life updates. in a good way!

I feel like I haven’t given you guys an update on my life recently. My posts have been very to the point because of the Expo, being home, and having a very busy week. But luckily things are now slowing down. So here are some updates on things in my life and other random things that have been happening lately…

1. My back is slowly getting better. I haven’t run in who knows how long. Just kidding. I know…maybe a month? It’s weird. I’ve been relying on strength training and weight lifting. I’m not complaining though! Cheryl had this awesome quote:

“You’ve got to have the mental toughness and confidence in yourself where you believe that you can take those days off and you can recover and you can run great. A lot of what we see in athletes that just train all the time and never give themselves adequate recovery is often portrayed as toughness. What I’ve realized over the years is it really is a weakness. It’s an insecurity that you’re not good enough to recover like other athletes: I’m not good enough to do that; I need to keep training; I can’t take time off; I can’t take easy days.”

I think of it whenever I’m feeling down and bam! I feel better (mentally) 🙂 I went to the chiropractor today and he said my range of motion is getting noticeably better! He has been giving me exercises to do at home and I’ve been working on them every day. Hopefully that will get me better soon!

2. Life on my new medication has been pretty good so far. No side effects which is a plus. I’m still transitioning to the new medication but things seem to be a-okay so far 🙂

3. I hate anatomy. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it about 100 times but it’s true. I hate it. First off, it’s hard! The hardest class I have ever taken for sure. Second, I hate dissection! We have 3 cadavers so there’s enough to go around…joy. On the positive side, I was able to dissect a leg without passing out. Win. I just had to keep talking and not look at the hand.

4. I still haven’t talked to my roommate and I couldn’t care less. I know that sounds totally mean but she was not good to have in my life at all. She’s found a new group of friends who likes to drink and party. No thanks.

5. My college transfer search has been going good. I’ve narrowed it down to 4 schools. So over spring break (which is in a week!), my mom and I are going to Chicago and Texas. Then a week later, we’re going to Seattle. What schools are they?? You’ll just have to wait and see… 😉

6. Guess who went to bed at 8:30pm last night. This grandma girl! I didn’t have anything to do so I thought, why not just go to bed? It felt amazing. I woke up at 5:30am this morning to get a total of 9 hours of sleep. Perfection. I’ve felt super awake today!

7. I’m pretty stoked for tonight’s dinner at the dining hall. It’s all about being sustainable so they’re cooking up some healthy dishes. The chicken is organic, the mushroom cakes are actually pretty good, I always love the herb-roasted potatoes, and quinoa is my weakness. It shall be delicious.

8. My favorite song at the moment:

9. Have you heard of the game Draw Some? It’s basically pictionary for the iPhone and you play other people. Well I’m playing my sister and she drew a picture of a guy with a mullet. But for some reason, no matter how I spelled mullet or how many times I tried, it said I was wrong. So finally, I decided to give up. Well the word was bullet. Not mullet. Apparently she just really wanted to draw a mullet.

10. I bought my Hunger Games premiere ticket!! I am getting home Thursday and then going to the premiere with my best friend later that night. Midnight is wayyy past my bedtime (look at #6) but the Hunger Games is so worth it 🙂

11. So I would say life has been good lately. The weekends are always the hardest for me so I’m looking at going to the mall one day and a farmers market another. I gotta keep busy because before I know it, the school year will be over!

P.S. Jersey Shore season finale is tonight! Who will be watching?? And don’t lie…

What song have you been loving lately?
What’s the hardest class you ever took? 


13 thoughts on “life updates. in a good way!

  1. It sounds like everything is going a lot better! I’m glad. I hope the college search turns out well! I am starting to look at grad schools, which is super weird.. Just like college search all over again. I love the song One Thousand Years by Christina Perri. The hardest class I ever took is probably my current structural geology class.. Or organic chemistry 2.

  2. AHHH One of the colleges in in Texas?! SA-WEEEEET 😀 I’m so happy things are beginning to look up for you friend. Oh and you know i’mma be watching the shore tonight haha

  3. Glad your life is lookin’ up! Always good to keep a positive attitude. Hardest class I’ve ever taken are foreign languages. Seriously, so difficult to comprehend! The mullet thing, lol, too funny.

  4. Your posts ALWAYS brighten my day. Especially with the funny pins 🙂
    that Dinner sounds amazing! I wish my dining hall was like that.
    Calculus was the hardest class for me, or Chem. But I’m only in first year.

  5. Come to Chicago! I’m from the Northwest and I go to school in Milwaukee, just an hour and a half north. Chicago is a great city and a great way to see the midwest, something different from the west coast!
    p.s. – Just started reading your blog and loving it and the inspiration you have!

  6. I always love your posts. I’m glad things are getting better on the back-front (so punny, so punny). And. The joke about milshake-homework-yards. Oxygen-depletion from laughter. I share you humor, woman 😉

  7. UW Seattle? SPU? PLU? oh, that’s Tacoma, never mind. My cousin is coming over today to look at colleges here. She goes to a college in Montana but it wasn’t working for her for health stuff so she and her new fiance are moving here and finishing college here. Apparently people like going to college in Washington. can’t imagine why…
    I’m glad to hear things are better right now!

  8. Oh,Haley,I am so glad you’re doing better again! 🙂
    I can understand you so well regarding your roommate! There are some people I don’t even WANT to get along with because I know we’re totally different. It doesn’t fit,period.
    Anyways,have a great day,girl! 🙂

  9. Love, love Eli Young Band-Even if it breaks your heart!! Such a great song! I can relate with the roommate situation…I had a similar problem and didn’t talk with her…it’s all good!

  10. Such a great post, love it! My hardest class wasl probably Chem. I’m a strong believer that we are all born with some range of chemistry knowledge… And mine was limited. It just wouldn’t click no matter what i did or how hard I worked. So frustrating!

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