gotta love summer jobs (not)

Job searching sucks. It really does. There’s no other way to really describe it. In high school, I decided to get a job when the basketball season was over. I applied to a ton of places with no luck. Then I randomly walked into a restaurant. Next thing I know, I was talking to the manager and she told me I was the new hostess. Score!

I loved this job. I worked 3-4 nights a week between 4-5 hours. The people were nice, I got the tips from to-go orders, and it was an awesome schedule. I had been working there for about 4 months when I got the news: the restaurant was closing. Noooooo!

I was so bummed when I heard. It was the best job and I didn’t want to leave. Then the time came where they locked the doors up everyone went their own separate ways. I was sad that I didn’t have the job anymore but I really felt bad for all those waiters, cooks, bartenders, and busboys who depended on that paycheck to support their family.

After a couple of weeks without a job, I decided to get out there again and start searching. I had my eye on a pet hotel for awhile. (I know what you’re thinking. A pet hotel? WTF? A lot of people have that reaction.) The hotel opened up a few years ago and we got to take a tour of it. Ever since then, I thought it would be so cool to work there. So that’s exactly where I applied.

I wish it was like this...

Here’s a little info about the pet hotel: It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s a hotel for cats and dogs. They have their own kennel (it’s big) and bed. Some of the rooms even have tv’s in them. I wish I was joking. They could also have playtime where they played with all the other dogs. In addition to that, they also got two walks a day where they basically just walked around the back of the hotel.

So I applied for the job and I got an interview. I really didn’t think I was going to get the job because the boss was a jerk. Then I got a call a week later asking if I still wanted the job. I was so stoked!

There was a dress code for the job: non slip shoes, cacky pants, a black belt, and the collared company shirt. It was such a hot outfit. All the boys were after me. Not. Anywho, I started training and I knew it was going to be long days. The shifts were about 8 hours each. 8 hours of purely being on your feet.

During those 8 hours, I did a bunch of different things. I checked dogs into the hotel, played with them during playtime, fed them, took them for walks, and cleaned their kennels. Dogs were constantly barking so I always went home with a headache. It smelled horrible. And I swear the manager sat in his office and looked at the security camera, waiting for the moment to yell at us through the walkie talkie.

Whenever we played with the dogs, there was a glass wall so the people in the store could watch us playing with the dogs and see how happy they were so they would then bring their pets there. I had to act all happy even though I was sometimes in there for 2 hours. During those 2 hours, I was hearing dogs bark, hearing my manager through the walkie talkie, picking up dog poo, breaking up dog fights, and trying to act happy even though I was hating it.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved those dogs. They were adorable and loved every minute of playing with the other dogs. But I just hated the manager. No matter what anybody did, they did it wrong. Not only was I working at the pet hotel, but I was also training for basketball. So after 8 hours of being on my feet and picking up dog poo, I had to come home and train. I was beyond exhausted everyday.

After about a month of working at the pet hotel, I quite. I didn’t really need the job. It was just a way to get more money. I was miserable and decided that it wasn’t worth it. It was definitely an interesting job though. I learned a lot about dogs and the different breeds. I met a GIANT great dane named Uli. He came everyday (there was also doggie day camp.) He was the gentle giant. Every time a fight between dogs would break out, he would be the first one to break it up by barking non stop.

After quitting the job, I had a lot more time to focus on training (and we all know how well that ended up 😉 ) I was also a lot less miserable so it was an awesome decision.

So with that being said, I’m on the job hunt again. Not necessarily at this moment, but I have my eye out for jobs around campus. I didn’t look for any first semester but now that I am more comfortable around campus, I want to make some money! 

What was your first job?
Any funny job stories? 

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18 thoughts on “gotta love summer jobs (not)

  1. I’ve never had a job but I really want to get one at a restaurant this summer! Just to get a feel of the atmosphere, ya know? That’s a really interesting job story. I’m glad you quit though and did what was best for you! Good luck with the job search 🙂

  2. My hubs worked in a pet store a long time ago and he lasted a month. He hated it. I don’t even like cleaning up my bunny’s poo, so I’m sure I couldn’t handle it. And the barking? I would die.
    My first job was at a movie theatre. I was 15 and my dad parked across the street and was all “see that hiring sign? Go get a job.” So I walked in there while my dad waited in the car and 15 min later I came out with my first job. Ended up working there a couple summers in a row.

  3. Wow, sorry about the perfect job going away. I still haven’t gotten a job. I need one but I apply for places and don’t get the job. Most of the time I don’t even hear back. It’s lame.

  4. My first job was a pooper scooper/ dog walker at a vet. It was fun…for awhile…it got kinda old waking up every single day at 5:30 to go feed and walk boarded dogs in the cold. The vet didn’t give a day off to kennel people and my co worker never did his part, so i was like SEE YAAAAAA!!! 😉

  5. Bahahah for some reason the “curse you villain” one made me laugh out loud. Nothing like a funny cat. My first job was as a camp counselor..gotta say I loved it!!!

