life without (temporarily) running

A few weeks ago I got a question about how I have been doing since being told to take it easy on the running. I mentioned in this post how I went on a run and felt pain free. Well the next day I woke up and was definitely paying for it. Luckily it’s not worse than before, just the same.

and pain free

The reason I did end up running was because I felt like my hamstring and back were a lot better. They hadn’t given me any trouble so I figured, why not give it a try? I went to the chiropractor and he said that it was actually good that I ran. (I have an awesome chiropractor 😉 ). He said that it was good to see where I was at. He even said to take a 1-2 mile run this weekend! Hey, at least it’s something.

But back to the question. I am still able to bike and elliptical because it doesn’t hurt my back. It’s only the running that’s the problem.

I felt really good physically by just weight lifting and riding the bike/using the elliptical for the first month. I could see more definition and I felt myself getting stronger. Every once in awhile I would miss running but I knew that it was best to take the time off.

But after that month, I started to crave running. You can only spend so much time throwing around weights before you go a little crazy. I need some fresh air! So I went on the run. Do I regret going on that run? Nope. Not a bit. I’m actually happy I did because it helped the craving and made me realize where I am to help my back recover.

I think the key to staying sane with an injury is to keep your workouts different. Go for a bike ride, go for a walk, lift weights, heck you can even go rollerblading! I wasn’t varying my workouts enough. Hence, I needed a change. I’m still not sure what that change will be but for now it won’t be running. Besides a mile or two here or there, running will have to stay non-existent for a little while longer.

Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to find some rollerblades 😉

How do you vary your workouts?



9 thoughts on “life without (temporarily) running

  1. haha oh girl i’ve been there. I haven’t been at my normal mileage in 9 months! I’ve been able to run since january but various things have kept me from progressing so I’m still at like 20 mins/3miles 3 times a week. It’s better than nothing though, and I’m learning not to take a single step for granted. ! And you’re SO right about varying the XT workouts, that’s definitely critical to not getting bored hah. I’m so glad I have my road bike and swimming now though, so I do actually look forward to those and plan to continue them even when I can run again. And keep up the lifting, that’s going to make you SO much stronger and prevent future injuries! 😀

  2. Ugh, I totally hear ya about “craving” the run!!!! For me it’s next to impossible to take time off, even though I also swim and bike. I really think the swimming has helped me become a better runner. I notice that my hip flexors are much stronger and my endurance (breathing/VO2 max) is better. I should do more weights, but as of now it’s only once a week. I’m gonna get motivation from your blog 🙂

  3. A few months ago I had to stop running for a while because of an inflamed tailbone; my lower back would hurt for days after a run, and it was getting annoying. So I went swimmimg a few times as a substitute! I don’t know about the hamstring, but it should help with back pain!

  4. I’m sorry that running is still causing you pain. 😦 But that’s awesome that you’re staying positive!!!

    I vary my workouts by doing spinning, elliptical, weights, and swimming as well as running.

  5. Sigh… I can’t run right now either. I have been sick for several weeks. It is hard, but reading this has helped.

  6. I vary my workouts by having different sports.. So sometimes a workout is rugby, sometimes it’s riding, sometimes it’s running. I’m sorry you can’t run right now, that stinks! But at least you can run soon, right? 🙂

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