true life: i have orthorexia

Hey guys! I am busy studying and packing up my dorm but during a break time, I watched an episode of True Life. It was about people with orthorexia and it was amazing how much I saw myself in each person. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, watch it now here!

Have you seen this episode yet?
What are your thoughts on it?


14 thoughts on “true life: i have orthorexia

  1. i have not, but thanks for giving me something to veg out with after I get home from work tonight!! 😀 and YAYYYYYY for packing up your dorm!! that must be so excited to be closing out this chapter of your life 🙂

  2. I watched that too a few weeks ago, and was shocked at how similar some of my behaviors were. It actually kind of prompted me to make the decision to get a trainer and nutritionist to end the vicious cycle before it could begin.
    Good luck with your packing and studying! 🙂

  3. I caught some of that episode. I think they did a good job talking about it and finding people that actually have a real problem. I’m happy to see people talking about orthorexia because I always think a lot of people might recognize it in themselves. Also, if you’re a really healthy eater it’s something to watch out for. Obsessions suck, lol. Thanks for posting, have a good weekend!

  4. I have heard that this episode exists but haven’t watched it yet.. I will tonight though I am on duty for my RA job and have nathinnn to do!
    I am glad it’s being talked about though, more people need to understand that this is a serious and increasing issue!

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