doctor’s orders

I’ve mentioned my left hamstring hurting before but I haven’t given an update as of lately. It really hasn’t gotten better which is a huge bummer. I knew it was more than just a hamstring pull when one day, I could barely sit because there were sharp pains shooting down my left leg. That left me laying in bed the rest of the day. But I could still feel it. That’s when I knew it had something to do with my back.

I’ve been to a chiropractor before so I made an appointment to see one. I went for the first visit last week and after a few tests, he ordered me to get some x-rays of my lower back in order to look for 2 things:

-Spondylolysis (Spondy): this is where a disc in the vertebrae slides out of alignment with the rest of the discs


-a Stress Fracture of the Lower Spine: much like a stress fractures in the foot or shin, but this one is in the lower spine

So I went to get those x-rays done right away. When I went back to the chiropractor today, he had good news that it was neither a spondy or a stress fracture. Phew! Stress fractures only show up in x-rays 50% of the time but so far, so good.

As for now, the chiropractor is going to treat my back as best as possible. That means going into appointments once a week to be adjusted, manipulated, and tested. If after awhile, my back does not respond to treatment, then he will order the next step which is a bone scan on my lower spine to see if it really is a stress fracture that did not show up on the x-ray.

He told me to stay away from any exercise or movement that is painful. Sadly, that means running. Running makes my leg hurt the absolute worst. It feels okay during the run but afterwards, I can’t even walk. That means, no triathlon on March 24. No half marathon in 2 weeks. Absolutely no running. He said I can cycle, weight train, or go on on the elliptical as long as it doesn’t hurt. But if anything starts to not feel right, he told me to stop.

I am crossing my fingers that all that I need to do is take a few weeks off and then be back to the pavement. At one point, he said that I might have to take 12 weeks off of running. Aye aye aye…

But for now, I will be trying to take it as easy as possible. I’ll be icing my back during downtimes and trying to get back to 100%. Hopefully that 100% comes quickly.

Have you ever had an injury that left you sidelined?ย 


25 thoughts on “doctor’s orders

  1. Dude that blows ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least there’s no stress fracture though!!
    The only major injury that ever sidelined me was when I tore a ligament in my ankle playing softball. So frustrating, but I’m sure you’ll come back even stronger than ever! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m sorry about your injury! The only thing I can tell you is you gotta listen to the doc! I’ve had almost the exact same symptoms last september, ignored them and I’m STILL trying to get back on my feet!
    Good luck! I LOVE your blog btw!

  3. I’ve been out with various issues and struggling to get back for 9 months and counting. I feel ya girl!! At the very very least, continue to be grateful of all the things you CAN do – you can work on the other two aspects of your triathlon game, running and cycling, which will make you a stronger triathlete in the end. I personally have been doing a lot of cycling as XT, and it will help your running by strengthening your quads and stabilizing your knees. Hang in there and make the crosstraining work to your advantage!! Know that I’m thinking of you & praying for you, and I too hope that this is just a minor setback & that you’re back at it in no time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh girl, you are preaching to the choir! Take time NOW. Here’s a quote:

    โ€œYouโ€™ve got to have the mental toughness and confidence in yourself where you believe that you can take those days off and you can recover and you can run great. A lot of what we see in athletes that just train all the time and never give themselves adequate recovery is often portrayed as toughness. What Iโ€™ve realized over the years is it really is a weakness. Itโ€™s an insecurity that youโ€™re not good enough to recover like other athletes: Iโ€™m not good enough to do that; I need to keep training; I canโ€™t take time off; I canโ€™t take easy days.โ€

    It’s been a long 8 weeks for me with a strange hip injury, lots of tests and treatments, etc. I know that in the past I’ve had little injuries that kept me from running for a few weeks or from biking or from swimming BUT not from all of em at once. This has been a serious learning curve. And I know I’m going to come back stronger! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Rest and recover and regenerate!

  5. Stress fracture in my foot, thankfully it only lasted 6 weeks. I hope you get better quick! And try not to push yourself, I know how hard it is to not run or anything.

  6. On the bright side, everything appears okay so you will be back to running in no time! The most important thing is to follow the doctor’s order and take it easy because you don’t want it to get any worse. I know it’s a big bummer, but these things happen and fortunately you are young, so you will recover from this quickly! Feel better Haley!

  7. Ugh, I hate not getting to exercise because of something going on with your body. It’s possibly the worst feeling ever. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. I am in almost exactly the same boat as you. Right hip/butt pain sometimes shooting down the hamstring. I haven’t run for the past two weeks and had to give up the half marathon I was planning on running in 3 weeks. I remind myself to think long-term. It’s not fun though. Hang in there!

  9. Sorry to hear this, but yes just listen to the doctors and you WILL be back. Never doubt yourself with any injury/pain. Most importantly remember, the body require lots of rest and fuel to heal!

    I have stress fractured my sacral twice (once 4 years ago and the second recently). I see a chiro 3x/week and a PT 2x/week just to be able to train, it sucks but you find what helps and if it’s worth it you find a way :))))

    Have a fab day lady!

  10. I’m relly sorry for you and hope you feel better soon โค

    This post is really interresting because I injured my harmstring last december and my doctor prescribed me massages for my leg… But after my treatment, the uy told me it was coming from my lower back and I needed more strengh training for my lower back ! And when I do it, I have less pain in my harmstring …. I really thought it was weird but apparently not !

  11. Have I ever had an injury that has left me sidelined? Girl – you know all too well I have!! You’ll get through it. It’s rough and mentally draining, but in the end you will be a stronger and smarter runner. My stress fracture didn’t show up until I got a bone scan, so just be careful!! Wishing you the best!!

  12. Awww no Haley I am so so sorry to hear this ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I wish I had something more useful today, but yeah, that does such a whole lot girl. I can tell your attitude is good right now though, and that is something to be proud of
    Stay strong deary!

  13. Ahh no I’m so sorry!!! I sure hope you recovery quickly! That sounds so painful! I know it will be hard to stop running, but it is what your body needs to heal, try thinking of that in the agonizing 12 week break! ha I’m so sorry you are going through this, hopefully the time flies by for ya!

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your injury! Gosh, I HATE being sidelined, but it is always good to give your body a little TLC! I have gotten several running injuries that have sidelined me–knees, IT band, piriformis….too many to count! The good news is that running will always be there when you heal! There is ALWAYS another race!

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