WIAW goes green!

Happy WIAW! Hope everybody is having a fantabulous day. Mine has been pretty good. Holla! Let’s get to the food…Thanks Jenn! And look! There’s a new button! I loveee greens so I am loving this pin. But first, I loved hearing everybody’s opinions on yesterday’s post. Everybody had good and valid points for whether or not orthorexia should be considered an ED. And for those suffering through it, it will get better! If you haven’t read it yet, go check it out. 

Pre-workout snack:

I worked on legs today and boyyyy I was sweating! I usually don’t sweat a bunch while weight lifting but the sweat was flowing today. It felt good!

I had an anatomy practical today (wahhhh) so I ate breakfast while reviewing. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

greek yogurt, chocolate Amazing Grass, ground flax seeds, chia seeds, raw oats, frozen berries

Breakfast #2:
After class, I was still hungry. I guess my brain used lots of energy during the test!

grapes, tofu scramble, scrambled eggs, oatmeal

I ate this while watching Pretty Little Liars. That show never gets old…

Then it was nap time! {Insert 2 hour nap.} It was exactly what the doctored ordered 🙂

I was craving salsa for some odd reason so I was crossing my fingers that the dining hall had mexican food. But nope. I got a salad instead and topped it with this salsa…

I loveeee chipotles so I was a big fan of this salsa. It’s a definite keeper.

lettuce, carrots, black olives, bell peppers, corn, kidney beans, brown rice, and salsa

After a whole bunch of pins on Pinterest and a few chapters read in The Hunger Games, I decided it was time for a snack. Oh and The Hunger Games…ohmygosh. SO GOOD! I might not sleep tonight. I’m considering finishing it all.

walnuts and protein cake


chicken with bbq sauce, green beans, roasted potatoes, and a salad with kidney beans, carrots, corn, black olives, and salsa

Now I will go back to reading The Hunger Games. If I don’t post tomorrow, it’s because I finished the book, am so shocked, and am still staring at the last page. Or I passed out from excitement.

What is your favorite pre-workout snack?
Did you eat your greens today?? 

orthorexia: what exactly is it and does it exist?

So the other day, I posted about my journey to health and I mentioned orthorexia and talking about it in another post. Well now is the time for that post!

Okay first off, what is orthorexia? Orthorexia is when you have an unhealthy obsession with being healthy. What’s wrong with being healthy though? There’s a difference between being healthy and being obsessed with it.

Being healthy means eating fruits, veggies, and whole grains but being able to go out with friends and eat whatever comes up. Then you don’t obsess over it the next day. “Okay so I ate that pizza last night. I need to exercise longer today and eat nothing but salad.” That’s not healthy. Healthy is waking up the next day like any other day. Waking up, not worrying about the previous night.

So if that’s healthy, what is an obsession with healthy? Like I said, it’s waking up the next day obsessing about what you ate. When it comes to going out with friends, you freak out about what there is going to be to eat. More times than not, you won’t even eat that food. It’s a type of restriction. Whether you have anxiety about how the food is prepared or whether or not the food is organic, there is an obsession about what is going into your body. Looking at the back of a cereal box is normal. But analyzing it for a long time, scrutinizing the ingredients used is not. Like I said, it’s an obsession. You slowly begin to restrict and cut out foods until there is almost nothing “safe” to eat. 

As of now, orthorexia is not recognized as an ED. But it is one. Trust me. It is. After dealing with it, I know how much it sucks to freak out about where the food is coming food. (And yes. I would freak out. Bad.) What exactly did I obsess over? Well…

-I hated white potatoes. If I were to eat a potato, it HAD to be a sweet potato because there are more health benefits to it.

-White rice was also a no-no. Brown rice was way better in my eyes because of the higher nutrition content.

-Salad dressing at restaurants. The high fat content in the dressings scared me. Plus, some of them could have had high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.

Not gonna lie, it was hard for me to make that list. I know, it’s very short. But that’s because I realized that I still struggle with a few things…

-White flour. Unless it is organic, unbleached white flour, I won’t eat it. But so many restaurants these days have whole wheat breads.

-Unorganic/unnatural yogurt. The high fructose corn syrup scares me.

-Unorganic ketchup. Once again, the high fructose corn syrup.

-Certain frozen yogurts. Because of the high fructose corn syrup. See a trend?

-Unorganic chicken. Right now, I don’t eat chicken unless it is organic. It’s better then it used to be! Before, I wouldn’t even eat chicken.

