Shop till you drop. Or just eat french fries.

So remember when I told you I was going to show you the clothes I bought from shopping? Yeah, me either, because, you know, that was like 2 weeks ago. I’m a bit behind. Obvi. Does it bother you when people say obvi? Oh well. YOLO. Oops. I did it again.

Anywho. My sister and I went to the mall awhile ago to look for a birthday present for my mom. There wasn’t much luck for my mom but I sure hit the jackpot!

 All for under $100! That’s a good deal in my book…


In food news, I went on a date (oh em gee) today. It’s a different guy than who I mentioned before. (I know. I’m a playa.) But anyways, we went to a Ruby’s for lunch and I had no idea what I would get. I didn’t want to get a veggie burger because I didn’t want to make it awkward. And I definitely wasn’t about to get a salad…didn’t want to be one of “those” girls. So what did I get??

A grilled cheese and french fries. Oh yeah! Truck yeah! (Bonus points to anybody who knows what Truck yeah is from.)

Let’s break this down, shall we?
Bread – It was an egg bread so there were eggs (duhh) and flour. Most likely, white flour.
Cheese – Good ‘ol fashioned American cheese. That stuff that comes in the little plastic sheet things. Yeah. That stuff.
French fries – Double whammy on this one. White potatoes AND fried. Oh snap.

But you know what, this meal was delicious. I don’t care that there wasn’t a vegetable in sight. I don’t care that it was greasy. I don’t care what chemicals could have possibly been in the food. What I did care about was having fun and enjoying the time with the person I was with. Success! #EatClean. #EatSomeDamnGoodFrenchFries
And lastly, I just wanted to give a special shout out to Jesus for making sure the fire extinguisher at my gym works. Safety first. Amen.

What do you order on a first date?
Have you gone shopping lately? Gotten anything good??


34 thoughts on “Shop till you drop. Or just eat french fries.

  1. you got all that for under $100?!? DAYUM. I’m going shopping with the moms tomorrow, to the outfits, and she’s making me buy “grownup clothes” because “you’re not 18 anymore Kate, you need to dress your age”. lol whatever, she’s paying :-P. And ooooooh a first date! so exciting!! When I go on dates I try to eat something that doesn’t make me look picky (no salads) but also that won’t weigh me down cuz usually dinner isn’t the entirety of the date. My favorite is a mediterranean schicken sandwich – chicken, spinach, sundried tomato, basil, and mozz on a baguette! always beer, too 😀

  2. I love the red striped tank! It’s awesome that you allowed yourself to order a grilled cheese + fries. Fries are one of my favorite foods, but when I am on a first date, I just choose what I crave.

  3. Oh my gosh…I’m in LOVE with everything that you bought. Seriously. That lace racer-back top is soooo adorable! If it goes missing…don’t look at me. (:
    And awww, first dates are so exciting! And I’m SO proud of you for ordering grilled cheese and fries. That’s awesome. Not to mention, he probably loved that you were so simple and laid back. It’s the company, not the food, that matters anyways! ❤

  4. Ahh good job for ordering what you wanted on your date! You’ve seriously come so far since I started reading your blog. Oh and I hope the date went well 😉 One more thing, I LOVE those tanks you got! What a deal.

  5. This post is hilarious! I freaking love your sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh, girl.
    You’re new clothes are adorb, and props for eating what you want and not giving a damn. You rock and never cease to inspire me! (:

  6. aww yeah!! new clothes? grilled cheese and french fries? a date??! sounds like an awesome time! I haven’t been on a first date in a while but I try not to get salads but sometimes I just WANT a salad and I don’t care if they think I’m one of “those” girls!

  7. I love that dress and those tank tops, so cute!
    Congrats on the grilled cheese and fries! One of my boyfriend’s and I first dates was at Moe’s, there are like 2 things you can order there that you won’t make a mess eating, or won’t end up with gnarly onion/jalapeno breath. I had a quesadilla. Now we’ve been dating so long we just get what we want =)

  8. Ooh that’s so exciting about the date! That’s awesome too that you were able to just let go and enjoy yourself, you rock!!! 🙂
    Oh and that red and white striped tank may be missing from your closet tomorrow…I’m stealing it haha

  9. You are a rockstar!!! Not only are you a BOMB bargain shopper, but pretty much the coolest person ever! So proud of you for enjoying your date and getting something you really wanted!!! 🙂 AMAZING.

  10. Yeahhh girl! So proud of you for ordering that lunch. Grilled cheese is the bomb! 😀 Also, how did the date go?!? Is there going to be a second date?

    Also I love the clothes you got! Where is the red and white striped tank from? I went shopping last week and got a few things at Urban Outfitters. I could seriously spend my whole paycheck at that store haha.

  11. Good for you for letting go on your date! I hope you had fun 🙂
    The clothes are super cute, what store(s) did you get them from?

  12. I haven’t gone shopping lately and it makes me so sad! And also haven’t been on a first date in awhile so grilled cheese sounds like a good deal to me!

  13. Man sounds like a great day! I need you to shop for me because I freaking love all those outfits. A good old grilled cheese never goes wrong, I love having those things that used to scare the crap out of me and eating them. I always just feel like … bam I did that. You should be so proud.

  14. Haha the screenshot is funny. Silly, but funny. I haven’t had a grilled cheese in a long time… I’m craving! Not fries though, I lost my taste for those recently (thank god)

  15. I loooooove the tanks you got! SO cute!

    Also, grilled cheese has got to be my favorite comfort food of all time. So much melty goodness. Mmm. I’ve tried grilled cheese with whole wheat bread or non-American cheese, but it’s just not the same (read: as good). Go big or go home, eh?

  16. Your new clothes are gorgeous! We have quite similar taste it would seem 🙂 And I am so so pleased and proud that you ate that lunch! I bet it was fantastic and you’ve really proved to yourself that sometimes you can enjoy unhealthy food without a load of guilt! 😀

  17. I literally laughed out loud with the Brittney Spears joke and I am definitely using that. (Not sure when but it’s really funny! #nerd) And sometimes a good, greasy meal is so much needed!

  18. I had a really weird craving for grilled cheese one time, about the time I started my senior year? It only lasted about 3 days, but it was weird! 😛

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  20. Looks like you had a successful shopping trip and I love that you ate a grilled cheese and fries! I don’t actually remember the last time I’ve eaten a meal like that- I’ll eat baked sweet potato fries, but I haven’t had a grilled cheese in awhile and now I kinda want one after reading, hehe.

    Oh and I saw your Boy Meets World stuff in the post… that comes on MTV2 now if you get that channel! I watch it almost every afternoon!

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