do you ever…

Hear a song that sends chills down your back? I don’t know if my current emotions at the time, the fact that country music is just so darn amazing, or a combination of the two. Everything is still going great, but my emotions are all over the place! Not only is it *cough* that time of month, but add in the fact that I miss my boyfriend, and I leave for Texas in 2 (TWO!) weeks, I’ve been a bit on edge. Lately I have been absolutely loving anything by Josh Abbott Band and Kip Moore. Play either one and I’m sure to get all giddy.

See a music video that basically describes your life at the moment? I turned on the TV this morning and CMT music videos were playing. Well it just so happened to be “Ours” by Taylor Swift. I could not believe how accurate the song and music video was. Let’s look at some of the lyrics, shall we?

“Seems like there’s always someone who disapproves” MY DAD! It’s not that he necessarily ‘disapproves’ of the relationship, but I think he wants to look over his baby girl as much as possible.

“Your hands are tough but they are where mine belong in” Okay this might be corny or whatever but he works on helicopters so by the end of the day, his hands are greasy and rough.  

‘”Cause I love the gap between your teeth” True. I do.

“And any snide remarks from my father about your tattoos will be ignored” My dad hatesss tattoos but guess what, my boyfriend has one. 

Then the music videos finishes off with Taylor Swift seeing her boyfriend who is a marine! Taylor Swift speaking to my life, once again.

See something on pinterest or other blogs and think, “Holy cow. That’s me!”? Thanks to Alex, I realized that I have yet another thing wrong with me.

Thanks a lot Alex! Just kidding 😉 But really, if you chew or breathe annoyingly, I will stare you down. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Find something online and know you HAVE to get it? This is what happened the other day when I saw this phone case. I love me some patriotism.

Been in a food rut? Of course you have, I’m talking to health food bloggers. Well lately I have been loving some protein-pumpkin-banana-walnut-chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast. Long name? Yes. Delicious? Yes. Thanks to Powercakes for inspiring these addicting little guys.

In a magic bullet, blend together:
-6 egg whites
-1/4c canned pumpkin
-1/4c unsweetened almond milk
-dash of vanilla
-a few drops stevia
-2 Tbsp coconut flour
-1 Tbsp ground flax seeds
-dash of baking powder

Once blended, mix in:
-1 sliced banana
-chocolate chips

Cook. Enjoy. Become addicted.

Can you relate to any of these?
Make your own: Do you ever….

17 thoughts on “do you ever…

  1. Omg that is too cute about the Taylor swift song!! I love it! SO happy you are in a good relationship girl! You deserve it!

  2. That powercake sounds soooo freaking delicious. I’m going to have to make that. And the whole peeve about people eating too loudly or extremely annoying is definitely me. I can’t stand listening to people eat, it drives me nuts!

  3. My “do you ever” is “do you ever just want to up and move?” I just got back from my vacation to Mackinac Island, and it was gorgeous. I just want to move there.
    That phone case is really cool 🙂 I want one that looks like a cassette tape.
    I also agree with Alex, when you’re in a certain situation, there’s a song to describe how you’re feeling.

  4. Aww…that Taylor Swift song is adorable. I love when I turn on the radio (or TV) and the song that’s playing fits my life perfectly. It’s like the universe is speaking to me! haha.
    And listening to people eat is my biggest pet peeve EVER. It drives me crazy!

  5. I have a friend with the same breathing/chewing issue. When we were younger she used to call me Darth Vader because I would breathe too loudly (in my defense her dog would give me a stuffy nose!).
    I get in the biggest food ruts. Except I like to think of them as grooves, because I no problems eating the same things over and over again. But maybe I’m just weird.

  6. I seriously just get so happy whenever I read your blog & see how happy this new man in your life is making you. It truly is such a wonderful feeling right?? Love how you related to Taylor’s Swifts songs in not one, bit in so many ways. Your dad may “disapprove” @ the moment, but like you said it’s only because your his daughter. It’s not about the guy being in the military, it’s about any guy. No dad wants to ever know that there could be a slight chance his girl will be heartbroken. So continue to smile and enjoy every second you two have together ❤

  7. I most DEFINITELY have Misophonia. There’s no doubt about it. I legitimately get murderously angry when I hear people chewing. I’m not even kidding — I want to hurt them. It’s bad. (I don’t hurt them, obviously, but it’s like I just have this horrible animalistic instinct when it happens).

    I’m actually not in a food rut! Haha. I might be a slight lunch rut, but only kind of, because while I have the same things every week, I don’t have the same things every day, so…yeah. It’s rut-ish. Haha. But anyway, I’ve been spending absolutely absurd amounts of time on Pinterest lately, primarily in the Food and Drink category, so I’ve found a bazillion recipes I want to try. Now if only I never had to work and had an unlimited grocery budget…

  8. Haha I love that Olympics picture! There are definitely a lot of memes out there making fun of some of the Asian athletes names and I know people can’t help what they’re named but it is funny, lol. I’m almost never in a food rut because I have Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Earth Fare nearby now along with a ton of restaurants in Charleston, so always something new to try… but I’m just the type who typically eats the same things day in, day out anyway, like sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, etc :).

  9. KIM YOU SUCK! AHHH ha ha ha! That’s too funny, his parents must have REALLY hated him! LMFAO! And I think I read somewhere that Kelly Ripa has Misophonia! My only real issue is when I hear people chewing gum REALLY loudly but then again I chew gum like a horse chews on hay so maybe I am just as bad as the rest of them?? You’re recipe sounds delish too! Oddly enough, I am never in a food rut and I eat the same things every day, weird right?

  10. I love it when music really touches you emotionally, as a singer there are definitely a number of songs which always give me chills, even make me feel a little tearful. I understand how you feel because I spend a lot of time missing my boyfriend when we’re apart for weeks and there are often songs which make remind me of him or of our relationship.

    I’m sorry your dad doesn’t seem to approve, I’m sure that deep down he really just wants you to be happy though so the longer you’re together the more likely he’ll be to support your relationship!

    Those pancakes sound delicious 🙂 I’m not in a food rut but after a week of indulgence in France I’m definitely going to be making an effort to eat really healthily!

  11. Oh yes I do this all the time when I hear songs that even remotely resemble my life, I always draw that connection haha
    Those pancakes sound so delicious! I cannot wait to try them out this weekend 🙂

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