Expo West Part 1

Well where do I begin? Expo West delivered once again. There were so many great products to try that I probably missed half of them. I should probably have some sort of order to how I show you guys the new/cool products but order is overrated. I’ll just go along with the order of my pictures. Just a warning: there were so many awesome things that I’m going to have to do this post in 2-3 parts. So hopefully you don’t get bored!

The expo was held at the Anaheim Convention center so there was plenty of room.

We made sure to get there early to miss the chaos of getting our badges. Obviously, there wasn’t much of a line.

At 8am, we headed up to the press room. After only 5 minutes, my bag with filled with goodies.

Tyler Florence talked for a while about his new baby food company, Sprout. And yes. He’s as cute in person as he is on TV 😉

After, we headed down to where the actual booths were. I saw my first “celebrity” soon after. I put celebrity in quotes because his wife, Jacqueline, is on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. He has a black colored water, blk, so he was hanging at his booth. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that recognized him.

He's the one on te

He's the one on the left (obvi)

Kodiak Cakes – Light and fluffy multigrain pancakes. These were amazing. If I were to go to a restaurant and order these, I would be happy. So being able to make these at home is even better!

 The Cookie Department – These were one of my favorite things from all weekend. They have 4 different cookie flavors: Awaken Blend (Coffee), Tough Cookie (Peanut Butter-10g of protein!), Great Full (Sweet Potato, Cranberry, Oatmeal), and Chocolate Chip Nookie (chocolate chips and maca). Their newest addition is the Snap Back (Ginger). Love!

Better Bean – These are beans that have a homestyle taste. Too many canned beans taste, well, like out of a can. These are refrigerated so the only problem is that people will not initially see them in the bean aisle. But they definitely had the homemade taste 🙂

My next stop was to meet Dean Karnazes, the ultra marathon man. He was signing his book, Run. I forgot to snap a picture of what he wrote inside but it said, “Haley, keep smiling and keep running.” I love it! Dean was so nice. He asked me about my races and wished me luck on my 21 before 21 goal. My day was officially made after this.

 Daiya This is probably the most propular vegan cheese. Personally, I love it. Their newest product is wedge style cheese in cheddar, jack, and havarti. My mom said the cheddar tasted like velveeta. The wedges weren’t my favorite but they would be perfect for spreading onto a sandwich because they are soft.

Back to Nature – The Sweet Potato and Cinnamon crackers were okay. Good flavors but not my style.

I loved the vanilla agave almond granola!

Theo – This is an organic chocolate company. They didn’t have any new products but I tried the milk chocolate gingerbread and it was great.

Larabar – Larabar’s newest addition is the Uber bar. I didn’t try one but I grabbed a bar to go. The Uber Bars look to have more crunch compared to Larabars. The ingredient list is still awesome though.

Pacific – I am usually a big fan of Pacific’s soups. They recently added Pho starters so all you need to do is add the veggies and protein. I tried the vegetarian pho starter but threw it away. There was a lot of fennel that overpowered it all. My mom tried the chicken pho starter and said there was too much basil. Once the veggies are added, it could be good. But for now, nahh.

I did have the Vegetable Lentil & Roasted Pepper Soup and loved it.

We walked by a booth with food made by Cat Cora and were surprised to see her actually there and cooking up some stuff.

Mary’s Gone Crackers – Mary’s had “Just the Crumbs” which is breadcrumbs made from their crackers. I didn’t try them but I loved the idea for a gluten free way to crisp and bread stuff.

Nature’s Path – Oh boy. Can we please just take a moment for this amazing granola? I am in love with their new Coconut Chia granola. The name is even glorious. When this hits the shelves, I will be buying multiple boxes.

Nature’s Path Love Crunch granola is relatively new so I was interested to try it. I had the Aloha Blend because not many other places have tropical granola. Once again, this granola was really good. There was pieces of coconut, pineapple, and white chocolate.

That’s it for today! Just a side note: Everything is my own opinion 🙂

Have you tried any new awesome products before?


22 thoughts on “Expo West Part 1

  1. I almost bought some Back to Nature granola today but changed my mind. I have not had it before and it was just out of my price range. Most of the products I try are for my review blog so I do that a lot!

  2. It sounds like you had so much fun! I would have loved to try all of those different kinds of foods. I love the SO Delicious ice cream brands. They are so delicious:) By the way, that granola looks so good!

  3. Oh. My. Word. What an amazing time! I’d kill for an expo like that in Texas, especially with all the cool celebs and buttloads of free samples. Not to mention Coconut Chia granola…ummm I have a major feeling I’m gonna be buying billions of boxes of that! 😀

    • it’s free for bloggers, press, grocery store owners, or other people in the food/health industry!! if you aren’t, it’s $350. i know you’re on the east coast and they have an expo east in baltimore. i don’t know how far that is from you but i would totally look into it!

  4. OMG I wish I could go to one of these – this looks EPIC! Meeting Dean Karnazes, I would totally just die haha. I really love the new Nature’s Path granola, I bought a few bags today actually & can’t wait to get into them!

  5. Omg Haley there is SO much I love about this post – all these brands I am a huge fan of and I would have loved to go to this just to see what they are coming up with next. The Uber bar is delicious. I like the crunchier aspect of it for sure. I also love the pacific brand of the soup – the tomato one is my absolute favorite! Cant wait to see all the other recaps!!

  6. HOLY MOLY!! Dean and Cat!? AWESOME!! I lovee those pancakes..they sell them in boxes at the store and that is the only kind I will buy now. The Theo chocolate company is based out of Seattle, and I live about an hour away..I have been wanting to tour their factory for a while now!!

    I can’t wait for part 2!

  7. This just looks amazing! I am rather jealous right now, the Cookie department looks fantastic as does the Back to Nature 🙂

    I’m glad you had such a great time, this really does look exactly the sort of thing I would love – can’t wait to read the next part 🙂

  8. Um ok I believe I need to say a few things here:
    Because of A: The amount of swag you got is amazing and
    B: Because DEAN KARNAZES IS ONE OF MY IDOLS and I’m super jealous you got to meet/talk to him!
    I’m kinda hating on you right now…………just saying. But I’m hating on you in a I’m happy for you kinda way. Haha but seriously it looks like you had an awesome time 🙂

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