-Unorganic spinach. I’m scared of salmonella.

-Unorganic/unnatural peanut butter. No hydrogenated oils for me.

So the list of struggles is longer than past obsessions so I’m sure you’re thinking, “This girl is still messed up.” Yeah. I still am. There’s no denying that. But going out to a restaurant is 100x easier than it used to be. Ask my family and friends and they would all agree.

Also, if you were to look at my struggle list, I’m sure it would look like a normal, healthy lifestyle. Sure, it’s healthy. But it’s not healthy when it’s obsessive. That, my friends, is orthorexia. Those foods don’t necessarily hold me back because so many restaurants have different options. So I am not held back by my past obsessions. Now, I consider myself to be healthy with orthorexia creeping in every once in awhile.

All righty. So should orthorexia be considered an ED? HECK YES! Even though it may not seem like there is a problem with being healthy, there is when it becomes over the top. It’s an obsession. It’s something that eats you up inside. It’s real, and it sucks.

For more information on orthorexia, check out these links:

Huffington Post – Orthorexia: Too Much of a Healthy Thing?

ABC – Orthorexia: Obsessing Over Health Food  

Rachel Ray Show – One Woman’s Triumph Over Orthorexia 

What are your thoughts? Does orthorexia exist?
Have you ever dealt with orthorexia?

Rest and Rejuvenate!

1. I ran a triathlon today! Weeeeoooo! I will post a recap all about it later but in short, it went amazing. 

2. Glad you all liked my Fun Fact Friday post the other day 🙂 Here are some other fun facts that you guys commented about:

  • There are about 572 peanuts in a jar of peanut butter. – Carolyn
  • When you bite a wintergreen lifesaver, a spark of light is released. – Chelsea 
  • Mephobia: the fear of being so awesome that the human race can’t handle it and everybody dies. – Khushboo
  • It is nearly impossible to put on mascara with a closed mouth. – Henry
3. I’ve ranted about my roommate before. So how are we now? I wouldn’t know actually. We don’t talk anymore. And to be honest, that is totally fine with me. Technically, she is actually my “suite mate” so we have separate rooms but share a living room, shower, and bathroom. Anywho. She has a new group of friends who likes to drink and party. Then they like to come back to the dorm at 2am and be really loud to wake me up. It’s quite lovely. But really, I’m so much happier not being around her.
4. I recently read Portia de Rossi’s book, Unbearable Lightness. I’ve never really read memoirs before but if they’re anything like this, then I will be reading a lot more! I really, really liked this book. I read it in about 3 days. No joke. She described her emotions while dealing with the eating disorder so well. I could feel her pain not only because of my past, but also because her word choice. It was truly amazing what she battled. Now go read it!

5. Anybody watching the Oscars tonight? Right now, I am watching the red carpet and all the interviews they give before. It always cracks me up when they ask what they are wearing. It’s like, really? Do you think non-celebrities are going to go out and pay $10,000 for a dress by that designer? Yeah. I don’t think so.

then again, cher is making this dress very tempting to buy. or is it a bathing suit? the world may never know...

6. I am going home next weekend!! I know. I just went home but this time, it’s for a wedding. I love weddings (if you couldn’t tell from my pinterest folder). 

7. A couple of weeks ago, I got the Rest and Rejuvenate Award from Kaila. I fell the job down on the job and never posted it…until now! 

~your excuse to take a break and do something for YOU~

Here are the rules:

1. Copy and paste the award button and rules into a post.

2. Answer the questions that go along with the award.

3. Pass the award onto other deserving bloggers who are worthy of some rest and rejuvenation.

4. And most importantly: Take this award as a sign that you are worth it, you are enough, and you deserve to cut yourself some slack. 


1. What is your favorite way to relax?
It would probably have to be laying on the couch and watching tv. Or taking a nap. Or playing board games with the family 🙂 Or taking a nap. Did I already say that?

2. What would your ideal rest day involve? Plan it out!
I would wake up around 8am and go out to breakfast with the family. At the restaurant, I would get whole wheat pancakes or something. Then we would head to a farmers market (because farmers markets are awesome. duhhh!). Next I would come home and take my dog for a walk along the beach. Thennn I would come home and bake/cook like a fool. Next up would be a family dinner, some board games, and watching a movie with the familia 🙂 Can I have that rest day now? Please?

