i love pancakes!

Hey guys! Things have been busy around here. Not stressful busy, just constantly doing something busy. Not that I’m complaining or anything πŸ˜‰ I’ve been working (which I’ll update you all on) and training my friends. They want to get in shape and eat healthier so I have been helping them. But I’ll talk more about that in another post. Today is all about WIAW thanks to Jenn!


Buckwheat protein pancakes topped with banana slices and peanut butter

I’m pretty sure I’ve had pancakes for breakfast for the past straight week. I just can’t get enough! There are so many options and they’re so darn delicious. Since trying to clean out the pantry, I found organic buckwheat pancake mix. So I’ve been adding protein powder and psyllium husks to it. Amazing if you ask me.


Salad with carrots, tempeh, tofu, brown rice pasta, broccoli, avocado and hummus salad dressing


Vanilla Chobani with Annie’s chocolate bunnies


Chicken, guacamole, salsa, lettuce/cabbage, quinoa salad, and fruit

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

What’s your favorite kind of pancakes?

What blessing have you been counting lately?Β 


38 thoughts on “i love pancakes!

  1. Those pancakes look ridiculously good! I love pancakes but never take the time to make them. I’ve never had Annie’s Chocolate Bunnies before; do they taste like chocolate teddy grahams? Great idea to add them to greek yogurt!

  2. Your dinner looks so wonderful! So much colour – it’s wonderful. And I love it when other people put chocolate things in their yoghurt – I do choc chip oatmeal cookies in yoghurt haha!

  3. I love how you put Annie’s crackers in you chobani! That is brillant, I love a little crunch with my snacks.
    I am obsessed with protein pancakes lately. I would eat them for every meal if I didn’t feel like I needed to eat veggies too!

  4. i love pancakes too! i just finished having one actually! i used eggwhites and oats in mine (among other things) and then topped it with some protein powder, almond butter, and maple syrup. DELISH!

  5. holy crap everything looks delicious. I love the mixing bowl salads!! so much better than trying to fit all your noms on a plate, my parents always give me strange looks when I do this but whatever haha. I love that dinner idea as well – it’s been far too long since I’ve had quinoa, and there is def a ripe avocado chillin in my fridge that needs to be turned into guac! also…super awesome that you’re training your friends!! I bet you LOVE doing that (I’m also coaching a friend to her first 10k race and helping her with her diet, and it’s actually SO fun), and I really hope you do update us on that, I can’t wait to hear about it!!!

  6. Everything looks pretty glorious lady! One of the first things i made when I got home from school was pancakes (on the blog today) so I completely concur with your choice πŸ™‚ I had blueberry, but chocolate chip ones are great too, pumpkin and ones made with cottage cheese, yum!

  7. Any sort of pancake where you add fruit in, just makes my mouth water. I actually haven’t had a pancake in a very long time, maybe 15 years? Crazy! I need to start working on getting some gluten free pancake recipes in my mind asap!

  8. Those pancakes look amazing! I never think of having them for breakfast but they look so appetizing..I must partake.

  9. That’s so awesome that you’re training your friends! I would love to do that, but a lot of my friends at home don’t really show much of an interest in that kind of stuff. πŸ˜›

    Also those pancakes look awesome! What are the measurements you use for making them?

    • i’ll write a better and more exact post in the near future but it’s a little like:
      -1/3c pancake mix (i have buckwheat)
      -1 Tbsp raw protein powder
      -3/4 scoop chocolate protein powder
      -2 egg whites
      -1/2tsp vanilla
      -1-2Tbsp psyllium husks
      -1/2-3/4c milk

  10. Whoa, those pancakes look fantastic! I totally love that you’re training your friends. I just found out that my friend wants to run a half marathon with me, so I will be virtually training her over the summer! πŸ™‚ I love all of your eats, especially the chobani and bunnies. πŸ™‚

  11. Mmm, your food looks so good! Especially the pancakes (I love pancakes). How much psyllium/protein are you putting in them? (I’m looking for healthy breakfast ideas for next semester when I have to cook for myself, and they look so good!)

    • i put about 1Tbsp raw protein powder and 3/4 scoop chocolate protein powder. then i put 1-2Tbsp psyllium husks. i’ll write a better post about it πŸ™‚ but in general, pancakes are superrr easy to make! i basically just throw a bunch of things in a bowl and it turns out good 99% of the time. and if it doesn’t, you can always drench it in maple syrup πŸ˜‰

  12. Those pancakes look really yummy! Now I really want some! I haven’t made pancakes in a while, I’ll have to get back on that.
    My favorite pancakes are all pancakes, I’m pretty convinced you can’t make a bad flavor of pancakes.

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