jackpot at the grocery store

I love the grocery store. And I know I’m not alone with that love. After my therapy appointment today, I headed to the store to pick up some goods because I was fresh out of most of my food because a mouse decided to get hungry. (More on that later.) My first stop was at Grocery Outlet, a grocery store with, you guessed it, a lot of great deals on food and other necessities. I had never been there before but was always curious. And let me tell you, I hit the jackpot!

-Sunflower Seed Milk (I’ve never had this before but for $.99, I couldn’t pass up.)
-Chocolate Protein Powder (This was by far the best deal there. It was originally was $15.99 but I payed $4.99. Score!)
-EcoTools body scrub (It has exfoliating walnut shells. They had me at walnuts)
-Clif Trail Mix Mojo Bars (Originally $6.99. I got them for $3.79. I love these bars, but I just don’t like the price. But now I can buy them!)
-Raw Almonds
-Dark Chocolate
-Emergen-C Immune
-Applesauce (Why yes. The applesauce is in a can.)

-Trail Mix (almonds, walnuts, pepitas, and cranberries)

Apparently I saved $32.40. Heck yes! I will SO be back to that store.

But they didn’t have all my essentials so I stopped at Trader Joes too.
-Hummus Salad Dressing (I’ve never had this before but, hummus + salad dressing=count me in.)
-Greek Yogurt x2
-Bran Flakes
-Green Beans x2
-Split Pea Soup

-Sliced Mango (OHMYGOSH. I love mango.)

Okay now to the mouse story. We’ve had mice before (one of the perks of living on the first floor) and they have always found their way to my food. No surprise there considering I have oatmeal and dried fruits. So in the middle of the night last week, I heard a squeeky noise and some moving beside my bed. When I lifted up my bag of Luna Bars, I found holes all over the bag. The mouse ate through my Luna Bars. So I called maintenance to get a mouse trap and they brought me a rat trap instead. Well that didn’t work.

So the other day, I was going through my shelf of stuff where my food is also kept. To my surprise, I found oatmeal all over the place. Turns out, the mouse has been enjoying my oatmeal, rice cakes, crackers, and dark chocolate acai berries. I had no other choice then to throw all that food away because I didn’t want to get some sort of mouse disease.

I called maintenance once again but they weren’t able to bring traps until today. But this morning, I came face to face with the little guy. I reached back to grab a towel and I heard some movement going on. I’m pretty sure I jumped 15 feet. I wanted to get the mouse out of my stuff so I shook around my things and low and behold, the tiny little guy ran out. I should have thrown the towel on him or something but I was too scared. (Why I scared of a tiny mouse is beyond me.)

And the search for the mouse continues. I don’t have anymore food for him because I threw it all out. And the stuff I bought today is going to be kept in drawers. But hopefully the trap will get him. Then again, who knows. Maybe I’ll catch him and we could become friends. 

Any good deals lately? On food, clothes, anything!
Mango: yay or nay?
Any mice stories?


18 thoughts on “jackpot at the grocery store

  1. So sorry about the mouse! Especially attacking your food, and foods that are definitely not cheap! That grocery outlet sounds so interesting though, I wish we had something like that here but we don’t, it’s hard enough to find healthy foods even at expensive prices, bleh! Looks like you got quite the haul, though.

  2. GIRL. Why did you buy the imitation Oh My Omega trail mix when you were headed to TJ’s anyways? *sigh*

    I haven’t gotten any really good deals lately, but I’m about to on Saturday! It’s 10 for $10 week at my grocery store, which is my favorite week EVER, especially when they put nearly all of my standard veggies on 10 for $10 sale (peppers! carrots! mushrooms! We’re talking like 50% off on some of these things). I legitimately have a problem with 10 for $10 week. Last time, I found myself coming home with 6 Chobanis, 5 BAGS OF CHEX MIX [whoops], 2 bags of Goldfish crackers (and I never even eat Goldfish)…and about 15 other items. Good thing the 11th item is free! Haha. I should not be allowed grocery shopping during 10 for $10 week 😛

  3. I LOVE mango too! Some of my friends can’t stand it, which I just don’t get…Love that discount store too! I have to be careful how often I go to TJs, for my wallet’s sake 🙂

  4. As much as I like animals, I hate the idea of mice in the house. It’s like they’re little invaders. I hope the traps help and they stay out of your stuff. How Rude!

    You got some great deals on your groceries. I wish I had a Grocery Outlet near me!

  5. Love mango (especially frozen) and that squirrel valley trail mix looks delicious! I love hitting the jackpot at the grocery! 🙂
    That little mouse must’ve been jealous of your wicked haul haha

  6. Eeeek mouse!!!! Not gonna lie, if I were a mouse I’d totally be all over your food cuz you always have the best stuff! 😀 that’s obnoxious though. No wonder you’re thinking of transferring hah! But omg, you seriously hit the jackpot at that grocery store!! I too am a HUGE clif bar/luna bar fan but they’re generally too expensive for me to buy all the time – dang I wish I had a grocery “outlet” like that where you can actually get healthy/organic foods for cheap!!

  7. I got some lactose free yogurt on sale today which makes me sooo happy! 🙂 I haven’t been able to enjoy any yogurt since I found out about my lactose intolerance mecause it is so darn expensive normally although I LOVE yogurt soooo much!
    I wish I was there and could help you find searchiing that little mouse… I love mice,they’re so cute! 😛
    And mango… Oh,I love it! I could eat it all day long…

  8. I love sunflower seed milk! I am allergic to cow’s dairy, soy and sensitive to many nuts, so I make it at home all the time 🙂 I haven’t seen it in a store though! I didn’t know it was actually a real product lol. Darn I thought I was being creative 😛

  9. And I feel your pain about the mouse! Last year I had a terrrrible mouse problem! My landlord put poison out (they are supposed to eat it and die outside), but I ended up stepping on a dead mouse in my bedroom. I am scarred for life.

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  11. OH GOSH mice freak me out. I’m sorry to hear that maintenance isn’t really doing anything to help you out! I remember when I was a kid and I lived in a trailer, we once had mice in the place and one ran by my foot….I must have screamed bloody murder and ran into the other room. EW.

    All the things you bought at the store looks amazing! Especially the trail mix. Keep that stuff safe so your new little friend doesn’t get to it 😛

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