Pinterest to the rescue

I’m not really sure what to post about today. And whenever I’m not sure what to post about, I look towards Pinterest. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a beautiful day everyone โค (and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!)


23 thoughts on “Pinterest to the rescue

  1. OMG – I am one of “those” people…what the hell is Pinterest? Is this where everyone is getting cool pictures from these days? I have no idea what this is and going to the website hasn’t cleared it up for me much! xo.

    • hahaha whenever i tell people about pinterest, they have the exact same reaction. it’s kind of like a tumblr. there are a bunch of pictures that you can ‘pin.’ and there are a bunch of different categories like humor, diy, food, fitness, fashion, crafts, and a whole bunch more

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  3. wooo pinterest ftw! I love the thunder-thighs pic especially – I always joke that I have thunder-thighs, but totally in a good way! I love my runner-thighs haha. I love that owl cupcake too, it makes me want to bake!!

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