3. How many “rest and rejuvenate” days do you aim for each week?
I definitely aim for one day a week with no workout at all. I think everybody needs a day for their muscles and mind to rest and rejuvenate!

I tag:

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Kate @ Chasing Running Dreams

Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin 

Meg @ A Dash of Meg

Chelsea @ The Nut Butter Runner

Tessa @ Amazing Asset

How was everyone’s weekend? Amazing I hope 🙂
Have you ever read Unbearable Lightness or any other memoirs?
Are you watching the Oscars? 

fun fact friday

The Bible, the world’s best-selling book, is also the world’s most shoplifted book.

Alaska has over 5,000 earthquakes a year.

Walt Disney was afraid of mice. (Darn mice.)

North Dakota is the only state in the US that hasn’t experienced an earthquake.

A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years.

A shrimp’s heart is in it’s head.

Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, but he declined.

There is a city called Rome on every continent.

Do you have any cool, random facts??

jackpot at the grocery store

I love the grocery store. And I know I’m not alone with that love. After my therapy appointment today, I headed to the store to pick up some goods because I was fresh out of most of my food because a mouse decided to get hungry. (More on that later.) My first stop was at Grocery Outlet, a grocery store with, you guessed it, a lot of great deals on food and other necessities. I had never been there before but was always curious. And let me tell you, I hit the jackpot!

-Sunflower Seed Milk (I’ve never had this before but for $.99, I couldn’t pass up.)
-Chocolate Protein Powder (This was by far the best deal there. It was originally was $15.99 but I payed $4.99. Score!)
-EcoTools body scrub (It has exfoliating walnut shells. They had me at walnuts)
-Clif Trail Mix Mojo Bars (Originally $6.99. I got them for $3.79. I love these bars, but I just don’t like the price. But now I can buy them!)
-Raw Almonds
-Dark Chocolate
-Emergen-C Immune
-Applesauce (Why yes. The applesauce is in a can.)

-Trail Mix (almonds, walnuts, pepitas, and cranberries)

Apparently I saved $32.40. Heck yes! I will SO be back to that store.

But they didn’t have all my essentials so I stopped at Trader Joes too.
-Hummus Salad Dressing (I’ve never had this before but, hummus + salad dressing=count me in.)
-Greek Yogurt x2
-Bran Flakes
-Green Beans x2
-Split Pea Soup

-Sliced Mango (OHMYGOSH. I love mango.)

Okay now to the mouse story. We’ve had mice before (one of the perks of living on the first floor) and they have always found their way to my food. No surprise there considering I have oatmeal and dried fruits. So in the middle of the night last week, I heard a squeeky noise and some moving beside my bed. When I lifted up my bag of Luna Bars, I found holes all over the bag. The mouse ate through my Luna Bars. So I called maintenance to get a mouse trap and they brought me a rat trap instead. Well that didn’t work.

So the other day, I was going through my shelf of stuff where my food is also kept. To my surprise, I found oatmeal all over the place. Turns out, the mouse has been enjoying my oatmeal, rice cakes, crackers, and dark chocolate acai berries. I had no other choice then to throw all that food away because I didn’t want to get some sort of mouse disease.

I called maintenance once again but they weren’t able to bring traps until today. But this morning, I came face to face with the little guy. I reached back to grab a towel and I heard some movement going on. I’m pretty sure I jumped 15 feet. I wanted to get the mouse out of my stuff so I shook around my things and low and behold, the tiny little guy ran out. I should have thrown the towel on him or something but I was too scared. (Why I scared of a tiny mouse is beyond me.)

And the search for the mouse continues. I don’t have anymore food for him because I threw it all out. And the stuff I bought today is going to be kept in drawers. But hopefully the trap will get him. Then again, who knows. Maybe I’ll catch him and we could become friends. 

Any good deals lately? On food, clothes, anything!
Mango: yay or nay?
Any mice stories?

a smorgesborg of food

Rather than a day’s worth of eats, I’m going to show you guys a smorgesborg of eats.  Enjoy 🙂

joes o's, trail mix, almond milk

vegan polenta in tomato sauce, green beans, broccoli

savory oats: oatmeal, chicken, steamed carrots, salsa, bbq sauce, nooch

When I first heard of savory oats, I thought, What the heck?? No way. But then, one day my salsa touched my oatmeal and it’s history from there.

joes o's, banana, almond milk

lettuce, black beans, garbanzo beans, annie's lite gingerfly dressing, quinoa

espresso, red velvet, and cake batter frozen yogurt

banana, pb, chocolate protein powder, and almond milk smoothie

lettuce, carrots, kidney beans, green beans, broccoli, a brown rice salad, and chick'n strips

oatmeal, egg white, frozen berries, banana

A+ for facing a fear food! I struggle with anything besides non-fat dairy foods so it was a big step eating this 2% Chobani.

