study tips (from a procrastinator)

I had my first anatomy test today. It was bright and early in the morning so I was able to get it over with. How did I do? Who knows. There were some that I knew and others that might as well have been written in a different language. I did actually study though. That’s a plus. In high school, I was the WORST at studying. I would sit at my desk with all the intentions of studying my butt off. Then my cat would walk by so I’d play with her. Or my phone would go off and I’d get distracted. Or I would see something shiny and stare at it. But really, I’m bad at studying. So in order to keep my mind from wandering, I headed to the library and studied like no other.Β 

Here are some tips on how to study (then again, I’m probably the worst person to give tips on studying. Too bad!):

1. Pick the quietest part of the library. For my school, it’s the 3rd floor. All you can here is the noise of paper turning. It’s pretty awesome. And it doesn’t hurt if you get a pretty view.Β 

2. Bring snacks. In the beginning of the year, I would always have to leave the library because I would get hungry. And then I would totally lose the motivation to study once I stepped foot outside. Problem solved.

(P.S. Some of you guys were wondering where I got my dog food container from my last post. I got it from Dollar Tree πŸ˜€ It actually came in a pack. One was a small container and the other was a big container, like above. My sis and I got 2 packs and share a piece of each set πŸ™‚ )

3. Bring water. Like the snacks, you don’t want to have to leave when you get thirsty. Just come stocked. Problem solved. Again.

4. Unless your homework is on your computer, don’t bring it. It is wayy too easy to get distracted if my computer is nearby. So I just leave it in the dorm. It’s just me and my notes.

See? No laptop.

5. Turn your phone off. Unless you’re expecting a call from Ryan Gosling or Jillian Michaels, just turn it off. If you need to know the time, go old school and bring a watch.

6. Study! Once all electrical devices are off, you’re hydrated, and have some brain food, it’s time to study your butt off.Β 

7. Workout the morning of the test. When I do this, I get the good juices flowing so I don’t go into the test all groggy and tired. I’m pumped!

8. If need be, study in between sets of your workout.Β 

What study tips do you have? (I could use them!)


19 thoughts on “study tips (from a procrastinator)

  1. Rockin tips! I have a chem and microbio exam tomorrow…eww. I totally plan on weight lifting beforehand though, I love that blood pumpin feelin before a test too!
    My study tips–have a big breakfast before the test and use notecards like a psycho πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait for my brain to be mush this weekend! (oh and i’m totally going to dollar tree to find those adorable storage things heehee)

  2. I totally study while doing cardio sometimes, haha. I do the same things that you do – but I always study in the same room, in the same place, so I have my designated study spot where I can get stuff DONE. I spent seven hours there today total.. And finished all my homework! πŸ™‚

  3. Yep…totally reading/commenting on this post while I should be studying for my American Lit exam tomorrow. Whoops.

    I do a lot of the same stuff you do–quiet part of the library (I go to the basement so I can’t even see daylight. It’s the jam for getting stuff done), bring food and water, leave the computer AT HOME. I also make sure to stay conscious of my brain while I’m studying, because you do get to that point where your brain is just like, “Yep, I’ve had enough of this, thanks. Let’s do something else.” If I don’t listen to those signals, I just spend the next hour getting nothing done, which is stupid.

    I’m an English major so I do a lot of paper writing, and I’ve found that it’s way better for me to write a paper on the computers in the library than on my laptop. When I’m on a computer in the library, everyone can see what I’m doing (i.e.: I’m not going to Facebook stalk someone in the library because there’s a decent chance they could walk right behind me and catch me in the act. No thanks. Haha). There’s obviously not enough computers in the library for every single student at my school to have one at a time, so I feel pretty guilty if I’m just messing around on the Internet on one of those computers when someone might really need it. I want to look like I legitimately need to use that computer, so I work on what needs to get done. Genius.

  4. these are all awesome tips! i had 3 big tests at the beginning of this week so i’ve been a bit of a stressball, heh πŸ™‚

    my best tip when studying is definitely to stay away from the computer. it’s so easy to waste an hour in what seems like 15 minutes of checking email, going on Facebook, and reading blogs.

  5. girl you are awesome! i love reading your blog and picking up tips from you. therapists and doctors are helpful, yes, but nothing is more helpful than the words of those who have overcome. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  6. This post is made for me !!!
    Even if I’m done and done with school, I used to procrastinate so much, it was insane ! I really needed this kind of post to help me ahahha, but too late :p

    But even now, stop procrastinating is one my new resolutions list !

    It helps me to : stop using all this technology (TV, laptop ! , iphone !). Make some to-do lists (it keeps me focus on what I have to do ! ). And I need to work in a clean place (if it’s messy, I just cant focus… i need emptiness !). I forgot : No friends, no street view, nothing to distract me (ahahha I’m kinda adhd sometimes, if a bug flies, I’ll only focus on it :p )

  7. I totally agree with all these! I hauled my butt to the library yesterday morning because I knew I wouldn’t get anything done at home when my computer is there to distract me. πŸ˜› My other tip is to wear comfy clothes! Leggings and a big sweater is my go-to study outfit. πŸ˜€

  8. Good tips! I agree with the lack of laptop, it is very easy to be distracted by unfourtunately! A good working the morning of a test is also key I agree with you, gets you up/aware and can re-focus your energy! Nice post!

  9. I totally have to go to the quiet section of the library also, that’s how I get anything done! And while doing homework/studying I take breaks so that it doesn’t become too boring to me or I don’t start losing focus because instead I know I have breaks where I can “let loose”.

  10. love these tips! I was actually a pro at studying in college, using all of your above advice. I studied too much sometimes haha. And working out is essential!! I definitely need a reminder of these tips though…taking a class after you’ve graduated = not a ton of motivation and EVERYTHING becomes a good distraction hahaha.

  11. I am a serial procrastinator especially when my computer is nearby!
    I find that in order to focus I need to have worked out, ate a healthy meal, and I need to be in a clean environment. Sometimes listening to classical or soothing music helps me focus as well

  12. Great Tips! Somtimes it is so hard to focus and get your work done. I use the Pomodora Technique which is working for 25 minutes straight and then taking a quick break and then doing it over again. The short period of time I have to focus really works. and the quick breaks, break up the day.

  13. These are some amazing tips!! I love them all. The only bad thing is…my homework is ON the computer. I get distracted SO easily. Here I come tumblr, facebook, pinterest, we heart it, wordpress, etc etc. It’s terrible πŸ˜›

  14. Haha funny that you wrote this post, because I am supposed to be studying right now! I think the computer point is very valid! Also for me I just need to get out of my house. I work soo efficiently at the library and it only takes me a quarter of the time than if I was at home!

    I am going to take my own advice and get my butt to the lib! My bedroom is sucking me in with all of the fun things it has to offer – you know laundry, cleaning and organizing πŸ˜›

  15. I too have to force myself to the library to get in good study sessions! I get too distracted at my house with roommates, the television, food, anything and everything can distract me when it comes to studying! ha
    I will walk on my treadmill and have my notes in hand while I am doing a cool down mile or so! Works great! It’s not the best workout being that I just walk, but it’s better than sitting! πŸ™‚

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