sometimes you just need to swallow your pride

Just last week I posted about life without (temporarily) running. Since then, I have gone on short runs (which the chiropractor said was okay). My back and hamstring have felt much better. So when I heard there was a half marathon going on nearby, of course I wanted to do it.

I took Friday easy, relaxed, and went to bed early. I also laid out all of my clothes for the race.

But as I was reading in bed, I began to think that maybe I shouldn’t race. Of course I went back and forth. I told myself, “It’s a trail run so it won’t be as much impact.” Or, “My back and hamstring have been feeling so much better, I can totally do it!.”

Then I started to think rationally, “I’ve been feeling better because I have been taking the time off.” And, “My chiropractor said short runs are okay. Not 13.1.” And most importantly, “What happens when I finish and can’t walk because it hurts so much? Then I just took 20 steps back.”

So I went to bed, still planning on racing because I’m stubborn.

When my alarm went off at 6am, I got up, started walking around and realized just how silly I was for thinking I could race. I stretched and went right back to bed. I had to swallow my pride.

I wasn’t ready for that race. Who cares if it’s a trail run? I want to run for as long as I can and I don’t want a stupid decision to set me back.

I am doing a mud run next Saturday but I have been signed up for a few months. Plus it’s only 3 mile, not 13.1.

Has there ever been a time where you have had to swallow your pride?
Or is there a time where you went ahead and did something and regreted it? 

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10 thoughts on “sometimes you just need to swallow your pride

  1. It’s hard to let go of something you enjoy so much. Being sick has been hard for me because I really crave my exercise. I actually did some squats yesterday which wasn’t smart because I was dizzy. Good for you for realizing you shouldn’t push it yet.

  2. Dudeeeee I can totally relate! It can be so SO hard to admit personal defeat, especially when it has to do with something you love. But good for you for knowing your limits and listening to your body! With this added rest, that mud run better be ready to be annihilated 😉

  3. Proud of you for foregoing that one! I know its tough, especially when it seems like everyone else gets to train and race…but I doubt jumping in and running 13.1 miles when you’ve barely run in a month would be much fun. And yeah, you don’t want to set yourself back! My best friend actually was coming back from an injury a year or two ago, and a boy she liked told her about a local half marathon – she had only progressed to running 20 minutes, but decided she HAD to run that race. She finished it, only 2 minutes slower than her PR….but completely re-injured. totally not worth it! Wait to race until you can finish strong and healthy and fast 😀

  4. I think sometimes we all can be a bit stubborn about things but I think you did good at deciding to take the time off and heal. Your set back could have been much longer!

  5. SWALLOW THAT PRIDE, BABE! It always feels so embarrassing an shameful, but in a few days you’ll feel so much better for it; there are endless runs you can do, but you only get one set of limbs in this life, so use them wisely. (Unless, of course, you have contacts with donors, in which case, go nuts.)

  6. Yay I’m so proud of you!!! I know how hard it is to give into the fact that you can’t do something, even though you really want to. But you definitely did the right thing for your body! 😀

  7. oh my gosh! when i first opened up your page today i read “sometimes you just need to swallow” and i was like what?!?!??!?! took me a minute…. to read on…. haha

  8. Good job girl! I’m so proud. You are SO right here. Sometimes, you just need to swallow your pride and choose what’s best for YOU, not your ego. 🙂

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