for me is because it makes you act out of character. Like you said, I want to be able to remember what happened the night before and enjoy my time..sober. My mom is also a nurse so I’ve heard so many horror stories about people drinking. AND the smell is disgusting. No thank you. I’ll stick to water!

  2. I’m 20 (21 in 5 months!) and I do drink on occasion (I’m talking maybe once every 3 months on average over here). I never drink to excess, therefore I always remember my actions and am in control of my mind, my body, and my facilities at all times. I always make sure to never go somewhere by myself and I always have a plan to get home or to spend the night in a safe place. There’s a difference between drinking and drinking responsibly. I also hate beer, the college drink of choice. I’ll drink occasionally with my family as well. They keep trying to get me to like wine and their fancy beers, and I’ll try them, but I have yet to find something I actually really like the taste of. Most alcohol just doesn’t taste good to me. It’s definitely a choice, and when I don’t drink I’m not made fun of for it, maybe it’s just because I’m a girl. I feel like there’s a different standard set for men, but I don’t have any problem with being a DD for my friends since I want them to get home safe. It’s true, SOME people act differently (more angry, more risk-taking, etc.), but that’s not the case for me, I just like to dance, haha.

  3. YESSSS!!!! I agree with every.single. thing. you mentioned. I would rather have fun being sober and being myself rather than completely wasted and throwing up all over my friends haha
    And just the dangers of being a girl around booze is scary too. My mom has been sober for 30 years and I admire her so much. After hearing what alcohol ruined in her life, it made me never want to drink either. It seems like nothing good can stem from the stuff, just a temporary bliss that ends with a hardcore crash and burn hangover.
    So cheers to a life free of drunken regrets! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I don’t drink either, my older brother did for a while, and he was miserable to be around. I also think it’s a waste of money and time to make fake friends. I’d rather buy a new book haha

  5. I used to drink in my first year and a half of college, but I stopped because of bad experiences and a general disenchantment with it.. I just find it boring/uncomfortable now. I’ll drink lightly occasionally, but honestly at school I usually have a TON of work to do because I play two sports and take all science classes. I’d rather do well in my classes than go out ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You’re awesome and this was a great post. No one should ever make you feel like you should be drinking. I am 21 and do drink on occasion but rarely do I ever get drunk. It can be fun but the not being able to control yourself part scares me. Plus, the hang over in the morning when you do drink too much is quite possibly the worst feeling ever. Oh yeah, alcohol also slows your metabolism, almost immediately.

  7. I don’t drink either….for a lot of the same reasons as you actually! Way to speak your mind and stick up for your beliefs!

  8. good for you! i drink, but my little sister doesn’t. she’s amazing. i admire her ability to command a social audience without alcohol in hand. she gets much grief for her choice, especially at corporate events, but she never wavers from her commitment to herself. good luck to you! x

  9. I didn’t drink at all in college and for years after. The thing about not drinking is that you miss out on a LOT of the social aspects of college. I spent a lot of weekend nights alone in my dorm while everyone else partied. I don’t wish that I had been out there getting drunk with everyone, but I regret that I didn’t get to socialize and meet more people. You can always go to parties, but it gets boring watching drunk people act stupid. Hopefully you will have friends to hang out with at such parties, who will have just a drink or two and hang with you, so you can just have fun being with your friends, and you still get to enjoy being out. People will look at you funny for not drinking, and they will get even more annoyed if you try to preach to them about it. Just have a glass of soda or water, smile, and have a good time!

    I respect your decision since it was pretty much the same decision I made in college. That being said, there is a time and place for enjoying a few drinks. It took me until just last year before I realized this. It can ease your inhibitions if you’re in a nerve-wracking situation (like on a date, or out meeting new people), and it helps you relax so you can have fun. For me, it’s also liquid courage, as I have done things and gone up and talked to guys when I was tipsy when I never would have done it sober! So, that is why I now drink socially on occasion (not often – maybe once or twice a month). The important thing is to find out what your limit is and don’t exceed it. (Unfortunately I had to exceed my limit several times before I learned my lesson!) It’s ok to want to have a fruity cocktail while you’re out with girlfriends, or a glass of wine on a date. That’s just a part of enjoying life! Like last year, I was in Barcelona, and you can bet I wanted to have some sangria and hang out with friends!

    Of course you’re only 18, you should definitely stay away until you’re 21.

    • Wow, this is a while back, but I can concur with this post. I think it would have been great to find some people who didn’t drink either during my freshman year, but since that didn’t happen, I was just the odd man out and was sort of isolated. I regret not going out to be social. I didn’t have to drink, but I think as a freshman, I was so scared of what would/might happen, that I didn’t even take a chance. I was so worried about waking up to work out and that mentality also isolated me.

