seven things…errr…wednesday?

1. Did you miss me? I know you did. Don’t lie. Sorry for my unannounced absence. I wish I could say it was from excessive partying or socializing. But nope. It wasn’t. It was because I got sick and the thought of looking at a computer screen made my head hurt. Hence, the reason for no posts or comments on your guy’s blogs. I went to San Francisco on Saturday, but I’ll write about that in another post. 

Towards the end of the day in San Francisco, I started to get a really bad headache. Since I had seen everything that I wanted to see, I decided to throw in the towel and drive back to school. I then spent the rest of the day in bed because my head was hurting so badly. I was hoping that it would pass on Sunday. But of course not. I literally laid in bed all day on Sunday. It hurt to do anything. Then Monday came and I was able to get out of bed. But since then, I have still had a headache, I’ve been coughing up hairballs, and my whole body aches. The only thing my body wants is carbs. Specifically, crackers. So that’s what I’ve been eating. Lots and lots of crackers.

But I swear, I get sick at the worst possible times. I got sick before my last marathon. Now I’m sick and I have a triathlon on Sunday. Perfect. I’m 99% sure I’m not going to compete  which is a huge bummer because I was really looking forward to this race. I’m just crossing my fingers that I get better by like, now.

2. I was on YouTube last night looking up cat videos (because, really, who doesn’t?). Well the cat videos turned into dog videos. Then the dog videos turned into dogs greeting owners home from Iraq. Then the dogs greeting owners home from Iraq videos turned into surprise homecomings of soldiers. Then the surprise homecomings of soldiers videos turned into marriage proposals. So it went from cats to marriage proposals. What more could a girl want? Here’s my favorite video of a surprise homecoming. Watch it and weep.

3. I sold my books back to a local bookshop yesterday and guess how much I got for them? $33. 33 flippin’ bucks. 

4. I went to my mailbox yesterday to find an awesome Valentine’s Day card from my cat. Yes. My cat. I’m such a cat lady…

5. Then I got another special Valentine’s Day surprise from my Dad. I couldn’t help but cry when I read the card. Like I said, when all else seems to suck, you will always have you family

 6. I’ve been watching the show, The River, and I have been lovingggg it! It’s produced by the same people that made Paranormal Activity and it’s about a group of people that go into the Amazon to look for the missing TV host of The Undiscovered Country. And for me to say I like it is saying a lot considering I refused to watch scary movies until 5 months ago.

7. Apparently on Valentine’s Day, everybody eats pancakes. So when I was going through my feed on Instagram, I kept on seeing picture after picture of pancakes. Now I have a mad craving for pancakes. *drool*


16 thoughts on “seven things…errr…wednesday?

  1. NOOOO sorry to hear you’re getting sick! I’m sending tons of germ x and get well soon vibes your way!
    Lovin the pics you took in san fran and the v day card from your cat 😉 The flowers from your dad are beyond sweet too, what a fabulous man! 🙂

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO I hope you’ll be better for your tri! And I’m sorry you’ve been so sick, I totally understand I’ve been sick too. Love the videos with soldiers, they are so fun/emotional to watch. And I love pancakes anytime………especially on the weekends. Oh, my mom sent me a Valentine’s card, don’t you feel so special when you get something?

  3. Sorry you were sick. And I’m glad that picture of pancakes didn’t load on my computer otherwise I’d be super hungry! I love the valentines from your cat!

  4. Oh no I am sorry you are feeling sick… i am sending healing vibes your way right NOW! Don’t you hate selling textbooks back? Uhh thanks for giving me back about 1/4 of the price I paid, NOT!
    That card is so nice from your dad 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness you were right, weep I did! 😦 That video was so sad/cute! I loved it!
    Hope you get feeling better soon! I swear I always get sick at the worst times too, right before tests usually!

    • wooo! glad you stopped by 🙂 i go to sonoma state university right now but i am transferring next year to i’m not sure where

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