Popchips giveaway winner + a must watch video

It’s almost the weekend! Weee! Before I get to the totally awesome video, the winner of the Popchips giveaway is…

Jessica from BusyLivingHealthy! Congrats! Shoot me an email at adidasqueen1000@yahoo.com and you will have a month’s worth of Popchips heading your way 😀

Now you guys need to really check out this video. It was made by The Journey TV and it is very inspiring.

If size 6 is considered plus size, then I am plus size and proud of it. 

What are your thoughts on the video?


13 thoughts on “Popchips giveaway winner + a must watch video

  1. great video, and I am a size 8, so I guess I am definitely a plus size!! Owell, Id take my size 8 booty over any size 2’s booty (and Im pretty sure so would my hubby!!) 😉

  2. LOVE this video Haley thanks so much for sharing!! The bodies on these girls in the video are amazing and look SO much better than the models in fashion magazines. I’ll take a crossfit body over a model any day.

    Where do these “sizing” people come up with this crap?? Do they not realize that more than half of american women are larger than a size 6?? I mean who do fashion people make these outfits for??? Disgusting.

  3. What a crazy video. That is insane that they consider a size 6 plus sized because that isn’t even true in one bit. I’m a size 8-10, so wow I must be super plus sized. Haha well I own it, so I don’t care what the fashion industry says. I look better than a model who looks like a concentration camp survivor.

  4. I love that video!! It’s so inspiring to see that there are women out there who are not concerned with being a certain size and certain weight because that’s what deemed ‘normal’. screw that! Like you said, I guess i’m plus sized and I’m proud of it. Screw that. I’d rather be fit, have some meat on me than be a bone skinny size 6.

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