Vegan Food Swap

Last month I partook in Foodie Penpals, but this month, I decided to change it up a bit and join the Vegan Food Swap. This is hosted by The Verdant Life and if you would like more info on it, check it out here!

This month, I got a package together for Maggie at Marge’s Follies. So I hope she likes it! Kelly from Kohlrabi and Quince got an amazing package for me. She got some local and homemade goodies, which are always my favorite.

Pepper Jelly

Elderbelly Jelly

The Pepper Plant hot sauce. My cousin loves this hot sauce like no other. Actually, he loves it so much, that he bought a case. So yeah, I know I will love it.

Organic Blended Heirloom Tomatoes. I’m beyond stoked to try this!  We already have plans to make some homemade ravioli to pair it with.

In other news, I had an amazing day. My sister, dog, and I headed down to the beach. And I’m pretty sure my dog is still taking a nap…

Alsoooo, a lot of you guys commented on that tiger picture yesterday! I’m not sure what the name of the zoo was exactly, but it was somewhere near Oregon coast. It was basically like a giant petting zoo with goats, sheep, and deer walking around. Then, in blocked off areas, they had the bigger animals like leopards, camels, and monkeys. But the best part was where you could wait in line and play with the baby animals! It just so happened that when we were there at that time, the tiger cubs were out playing. It basically made my life.

 Have you ever pet a cool animal before?


20 thoughts on “Vegan Food Swap

  1. I’m so glad you’re excited about the box!
    Every time I know someone going to the Bay Area, I ask them to bring back Pepper Plant hot sauce. It might be the best hot sauce ever. 🙂

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  3. Ok. Stop what you are doing and go make some sweet potato fries and sour cream to go with that chili sauce 😉 That is such a cute and special photo of you with the tiger!! I have one with a baby tiger too..and a big snake (the tiger was more fun though!!)

  4. Baby tigers… baby tigers…. i dream of cuddling baby tigers ( i wish i was kidding). They are my favourite animal. I must find this zoo, oh my god you have no idea how amazed I am, and filled with pure envy. Hahah well you probably think I’m a bit creepy now. But baby tiger cubs?
    my love ❤
    Beautiful photo of you with them. 🙂

  5. That tiger experience sounds awesome! Totally like a dream 🙂 I’m dying to try foodie penpals, but for now, I’m just emailing food packages back and forth with my friends on the East Coast. I’m crossing my fingers that lots of local items will be involved hehhe

  6. Neat! I didn’t know about the vegan food swap! I keep on meaning to do Foodie Penpals, but I always forget to join on time. 😛

  7. Vegan food swap? AWESOME! I’ll have to look into this one! I lovee the picture of you with the animals!! I once fed a white tiger through a fence..not really that cool, but it’s all I’ve got..haha.

  8. I really need to do one of these food swap things, they sound like so much fun! And I am so jealous of you getting to play with baby tigers.

  9. Thanks for participating in the Vegan Food Swap! I’m so glad you got some homemade goodies. And I’m so jealous of your tiger club visit!

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