I Sweat Pink

Happy weekend everybody! As I said yesterday, I have a big announcement. And that time has come…

That’s right folks. I am officially a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I applied and I got an awesome email saying I was accepted. I am so honored and ecstatic!

So what exactly is Sweet Pink you ask? Well it’s a part of Fit Approach: A Healthy Living Community. Their goal is to empower women to be healthy, one pink shoelace at a time. As an ambassador, I will do activities or events around the community and show my pink pride!

I am excited to connect with all the other ambassadors. There’s nothing better than connecting with others who share the same passion! They also put my bio online so check it out here.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Fit Approach. This is such an amazing opportunity and they are spreading such an awesome message. Second, I want to thank all of YOU! Without my readers, I wouldn’t have the support that you give me each and everyday. So here’s to you!


15 thoughts on “I Sweat Pink

  1. not what i though, but VERY COOL! i’ve actually never heard of this, so thanks for introducing me! looks great and i’m so happy for you!!!

  2. That is very cool. Congratulations! Finished the school year and this?! You are having a pretty awesome May and it just started!

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