the media sucks

That’s right…the media sucks. They downright suck. They show so many pictures of “perfect” women. Perfection is nothing. (Okay so Ryan Gosling is perfect but that’s a whole different story!) 😉 Any who, there is way too much pressure from movies, magazine, tv, and billboards. You have to weight “x” amount, wear “y” clothes, and have “z” color hair. Without all that, you are nothing. Well I am here to tell you that is all LIES. LIES, LIES, LIES! Here are some examples of why nobody is perfect:

No picture goes into a magazine without being photoshopped:

They don’t show the real stuff like…

 Everybody does something a little bit…off:

Everybody has cellulite:


Everybody has one of those days:

Who cares if we have cellulite, lipstick on our teeth, a google tan, or are picking our nose? Who cares? Because I sure don’t…and neither do the ones that love you. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

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21 thoughts on “the media sucks

  1. HAHAHAHA hilary picking her nose!!! that’s great!

    It’s so true though. To be honest I’ve long stopped comparing myself to women in magazines, to victoria’s secret models, to celebrities….it’s just not a valid comparison. Instead? I like to look at pictures in magazines like Shape and Self and Fitness and think “I probably have better abs than you” or “I’m probably way fitter than that woman actually is” – stickin it to the media!!! 😀

    and YOU are BEAUTIFUL, don’t you ever forget it! 🙂 ❤

  2. I totally agree with you! All these girls out there want to so badly be the women on the covers of magazines.. and they don’t even realize that they’re photoshopped to death.

  3. Great post. I did something exculsively on what goes into editing a few months back like in May or June. The picture I use on my comments is edited (it was the only one of me I had on my computer) and the original looks completely different. The media does suck. They keep showing everyone this perfect thing that no one can possibly obtain. But that’s what sells and they have to make money.

  4. I think that its so insane that the media has forced this brainwashing upon us! Those pictures are so eye-opening. Beautiful post 🙂

  5. great post!! yes I truly hate the media. I try to take all the pictures with a grain of salt. These celebrities are people like us, and I am sure they get hurt as well when people comment on their bodies. I just wish more of them would let young girls know that what they see in the mags is FAKE!

  6. Gosh, this is such a major issue. I just wish the consumers would vote with their $$$. If people didn’t buy the magazines with crazy air-brushed photos, maybe the media would get the message. It makes me very scared for the little girls growing up surrounded by these fake imaged that look so real. ugh.

  7. Isn’t it crazy what an impact one computer program has made on the lives of women all over the world? Even the most self-confident women struggle daily to ignore the messages sent out by the media. Sad day.

  8. This post made me smile and all of these comments did too. The media makes me sick. I’ve had a hard time accepting how I look because of it. I try to always tell myself I’m beautiful but its hard when I’m constantly seeing images of beautiful women who look “perfect”.

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