Memorial Day Half Marathon Race Recap

All righty people, it’s race recap time! Yes, I’m a week late. But I had better stuff to write about and do…plus I was to lazy to dig through my drawers to find my Garmin cord to plug in my computer and see my split times. But that’s besides the point. The point is, I ran race #9 on my 21 before 21 goal! This one was the Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to run it, but since it was less than 10 minutes away, I figured I would work it out.

The race started at 7am so I set my alarm for 5:15am. Even though it was close, I still wanted to give myself enough time to eat and walk around in circles before leaving. Well when my alarm when off at 5:15am, you know what I did? I turned it off. It was seriously the last thing I wanted to hear. So I drifted back to sleep. Around 5:55am, I woke up, looked at the clock, and decided to get my butt out of bed. For breakfast, I had the usual, but decided to change it up a bit by adding the peanut butter. I was feeling something salty and that did the trick. Plus, you really can’t go wrong with pb.

Udi’s cinnamon raisin bagel with pb and pumpkin butter, and orange, and green tea.

Luckily I already had my clothes laid out, so once my breakfast was made, I hopped into the car and headed to the start. Breakfast was eaten in the car…

The race start was next to a mall so there was more than enough parking. Exactly what momma likes. I headed to this race solo and left my phone in the car so pictures are…nonexistent.

After parking, I waited in the longgg line for the bathroom. While in line, they played the National Anthem and had some amazing speeches. Luckily I made it to the start right at 7am. Timing skills: mastered.

Mile 1 – 8:42 
Mile 2 – 9:02 
Mile 3 – 9:05 – These few beginning miles were actually pretty fun because it went through a neighborhood that is usually gated. The neighbors were out on lawn chairs with their dogs, cheering us on. So sweet and much appreciated!
Mile 4 – 9:07 
Mile 5 – 9:35 
Mile 6 – 9:36 – At this point, we started running on a trail. You better believe I made a mental note to go hiking there sometime.
Mile 7 – 9:40 
Mile 8 – 10:02 – (Insert really annoying band.)
Mile 9 – 10:03 
Mile 10 – 10:19 
Mile 11 – 10:49 
Mile 12 – 12:17 – To be honest, I started to walk during this mile. I was, well, tired. So I just stepped to the side and walked. After a little, a guy running by gave me a little pep talk to get me to keep running. This seriously helped with the last little bit. I was so tired at this point and the sun was really packing heat.
Mile 13 – 11:03 
Mile .1 – 1:09 – Hallelujah.

Total Time – 2:10
Average Pace – 9:58

Was it a PR? Heck no. Do I care? Heck no. Like I posted earlier in my most recent realization, I run for me. Who cares if I don’t break a personal best? I don’t. And that’s all that matters.

Overall though, this race was just okay. It probably didn’t help that I have only been running about once or twice a week for 3 or 5 miles…yeah…don’t follow my “training” plan. But I would most definitely do it again for a few reasons: a) it’s local b) easy parking and access c) nice course d) good cause.

 Now I’m off to enjoy National Frozen Yogurt Day! (a.k.a. The best day ever.)


17 thoughts on “Memorial Day Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. Ahhh I volunteered at that race last year! I keep thinking I’m going to try racing again one of these days, but so far, it just hasn’t clicked. And it’s national frozen yogurt day?!!?!!? Oh no, how could I have possibly missed that 😦

  2. Lol…USA has so many national food days! How do you guys keep track? 😛 I love races that hit the trails, glad you had fun and the injury probs are gone!! Good call on hitting the alarm, especially on a holiday weekend! Also love your breakfast plate, real cute!

  3. Fabulous job!!! Love the medal too! 😀
    “I run for me” LOVE THAT! Since you made that realization, I’m sure it took a lot of stress off your shoulders 🙂
    And national froyo day?! How did I miss this?!?! Must make up for lost time haha

  4. Great recap and that is a rather cool medal too! I think it’s fantastic that you said you “run for you” heck yes to that!! I have been realizing that more and more these days too, especially since I really CANT run right now, and it’s just a good mantra to have 🙂

  5. Congrats on finishing! Girl, you run your races just like I do. Positive splits. I go out too fast at first and then run out of steam at the end. Then I notice if I start slower at the beginning, I still get tired at the end, so really I can’t win. But you and I are about the same pace so I’m pretty sure we need to race together someday. 🙂

  6. Didn’t we already have a national frozen yogurt day? I can’t keep up!! Great job girl! And it is more important to run for you than anyone else.

  7. Awesome job girl! I seriously admire you for being able to run so far without really training. I don’t know how you do it! 😀

  8. wait, it’s national frozen yogurt day?!?! WHAAAT how did I not know this??? Not that it matters cuz I get froyo like every other day anyway haha but ya know. Great race btw, especially because you ran intuitively and didn’t push too hard – which would’ve been bad given you’re just coming back to running. There will be more PR’s ahead for sure, but for now I’m glad you took the day to just ENJOY being able to run a race! That’s the most important thing after all 🙂

  9. Congrats on running this half marathon! I love reading race recaps…it’s so encouraging and motivational. I’m running the Rock n’ Roll Half in Chicago in July and reading others’ stories gets me so pumped!

  10. Congrats on your half marathon! It may not have been your fastest time but even finishing is awesome! I definitely couldn’t, one day soon though!
    I’m super upset I missed frozen yogurt day though, I didn’t hear about it until 11 last night. Even though I never think it’s too late for fro yo, apparently the fro yo places do because they all close at 10. I’ll have to celebrate this weekend instead!

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