the best weekend in a long time

This weekend, my mom came up to visit. After such an emotional week and difficult decisions to make, she wanted to be by my side to make sure I was okay. She’s the best. Right when she got here on Friday, we headed to my therapy appointment. The next few hours were spent with a lot of crying by me. But after about 4pm that day, we had THE best time.

Friday night we went to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called The Slice of Life. I had a deal so it was even better! I got the Zen/BBQ Burger. 

I also got some kombucha. Love that stuff. My mom got the pasta primavera with spinach pasta.

I loved mine and she loved hers. So it was perfecto.

Afterwards, we went to a chocolate/tea shop that was next door. We are both dark chocolate lovers so it was the perfect way to end the night. I got a piece of dark chocolate honey caramel. 

It was heavenly. But it was $2.25! For this tiny piece of chocolate! What the flip. It was delicious nonetheless.

On Saturday, we took a drive to Napa which is about an hour away. 

First stop was The Oxbow Public Market

It’s filled with a bunch of different specialty stores. There was an olive oil shop, chocolate shop, wine shop, coffee shop, cupcake shop, produce shop, and lots of other shops. We stopped at the produce shop first but I didn’t get anything. My mom got some semolina flour because she has been really into the whole pasta making thing. She even made ravioli the other day! And I wasn’t there to enjoy it 😦 She also got a hot sauce made with yuzu. It sounded interesting so she went with it. 

Then we went to The Model Bakery. The english muffin was seen on The Best Thing I Ever Ate (loveee that show) so we just HAD to get one. 

It was beyond amazing (and that’s why there’s so many pictures 😉 ). I totally see why it’s one of the best things. I also had a latte from Ritual Roasters on the side. 

We walked around a bit and since one english muffin didn’t fill either of us up, we went to Pica Pica. My mom got the empenadas (one with chicken, one with queso fresco, and one with black beans & queso fresco). 

I got the vegetarian arepa. 

Now THIS was one of the best things I have ever eaten. It was filled with grilled tofu, black beans, plantains, and avocado.

We were ready to go so we started to head back. But first, we made a pit stop at Barbara’s factory! It was Saturday so it was closed. I have no idea if they give tours or something but if they do, I’ll be back.

Also, did you know that Petaluma is the Wrist Wrestling Capital of the World?? That’s right folks. And I live 10 minutes away. I feel so honored. 

We walked around downtown Petaluma for awhile and then headed to Costco to stock up on some goods that I needed. We actually went to two Costcos because one didn’t have some of the goods. 

The picture was from our second stop but my load included:
-frozen greek yogurt popsicles
-Tofu nuggets
-soy nut mix
-Fruit and Nut mix
-dark chocolate acai berries
-greek yogurt

For dinner, we decided on Lynn’s Thai. I got the pumpkin curry and it was…interesting. It was totally not what I expected. It was more like a soup in a coconut milk broth.

After dinner, my mom taught me how to crochet! I’m still getting the hang of it but I actually like it. It’s therapeutic in a way 🙂

Then this morning, we went out to breakfast before going to church. We went to the Tea Room Cafe and I got the cornmeal waffle with gluten free flour. It was definitely the best waffle I have ever had.

So overall, it was an amazing weekend. Definitely the best I have had in a long time. Good food spent with my favorite person….nothing better 🙂

What did you do this weekend? 


14 thoughts on “the best weekend in a long time

  1. OMG I would die of joy to see Barbara’s factory. Except I can’t eat their products anymore thanks my oat allergy so maybe it would just be sad. Glad your weekend was so awesome! Mine was just boring, but alright 🙂

  2. I’m glad you had a good weekend girl, you deserve it! You’re sooo lucky you got to eat something that was on the best thing I ever ate. I want to eat everything ever featured on there! haha

  3. WOW! Talk about an awesome weekend! So many great restaurants and fun activities! Glad your weekedn was good…cause you definitely deserved some fun after such a tough week! Aren’t moms the best?! They also know just what to do to make us happy!

  4. I’m so glad you had such a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty chill, but I did watch the super bowl with some other bloggers 🙂 (and by watched, I mean, we had a hot sauce eating competition in the kitchen hahaha)

  5. you have such an amazing mom!!! This totally sounds like an awesomely fun-filled foodie weekend 🙂 I used to love when my mom would come visit me at school, we would do girly things like shop and get our nails done and go out to eat! And dude, you live in such an incredible part of the country – all that food is stuff I only dream of here on the east coast haha! So glad you had a fun weekend, I hope it sets the tone for the week ahead! 😀

  6. Aww it sounds like you had the BEST time with your mom!!! I’m so glad it gave you the cheering up that you needed. 🙂 Also you ate some awesome stuff over the weekend! That tempeh burger and arepa literally have me drooling. I’m going to come visit you so that I can eat at all these amazing places with you mmkay? 😀

  7. Aw,I am SO happy you’ve had such a wonderful weekend,Haley! After such a long and hard time of depression and hopelessness,you really deserved it more than anyone else. 🙂
    That english muffin looks absolutely AMAZING,by the way – I am a huge english ,muffin fan and you made me crave one like crazy haha 😉

  8. That does sound like an amazing weekend! I too live away going to college, it so hard being away from family! I love when my mom is able to come visit! Seriously is the best! Glad you enjoyed your time together!

  9. Yay I’m so happy you had an awesome weekend! I just read your last post too, and I’m so glad you’re strong enough to stick it out and stay at school. It’ll be so good for you, even if it will suck sometimes. ALSO, you totally have a bunch of awesome things to look forward to! I’m really jealous of your waffle as well 🙂

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