a breakfast in the dining hall! say wha?!

Let’s take a break from Expo West, shall we? It is WIAW after all ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mucho gracias a la Jenn!

I’m about to show you guys something very surprising…a meal actually eaten in the school dining hall! I rarely do this. 99% of the time I get my meals to go or make my own food back in the dorm. But I decided to take it easy today and sit back and relax while enjoying breakfast.

I ate 2 pieces of Udi’s gluten free bread and a bowl of strawberries while waiting for my omelet.

At our dining hall, we have The Grill where you can order a bunch of different things for breakfast. You can get pancakes, scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs, english muffin sandwiches, or omelets. Then during lunch and dinner, you can get whatever the special is or you can grill your sandwich like a panini.
For my omelet, I got egg whites with bell peppers, onions, green chilis, mushrooms, and salsa.

Pear and Protein Cakeย 

Salad with kidney beans, carrots, corn, black olives, brown rice, and Annie’s Lite Gingerfly salad dressing. (Sorry for the half eaten pic)

A handful of good ‘ol almonds.

Brown rice with vegan chili on top and doused with nooch. And some bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, jicama, and cucumbers on the side.ย 

I haven’t shared some recent pins lately…so that’s exactly what I’m going to do now!


And because it has been raining all day and is supposed to rain the rest of the week…

What’s the weather like where you are?
Best thing you ate today…go!


20 thoughts on “a breakfast in the dining hall! say wha?!

  1. I fall asleep to the sound of rain all the time, so I don’t really care. Haha! It’s rainy, then it hails, then it snows, and then we move on to the next hour where it does the same thing.

  2. Those are fun pins! It’s been raining all day here too. I love it because we haven’t had very much, supposed to continue all week!
    Best thing I ate today…probably just my usual spinach pancakes for breakfast. No terribly epic food on the menu today.

  3. Great eats! I usually eat lunch and dinner in the dining hall.. Breakfast in class. Right now I’m having fun eating at HOME. Best thing I ate today was a cake batter “milkshake”. It’s warm and sunny here! Hope you get good weather soon. Love the pins!

  4. Bahaha the Jake gylinhal(?) pin is so freakin funny!! I’ve never had jicama before, so I’m quite intrigued by your dinner ๐Ÿ™‚
    The weather has been so nice here the past two days after raining for an eternity haha I love sleeping to the sound of rain too!
    Happy WIAW!!

  5. Your breakfast makes me kind of miss living in rez! We had lots of customized meals like like (like customized stir fries… the best!) and they were pretty good for rez food!

    Hahahaha I love the Jake Gyllenhaal pin. Totally cracked me up. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I hate that pin about hunger games. I first saw it when only halfway through the second book, and I was like, THAT TOTALLY RUINED IT!! I mean, obviously she’s gonna survive it coz she’s the main character… but blah…
    That’s so cool that you can order omelettes and stuff at your dining hall and get what you want… yum!

  7. these are awesome!! I love the rain (when Im at home in bed). The perfect day to me is being snuggled up with a blankie and a big mug of coffee or tea listening to the rain! Thats when I get my best thinking done ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hahahaha I cracked up at the text one, and sent it to my coworker, because we do the same thing with instant messenger at work!

    I also love the rain one, because I DO like to fall asleep to that sound, so I have a white noise machine that makes it sound like a thunderstorm!

  9. I used to do the same thing in college – bring my food back to my room. Every now and then, though, it would be nice to sit in the cafeteria and people watch. PS–I totally love Jake G.

  10. So true- I hate it when I fall in love with clothing and then see the outrageous price tag! The hubby and I have come to an agreement, we don’t go shopping until we can go and actually spend money- this way we don’t get our hopes up! ๐Ÿ™‚

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