WIAW + giveaway winners!

Happy WIAW! Glad to hear you are all obsessed with Jason Aldean as well. Know who I am also loving lately? Eli Young Band. Listen to this song. You’re welcome.

Is there a better way to start the day than a workout? I think not. I spent 30 minutes working on chest and triceps and then moved onto some cardio and ab work. For the cardio part, I did a tabata workout!

Smoothie with frozen berries, frozen banana, protein powder, TJ’s very green powder, ground flax seed, almond milk, and coconut water topped with Love Grown granola.

After doing some laundry and watching Will ‘n Grace (which is hilarious and will never get old), I headed to a coffee shop.

I really wasn’t too hungry for lunch so I had some tropical green tea, Botanical No. 7 kombucha, and a banana.

Chicken with BBQ sauce

I also had TJ flattened bananas when I got back to the dorm.

Salad with lettuce, carrots, kidney beans, olives, salsa, hemp seeds, and broccoli.

Most likely a protein cake 🙂

First piece of exciting news: I finally made something from Pinterest! I mentioned yesterday how I started on one but didn’t have all the supplies. But I got those supplies today and made the razorback shirt 🙂 Check out the super easy tutorial here

Second piece of exciting news: the NuNaturals giveaway winners!

Congrats Tayla, Tonia, Lexi, and Alex! Email me at adidasqueen1000 {at} yahoo {dot} com with your mailing address.

Have you made anything from Pinterest?
Have you tried Tabata? 


34 thoughts on “WIAW + giveaway winners!

  1. Oh man alive that breakfast concoction looks delicious 🙂 And I totally have that same pinterest thingy on my to-make list, glad to hear it was a success!
    Hope you have a rockin Wednesday evening m’dear!

  2. never tried tabata – too into making up my own rules in the gym – and i like the shirt renovation! ive only ever tried recipes off of pinterest

  3. love that tank top! i’m so gonna have to do that to some of my old shirts! and i’m so glad to find someone here who shares my love for country music ❤

  4. OH my gosh your breakfast looks incredible. so many good superfoods in there, i love it!! I like to make smoothies and cram as much stuff in there as possible too haha. And yay coffee shop chillin 😀

  5. Your breakfast looks perfect…. excellent combination of items 🙂 I also enjoy those banana things from TJs! The first time I tried them, I was sort of grossed out for some reason? But yeah, they are pretty magical and kind of taste like banana bread if you ask me!
    I have tried a few things from pinterest, but I ought to try more, especially with the number of items I have pinned lol

  6. I want your breakfast! It looks so summery! 😀

    Also that shirt looks awesome! I have absolutely no craft skills whatsoever… but that actually looks easy enough that I might be able to make it haha.

  7. Wooow,that shirt you made is super cool! You’re gonna be my new personal shirt-maker,hehe 😀
    Your breakfast looks absolutely wonderful – I love fruit smoothies and cereal,so the combo of both is perfect,of course! 😉 That flat banana stuff is super funny,haha,I wish they’d sell something similar in Germany!

  8. ahhhhhh I’m super excited that I won your giveaway!! I also LOVE that Eli Young Band song, it’s my favorite!! Awesome eats too btw 🙂

  9. Awesome breakfast Haley! It’s so pretty 🙂 Also, what in the world is a flattened banana? o.O Happy WIAW!

  10. I made a racerback tank the other day, with the back tied like that and everything! I cut the sides down a little too far for my personal taste but I’m already planning to make another one soon because it’s my new favorite workout tank!

  11. congrats to the winners! i don’t like raw banana, but perhaps the flattened bananas are worth a try? 🙂

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