Survivor Mud Run Recap

Today I ran my very first mud run! It was hot, it was muddy, but it was oh so fun.

It was about 2 hours away and I ran it with my friend, Jordan. This is us before…

And here we are after…

The worst part was the heat: 90 degrees F. But that made jumping into the mud even better! It felt nice to cool down. I am definitely going to do a mud run again 🙂

Sadly I had to leave my (sister’s) shoes behind. Let’s hope she’s not mad.

And my backpack got a little muddy too even though I left it in the tent…

I was bummed because I’ve had this backpack since freshman year of high school. But Mom to the rescue! She said that I can wash it on the cold delicate cycle, so that’s exactly what I did…

Phew! That was a close one 😉

Have you ever done a mud run before? If not, I highly recommend it!


20 thoughts on “Survivor Mud Run Recap

  1. That seriously sounds so awesome. Part of me wonders if I’m hardcore enough to do a mud run, but another part of me knows that there’s few things I enjoy more than feeling super hardcore on a run, and I think a mud run might be the ultimate definition of hardcore.

  2. THAT LOOKS SO FUN!! I got pretty muddy like that during one of my cross country meets…but I would love to run a race DEDICATED to getting dirty!!

  3. That looks like SO much fun! I’ve never done a REAL mud run, but when I was a camp counsellor I used to roll around in the mud with my campers and then run with them all around the camp while screaming our heads off. It was the best!

  4. mud runs are epic!! I haven’t done one yet since i’ve been out of comission since before they were popular, but I definitely enjoy getting down and dirty so these things are right up my ally!! Glad you had fun AND were able to save your cute backpack!

  5. That sounds awesome! I am jealous of you for being able to run. I’m still out of commission, this illness is killer. But I do have some old running shoes I would love to destroy doing that.

  6. Wow this looks and sounds incredible! Well done you for getting through that, I bet it felt amazing 🙂 The photos brought a smile to my face! I’m not sure I could pull off the mud-covered look as well as you haha

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