sticky toffee pudding cake. make this now (really)

So I saw this recipe on Oh She Glows the other day and I couldn’t go on without making it. I had all the ingredients on hand. And I had nothing else to do. Plus my stomach was saying, “Make this now because I want to eat it all.” Okay, I’ll make it.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake. I have never had it before but it has always intrigued me. That’s why I really wanted to make this recipe. And boy, am I glad I made it. It is seriously one of the best things I have made. If I got this at a restaurant, I would be completely happy. It’s so good that I even instragrammed all the pictures. Yeah, it’s that good.

Plus, it’s vegan. Nobody could ever tell. My sister likes it. So does my mom. And my dad. And my brother. My mom even told me to make it for Christmas Eve. Heck yeah.

I compiled some ingredients…

And roasted the pecans…Heated the almond milks, dates, and baking soda…

Then combined all the ingredients…And put it in a pan…

While that cooked, I made the toffee sauce…

I even used a new-to-me product…Then it came time to finish the cake with the sauce and pecans…

And then…Devour.

Seriously. Make this now. You can find the recipe here. The only changes I made:
-Sub canola oil for Earth Balance in cake
-Used Earth Balance coconut spread for regular Earth Balance in toffee sauce



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