let’s just slow things down a bit

I feel like my posts have been very impersonal lately. Life has just been so…ahhh! It’s been busy, and tiring, and hectic, and even more busy. But I wouldn’t change it. I would rather be busy than sitting on my butt at home. I am crossing my fingers that I will have some downtown at some point to finally catch up on blogs. It’s only been a few days and my inbox is about ready to explode! This upcoming week looks a bit like this…

Saturday: Cousin’s graduation party
Sunday: Work; Father’s day
Monday: Work; Summer classes begin
Dentist appointment; Work 
Nutrition class 
Crossfit class in LA (my very first one!) 
Sunday: Work

Now I’m off to sleep! I’ll be back with better posts, I promise 🙂

How has life been for you lately?
Any tips for my first crossfit class? 


23 thoughts on “let’s just slow things down a bit

  1. whew!! I agree with you though, being busy is when I’m happiest. too much downtime and I get a little crayyyyzy hahaha. Excited for you for trying crossfit and for taking the nutrition class! and hey on the plus side of working so much – you’re making serious ca$hmoney$$$s!!

  2. These next few weeks look crazy for you! I can relate – I’m really busy too. I totally agree with you that being busy is way better than being bored though. 😛 That’s so cool that you’re trying out CrossFit! I hope you post about it! 😀

  3. Daaang seems like you have a pretty hectic schedule. I can totally relate because I’m taking 3 summer classes in a 5 week session AHHH, I have an internship with a nutritionist, and I coach a volleyball team. I never have mee time. You can get through it though and love the finding nemo poster haha

  4. I completely understand girl!! I feel like I have been trying to catch myself as well. Let us know about the crossfit class! I haven’t ever been to one!

  5. I have the opposite problem, summer has left me with more downtime than I know what to do with! Trade?
    Good luck with your Crossfit class! I really want to try it, but I’m a scared-y cat, and so is my wallet.

  6. Gosh you are so so busy! Life for me has been brilliant lately, after finally finishing my first year of university (and exams!) I spent two amazing weeks with my boyfriend and I’m starting to actually feel relaxed again 🙂

    I’ve got lots going on this month too, I’m like you I much prefer to be busy! I hope your first Crossfit class goes well, I can’t wait to hear about it!

  7. my life has been full of work also so i totally feel you on the impersonal posts..when i’m away at school i definitely have a lot more exciting things to post about lol but i’m the same with you i’d rather be kept busy then just sit at home!

  8. Ahh I totally understand how you feel. College life is insanely busy because we CAN schedule things relatively flexibly! When I’m feeling super stressed I remind myself that I have so much to do because I’m taking advantage of opportunities 🙂

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