a smorgesborg of food

Rather than a day’s worth of eats, I’m going to show you guys a smorgesborg of eats.  Enjoy 🙂

joes o's, trail mix, almond milk

vegan polenta in tomato sauce, green beans, broccoli

savory oats: oatmeal, chicken, steamed carrots, salsa, bbq sauce, nooch

When I first heard of savory oats, I thought, What the heck?? No way. But then, one day my salsa touched my oatmeal and it’s history from there.

joes o's, banana, almond milk

lettuce, black beans, garbanzo beans, annie's lite gingerfly dressing, quinoa

espresso, red velvet, and cake batter frozen yogurt

banana, pb, chocolate protein powder, and almond milk smoothie

lettuce, carrots, kidney beans, green beans, broccoli, a brown rice salad, and chick'n strips

oatmeal, egg white, frozen berries, banana

A+ for facing a fear food! I struggle with anything besides non-fat dairy foods so it was a big step eating this 2% Chobani.

Do you guys notice something missing? I do. Peanut butter!!! Surprisingly, I haven’t been feeling the pb lately. I used to crave it. But not now for some reasons. It’s weird. Very weird.

Have you been facing any fear foods lately??
Have you ever stopped craving a food all of a sudden, even though you used to love it?


16 thoughts on “a smorgesborg of food

  1. I ODed on oats at one point and had to go on a “break” for about 2 weeks. But they tasted SO GOOD again afterwards. So don’t worry, I’m sure your love of PB will come back to you again 🙂

  2. Yay for facing the fear food! Such a big step girl! I am really happy for you. All those eats look delicious! I haven’t had savory oats in forever…but I think I want to have some again! I kind of forgot about them 😉

  3. I need to try savory oats!! That sounds so good! Way to go with the 2%!! It tastes way better in my opinion, at least with chobani. I like the strawberry banana flavor best!

  4. I usually eat a ton of apples and pears – at least one of each a day. They always tasted DELICIOUS and I would crave them all the time, but about a month ago they suddenly started grossing me out. Like they were way to sweet or something. I would even cut up an apple and get so sick after the first bite that I’d end up throwing the whole thing out. It was the weirdest thing, but it passed after a couple weeks and now I’m back to nomming on them all the time! I don’t know what I would do if I stopped liking pb, since it makes up a large portion of my daily calories!

  5. Yummm love your smorgasbord. Haha I just noticed that almost all of my eats are dining hall eats! Do you have a meal plan or do you make everything yourself?

  6. Yum. Everything looks so good. How can you not want pb anymore? I understand, I guess. I used to suffer withdrawls when I would go for a long time without it but now I can go for weeks and be ok. It’s still my sandwich of choice, but I don’t die without it.
    Good job with the 2%!

  7. I am too obsessed with peanut butter, I wish I could not crave it anymore! ha
    I have a hard time with non-fat dairy as well, but when I went home over last weekend all my family had was 2%, I was craving some milk and had to go for it. It was a struggle but hey I lived! 🙂

  8. PROPS on downing that 2% greek yogurt!!! I made the switch to 2% dairy this summer when my dietician told me I needed more fat in my diet – dude, it was scary. But suprisingly I loved the texture/thickness/creaminess even more than 0%, and I can digest it a lot better, so I’ve never gone back!! And gah, savory oats…that sounds like fun! I did make quinoa for breakfast instead of oatmeal once, so why not have oatmeal for dinner? 😀

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