      I too, learned to be social in Barcelona. The Spanish know not to go to extremes. Sometimes I don’t drink because of the calories or because I feel that my sister judges me (and pretty much all those who drink). I’ve had my moments where I might have gone too far, but I know now where and when to have fun and when to stop. I completely agree that –> “there is a time and place for enjoying a few drinks”; “It can ease your inhibitions if youโ€™re in a nerve-wracking situation” (of course there are other ways, but sometimes it just helps) and finally “The important thing is to find out what your limit”

      in the end, everyone has a decision to make and no one should make you feel bad. It’s your life so you should be able to decide how to live it ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Good for you for not bowing to peer pressure! It’s important to stick to your guns and do what feels right for you. And there’s nothing more devastating than the stats around drunk driving. Hopefully your friends appreciate that they always have a DD handy!

  11. Girl,you are so.darn.awesome!
    I agree with EVERYTHING you mentioned above and I am so glad I finally found someone (and,if I take a look at the comments,even some more people) who share my thoughts concerning alcohol.
    I just don’t get why so many people seem to think it was “cool” to be drunken,act daffy and make a fool out of oneself. I also don’t understand why alcohol is oftn considered as a necessity for having fun. I mean,in my opinion,it is a really sad fact if you can’t have fun without alcohol – more than that,it is a real problem if you feel this way!
    And yes,I admit that people laugh at me for this statement,but I HATE the taste of alcohol. It sort of “burns” in my throat and yeah… I don’t need that,as well as I don’t need all the other negative effects alcohol has on the body. And I am so glad about it.

  12. It definitely takes balls to stand up and say that in college! I was in a sorority, and as such my sisters, especially the older ones, were always pressuring me to get drunk. it was REALLY hard to say “no thanks”, and a lot of them looked down on me for it, but that’s what made me happiest. Now that I’m 22, I’ve come to appreciate the taste of quality wine and quality beer – I don’t ever drink liquor (gross), and I don’t ever get drunk. If I’m out at a restaurant, I’ll order an interesting craft beer, or if my dad or one of my friends buys a really nice bottle of wine, I’ll have a glass. I only drink things that I genuinely like )BECAUSE I like it and not for the purpose of altering my state of mind or being social), and I stick to one – I rarely even get “buzzed”. And per the dehydration etc, it definitely has that effect but because I’m still in my right mind I always drink enough water to replace it haha.

    So, I do drink occasionally but usually its with my parents over dinner – I hate getting drunk, I hate drinking just to be “social” or feel like you’re part of a crowd, and I will be honest with you – you’re not going to find quality beer or wine in college. people in college drink to get drunk and don’t want to spend $$ on that stuff so they buy cheap stuff that’s absolute crap. NOT worth drinking that junk IMO, which is why I never drank much in college, until I was 21 and had friends that also appreciated quality drinks and were cool with just having a glass of wine while watching Gossip Girl or something. But I agree with you – in the situations with alcohol that YOU are most likely to find yourself in at this point in time…..totally not worth it. And PROPS to you for sticking with that – I’ve seen lots of my sorority sisters with your exact mindset that didn’t have the courage/self-respect to stand up for themselves like you are!

  13. My husband didn’t drink until he met me. I’m not sure what that says. But we met when he was 23. And he would sip on a beer all night even though he didn’t like the taste because I was drinking beer. I think that was kinda sweet even though I didn’t care if he drank or not. But he had the same reason for not drinking as your first reason – he thought all people got wasted and stupid and he looked down on them. When he saw that me and my friends had a few drinks and didn’t get crazy, I think he changed his mind.
    I have lots of friends that don’t drink at all or only like one glass of wine here and there. So stand that ground girl.

  14. That’s great that you have strong convictions. It’s totally a personal choice whether you want to drink or not, although you’re right- you will always get questions/comments re: your decision.

    I drink and I enjoy it. Rarely to excess, but it is a fun social activity. I think if one is capable to drinking sensibly, there’s nothing wrong with it. A relaxing beer or a new french wine with dinner is fun. I think it’s another element of balance like lots of things of things. All in moderation ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Although I did drink when I was your age, I cannot STAND alcohol now. Once I turned 21 and it was legal for me to drink I was super turned off by the idea. I get “scared” to drink because of how bad alcohol is for your body!! Suppperr skeevy!! More power to you to stay away from it!