Do you guys notice something missing? I do. Peanut butter!!! Surprisingly, I haven’t been feeling the pb lately. I used to crave it. But not now for some reasons. It’s weird. Very weird.

Have you been facing any fear foods lately??
Have you ever stopped craving a food all of a sudden, even though you used to love it?

i haven’t always been healthy

A lot of times, when people see that I eat lots of veggies and work out, they ask, “Have you always been healthy?” My answer: Heck no! Just like everybody else, I used to go to McDonalds, eat french fries, drink soda, snack on candy, and do all those typical things. In fact, I used to be a big soda drinker. I lovedddd me some Dr. Pepper.

In 7th grade, I convinced my mom to go to Burger King after school for the ranch burger (hamburger with an onion ring and bbq sauce on top) and an icee. At the time, I was very active so I never saw the weight gain that I’m sure would have happened. Looking back now, I can’t believe I used to eat that. But hey! You live and you learn.

I was lucky enough to grow up liking vegetables. Whenever my mom made dinner, I had no problem filling my plate up with some greens. And when lunch time came around and there were carrots in my lunch, I ate them. My mom also made healthy meals. Sure, every once in awhile we had steak, and I would eat it. It wasn’t my favorite, but I still ate it. But besides that, we ate chicken, had whole wheat bread in the house, and always had fresh fruit and veggies. And when morning time came around, I ate bacon, not knowing any better.

Once 8th grade rolled around, I began to become more conscious of my weight. It was also at that time that my sister began some diets that didn’t work. So at the same time, I was becoming healthy, she was too (sort of, because most of those diets didn’t work.) Then again, I looked at healthy as being 100 calorie pack cookies and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.”

My healthiness carried with me until 10th grade. At this time, my sister lost 100 pounds on a weight loss plan that worked. I couldn’t be happier. I was beyond proud of her and I still am to this very day. But 10th grade was also the time when my basketball coach wanted us to write down what we ate. He also showed us pictures of fit women as an incentive for us to work harder. So I became a little obsessive in my quest to be the best. 

11th grade rolled around and my healthfulness became obsessive. A little too obsessive. This was the time the ED came up. Bulimia, anorexia, and orthorexia followed me. (And yes. I firmly believe that orthorexia is an ED. I’ll talk about that in another post.)  So ED came and I still was “healthy.” I put that in quotes because I was still eating healthy foods, just not enough.

Mid way through senior year and I started to realize what it meant to be truly healthy. And I have continued being healthy, never looking back. It’s not about a diet (I hate that word). It’s just about being healthy. I like the way it makes me feel and it tastes gosh darn delicious. I haven’t always been this way but I sure am glad I made the decision to change my life.

When did you become healthy?
Was there a moment when you realized it’s about healthy, not skinny? 

hey-oooo San Franciscoooo

So I am finally going to recap my day in San Francisco. Get stoked. I went to the city about a week ago just to get out of the dorm. And since I’m transferring next year, I figured I should take advantage of living close to San Francisco. But back to the day!

I left the dorm around 8am because there was a farmers market I wanted to get to. My first stop was the Ferry Building and the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

The Ferry Building is an old pier turned into a building with a bunch of different stores/kiosks. They have some awesome food and locally sourced stores. One of the stores also had an endless supply of Bob’s Red Mill products. 

Once I was done inside, I grabbed a coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee before going to the farmers market portion outside. Blue Bottle’s iced coffee was seen on Best Thing I Ever Ate so I had to stop and grab a cup. They brew their coffee overnight with it being a very slow process in order to get the best flavors. 

New Orleans style iced coffee it is.

It turned out being wayyy to strong for me. No matter how much sugar I put into it, I just couldn’t drink it. Oh well. At least I can say I’ve tried it.

The farmers market turned out being completely awesome! There were a ton of vendors and a large variety of fruits, veggies, and other local stuff.

After walking around for a bit, I saw that there was going to be a cooking demo going on. Of course, I couldn’t resist! The demo was done by Michael Hung of Bushi-Tei. The demo was really interesting and I actually learned a lot.  He made Celery Root and Yuba “Spring Rolls” with Toasted Almonds and Winter Citronette. And they were awesome! 

