DIY Race Sign

Every time I get a medal from a race, my first thought is: “YES!” And my second thought: “Where do I put this?” My room is only so big and even though medals are small, I still want to show them off (even if I’m the only one seeing them). So when I saw some race signs online, I thought, “why can’t I make that??” Less money and it gave me something to do.

1) Get a plank of wood and cut it however long you want. You want to have enough room to hang bibs and hang medals.

2) Pick out whatever colors you want. I decided on orange for the base, white on top, and blue for the lettering.

3) Paint the base coat (mine was orange). It doesn’t have to be perfect! And let dry.

4) Paint the next coat (mine was white). Let dry (preferably overnight).

5) When completely dry, take a piece of sandpaper and rub along the edges, corners, and anywhere else to make it look “rustic.”

6) Find stencils that fit the sign best and ones that you like.

7) Using the stencil, outline the letters that you want onto the sign using a pencil.

8) Using your third color of paint, outline the letters (I used a thin brush).

9) Paint in the rest of the letters (I used a thicker brush).

Β Bam!

10) Let dry completely. Maybe even let it sit for a week. Once dry, it’s time to put the screws in. To be honest, my dad did this part. But here’s what he did:
-in the middle he put the clip for the bibs.
-equally measured out, he then put three screws on each side to hang the medals.

11) Hang up on the wall.

12) Hang your bibs and metals, stand back, and stare at it.


23 thoughts on “DIY Race Sign

  1. I love this!! Definitely going to get involved and make one, just as soon as I have a couple more medals to hang on it!

  2. LOVE IT!!! such an awesome way to display all your epic wins without wreaking havoc on your walls with tacks and tape πŸ˜€

  3. Wow I love that idea. I end up (I know this is terrible) but throwing them away because I have no room. I can’t believe all the races I have run I have nothing to show. Sad but true. Glad you do this!

  4. This is so fun! I only have one lonely race medal at the moment, but I have plenty of medals from dance and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them all. I’ll definitely have to make something like this!

  5. Really love this, what a fantastic idea – it’s such a fun and creative way to display your medals! I love that you are crafting, I want to find some crafts to decorate my new room πŸ™‚

  6. Umm excuse my foul words, but holy shit. This is amazing. I love this..I am doing this like…this weekend..or sometime soon. I am soooo stealing this!! It turned out amazing!!!!

  7. Oh.Mah.Gawd! Literally a few days ago I was trying to fall asleep and began thinking about how I want to make my own race board bib/medal holder. I even planned it all out! And today I go to catch up on my Reader and BAM I see your post! We are so on the same wavelength πŸ™‚

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