  16. I’m still in high school, but alcohol is all about getting drunk when you are in high school. I actually do drink on occasion but not to get wasted – more for taste and culture and what not. When I went to Europe, I drank because it’s just part of the experience – not to change the way I act. I do the same on holidays. I just have no desire to ever get drunk because it’s cool, I actually find it disgusting. Oh and who wants to run with a hangover? Not me!!

  17. Totally your choice girlfriend! No one can judge you for that…ever! I just hope you don’t think everyone that drinks is out there driving drunk running over people, acting sloppy, or being irresponsible. You’re in college so there is definitely a lot of that going on around you now so I understand why it might seem like that…but I just hope you don’t think everyone that drinks is like that!

  18. That’s a GREAT choice to make my friend. I do drink socially but I believe I am responsible about it and I would NEVER EVER drink and drive and I do not associate myself with irresponsible drinkers. Personally, I enjoy the taste of wine but to each his own. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I truly respect everyone who makes the decision not to drink. I think it’s a personal choice and I cant stand the people who try to preach to others or make judgments about people who choose not to drink. I solute you my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I’m so glad there’s others out there who don’t want to drink! I feel like you have to to be ‘normal’ in college, but I just think getting drunk is a waste of time. Plus I’m 19 and I really think underage drinking is stupid! I might consider drinking on occasion when I’m 21 and older, but I don’t ever want to get drunk and forget what happened to me. I just don’t understand how people think it’s fun.

    • Girl, I seriously was the SAME way as you when I didn’t drink, but honestly I can say that you can have a lot of fun being drunk and being sober! It isn’t that bad and yes when you see drunk people from a sober standpoint it seems really silly and dumb, but sometimes it is ok to let your hair down and have a little fun – there is no shame! Even though I don’t drink right now because of health reasons, I still find no problem with people wanting to have some fun, drink, and go out!! I realize now that I was way to judgmental before and that I shouldn’t knock
      anything until I try it at least once, ya know?

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  21. I completely understand where you are coming from – drinking can be really bad and stuff but at the same time remember that there is NOTHING wrong with drinking on occasion (and sometimes yes you do get drunk hahah)
    When I started college I was a firm believer in NOT drinking – I absolutely would not touch alcohol because I had this notion that is was bad, would lead to crazy weight gain, and the fact that I was 17 didn’t help either – I had had some alcohol before but not much and had never been drunk before.
    I changed my mind some time after school started, and realized that it is okay to have fun, go out, and drink with my friends!
    Now, I no longer drink because my body cannot handle alcohol at such a low weight, but when I did go out and drink I honestly did have a lot of fun BUT I still have a lot of fun when I go out sober as well! I think that it is almost something you have to experience before you say that you aren’t going to drink because I had a similar stance on alcohol before I drank and once I realized that it wasn’t the end of the world if I got drunk sometimes.
    And no, not every time I drank did I get drunk – sometimes I would just have one or two for the night and stop.
    Remember not to hold yourself back too much because you only live once and sometimes it is okay to experience some crazy fun times once in a while – I know that a lot of people do it for health reasons and such but in the grand scheme of things one drunken night and a possible hangover the next day won’t be the end of the world!
    That is just my take on the whole situation, but I also understand not wanting to drink at all!!

    • I also just want to say that there is no judgment here – I never ever pressure my friends who have chose not to drink (alcohol just didn’t agree with them) so I just want to make that point clear because I don’t want what I said to come off as offensive or anything!!!!

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  23. This post resonates with me such a lot! I can’t believe there apparently are many others out there thinking the same way – blogging truly connects alike minds, right?

    It’s hard for me being the only non-drinking person among my friends. That’s not to say they were big “drinkers” but do like alcohol when going out. Sigh, that’s why I haven’t gone out with them yet.

    Also, I recently met a guy and he asked whether I drank. I tried to get out of the situation and lied about how I wasn’t able to drink a lot because of being a lightweight. Luckily he believed me and wasn’t getting back to the topic again.

  24. College definitely has a whole different dynamic due to the prevalence of alcohol. I try not to think of things as “all bad” or “all good” because every person approaches life differently ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Interesting take on it! So long as you’re making a decision based out of what you want and not based out of fear/what you don’t want, more power to you!

    I avoided alcohol for a while but did it out of fear, mostly. I was scared of being social, scared of letting go, and scared of calories. Scared is not a good reason to do or not do anything.

    When I started to drink, I overdid it a little. I still do sometimes, but it’s by accident. There’s a large difference between enjoying a glass of heart-healthy red wine or a refreshing beer and taking shot after shot at the bar.

    Glad you’ve got it sorted out so early on! ๐Ÿ™‚

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