  6. My first job was at a grocery store. It was one of those small family owned places- 6 aisles, 3 registers, and endless American flags (I started working in 2002 and the owners were Indian, so they had to have the flags to “prove” they were American after 9-11 and keep business). Like you, I was on my feet the whole time and pretty much had to do everything for minimum wage. It was great for 16, and I remember making over $100 on a paycheck and being thrilled.

    Now… I basically make that in a day, lol, but it’s just pocket money. Crazy how things change. But I definitely learned a lot there and it made me really value my education and do well in school, especially since some adults had careers there, on the cash register or stocking.

  7. Do you know I think you’re my favorite blog? Seriously. Marry me woman. I’m on a job hunt…I here back from them tomorrow….ohmygawsh I’m so nervous. I’m going to take my phone to the toilet with me if I need to just so I don’t miss a call. I MUST GET THIS JOB. I KNOW I WONT. BUT STILL. My funny job stories; nobody wants me. LOL. Hilarious. I laugh so hard about it I cry (really, it’s just the crying bit.) I took my dog to one of those hotels once, I confess. It looked so cute. And the thought of my dog watching television made me feel less guilty going on holiday. Good luck on the job search! =)

  8. Haha sorry to hear the pet hotel was not as glamorous as it could or should have been! My first job was at Starbucks, where I routinely spilled hot coffee and frapuccinos on myself. Like everyday. Note to self: klutzes should not go into food service! 🙂

  9. I had my first job when I was 16 =) I worked for a month during summer in the same company than my day. It was a really relaxing job, I basically wasn’t doing anything ahahaha. Just checking some files ^^

  10. yeeesh the job market is pretty sucky right now!! The dog hotel job sounds like one of my first jobs, I worked as an animal caretaker at a kennel….the animals were adorable, but yeah, it was messy and loud and my boss was really strict. I’ve been trying to get a job ever since moving home, and no one’s hiring!!! I want to try and get a big-girl job or internship for this summer too. we’ll see how that goes lol. GOOD LUCK!!

  11. That would be so fun to work around dogs! But that sucks that your manager ruined the experience for you. 😦 I had an experience like that this summer – my boss at the farm made me cry in front of him!!! But then he was nice to me after that. 😛

    My first job was working as a cashier at a grocery store. My most memorable story: There was a lady who came in every week and bought 20 glass bottles of Icelandic water at a time… for her CATS! LOL!

  12. I have given private lessons for younger students in English and French for a pretty long time and also worked as a cashier at a grocery store once. I actually enjoyed giving private lessons,but the cashier thing was sort of annoying… But the worst job I’ve ever had was stock-taking helper… Aaaaah,it was so terrible,I’d never ever do it again!

  13. the worst job ever was distributing flyers around my city; my sister and i did it for a few summers but then just quit. Other than that, I’ve had the best job ever since I was 16: I babysit at night for a german family, and in the last year or so I’ve started helping them with homework and such. I don’t have fixed hours or days, they call me when they need me which can be everything in between 0 to everynight in a week, and I basically do nothing! After the kids go to bed I have hours on hand to do whatever I deside. Of course sometimes it isn’t easy to stay up until 3.30 am, but I make good bucks and the family is lovely 😉

  14. thats so interesting that you worked at a doggie hotel! My first job was working as a hostess also! And I stayed at the restaurant for 2 summers, and eventually got to be a server. I then got another job as a server at a local restaurant by my college. It was definitely an interesting crowd to be around..the managers were kind of jerks, and everyone I worked with at that restaurant I just didn’t feel I could relate to in any long story short after about 3 months of working there I quit..I kind of wish I had another job right now but I’m just going to wait until summer to start working as a waitress again

  15. As much as i love cute little dogs, I would never want to do that haha..kudos to you for sticking to this job for a while. Not gonna lie, job hunting sucks (especially after you graduate from college) but the key is to never give up and network, network, and network. You never know who you will meet that can potentially help you land an awesome job 🙂

  16. I’ve never had a job other than babysitting. I don’t think I would ever want to work at a pet hotel! As much as I love dogs and cats and what not, I do not love doing any of the dirty work!

  17. I can relate to this post in a few ways. First of very first job I had a jerk boss..she was AWFUL and I swore she was out to get my because I was 18 and had my life ahead of my while she was stuck working at a daycare center. second job after that was at the most amazing smoothie bosses..amazing hours..AMAZING tips..then it closed. Saddest.Day.Ever! I still miss that job to this day. I now work at TJ’s (which I love) but still wish I could work at that smoothie shop! Keep looking, when you least expect it you will find a job you love!

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