After the cooking demo, I headed to Union Square which is a big shopping area. At one of the malls, they had escalators that wrapped around. I’ve never seen anything besides straight escalators so I thought this was totally awesome. And yes, I’m easily amused. 

I stopped by Sephora because I had a giftcard and I love their blasted nail polish colors. So I got a blue blasted and a white blasted. Perfecto 🙂 

Once I saw a fight, I decided to get my butt out of Union Square. I made it back in time to the farmers market to grab a bite for lunch before the vendors went home. I got the avocado wrap from Alive. Inside, there was avocado, a sunflower seed pate, and sprouted lentils. 

It wasn’t great. I probably wouldn’t get it again. But I followed it up with an orange that made it all better. During the cooking demo, I learned that it was orange season. So when I saw a vendor that only sold oranges, I stopped and bought a few. And ohhhh boy. They were the best oranges I’d ever had. 

While eating, I enjoyed a view of the bay bridge.

After lunch, I stopped by to get some kombucha-like drink. Instead of mushrooms (which is what kombucha is made out of), they start with whey as the base. How do they do it? I have no idea. The drink wasn’t creamy at all. The lady even said it was like kombucha, just less acidy. 

And since my lunch didn’t include any carbs, I had to make a stop at my favorite bakery, Acme. I got the small sourdough round and it was just as delicious as I’d remembered. 

This was around the time that I started to get a headache so I headed back to the car. On the way home though, I stopped in Sausalito which is a really small tourist town along the water front. It was adorable and I will definitely be back to do some proper sight seeing when I don’t have a headache 🙂

And that was my day in San Francisco! It was a really fun day and I definitely plan on going back before the school year ends 🙂

Have you ever been to San Francisco before?

more pancakes, triathlons, and pregnant cats

1. I went down to San Diego today to cheer on the tri team in their race today. Since being sick, I decided to opt out of this race and give it all in the next race, which is Sunday (eeep!). It ended up actually being really fun to watch all the other racers. I liked to see everybody’s techniques and what not. I saw a couple of falls but they always got up with a smile on their face. Now, I am more than stoked for the Stanford Treeathlon on Sunday!

2. After the race, my mom and I went to Claire’s on Cedros to get the best pancakes. Like ever. (And yes…I’m still talking about pancakes). I got the multigrain clairecakes with bananas and pecans. Ohmygosh. I die. And you best believe I ate every.single.bite. Spectating makes you very hungry.

3. I am such a sucker for anything with owls on it. I went to Walmart today and got little bowls with owls on them and a snack box thing with an owl. Little kid plates + owls = a girl’s best friend.

4. I also got The Hunger Games while I was at Walmart. I know, I know. I am finallyyy going to read the books. I’m stoked to start them because my best friend started reading them and she has been loving it. And if my best friend says so, it’s true.

5. Spam comments are the best. I’m a cat lady even when I don’t try.

6. I love my dog. I really do. And I reallyyyy don’t want to leave him. I make the long drive back to school tomorrow. But have no fear! I will be back home on March 4 for a wedding 🙂

7. Want to hear a joke about pizza? Nahh it’s too cheesy. 

oat bran pancakes for one

Remember the other day when I was seriously craving pancakes? Well it’s a bit hard to make pancakes in a dorm. So it was the perfect weekend to come home and whip up a batch.

Oat Bran Pancakes for One
-1/3c oat bran
-1 egg
-2 egg whites
-1tbsp ground flax seeds
-1/2tbsp vanilla extract
-2tsp honey
-1/4tsp baking powder
-1/2tbsp cinnamon

1. Mix all the ingredients together.
2. Heat a griddle and spray some oil so the pancakes don’t stick.
3.  Pour the batter onto the grill and make them however big you want them to be.
4. When you see bubbles start to form on the top, flip.
5. Put onto a plate and enjoy!

These are hearty and healthy and oh so delicious. Top them with whatever you prefer but I like to stick to good ‘ol maple syrup. 

And since there are so many delicious looking pancake recipes out there, I figured I would do a recipe round up of all the mouth watering deliciousness. Enjoy…and drool 🙂

Cornmeal Pancakes from Life, In Recipes 

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes from Running to the Kitchen 

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Pancakes from Eat, Live, Run

Red Velvet Pancakes with Walnut Whipped Cream from The Pursuit of Hippieness 

What’s your favorite kind of pancake?