sales, rain, and a rant

1. Last night, we watched House of Wax. Don’t watch it. It’s disturbing and gross. After, we watched something happy to lighten the mood: Megamind. Do watch this one. It’s hilarious. I could not stop laughing 99% of the time. Who said animated movies were only for kids? Not me, that’s for sure.

2. I am such a sucker for sale items. I went to the market today for eggs and carrots. That’s all I needed. So I got those two things…

Then I started to see those yellow tabs that hang down from the sale items. It just attracts me like a magnet or something! 

I got my favorite salad dressing: Annie’s Lite Gingerfly. It was $2 cheaper than normal. Considering I use it everyday, it was an investment I had to make. Then the Field Roast was also on sale for $3 cheaper. There’s butternut squash and apple stuffed inside. It will be like a Thanksgiving feast in my mouth. Then the tofu was $2 cheaper. I love tofu and this one is marinated so it’s perfect for in the dorm. But gahhh! Why oh why must sale items be so awesome??

3. Have you ever heard of the show The Walking Dead? My mom told me about it and at first, I was a bit skeptical. It’s about a group of people trying to survive zombies and figure out how the world came to where it is (full of zombies). I knowwww it sounds stupid. I mean, really, zombies? That was my same exact thought but then I watched it and it is awesomeeee. It’s way more than just about zombies. There are awesome relationships between the people. It reminds me a little of Lost. Just a little. Then again, I try to relate everything to Lost.

4. Heidi Klum and Seal are getting a divorce. What the flip?! I didn’t see that one coming. 

5. It’s been raining nonstop here and I have been LOVING it. In Orange County, it is nothing but sunny. Don’t get me wrong. I love the sun and all that Vitamin D goodness but when it comes down to it, it’s just too boring for me. I love bundling up in layers. I love going to bed at night and hearing the raindrops. It’s awesome. I’m one of the few that actually like it but that’s just me. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and fingers crossed they’re right!

6. I was going to do a post ranting about my roommate but I didn’t want to get all Negative Nancy on you guys. I did tweet a rant last night though…

Every. Single. Day. Not once. Not twice. She does it like 10 times a day. WTF?! And she NEVER says excuse me. Yeah and she wants to be roommates next year…no thanks.

7. I get my stitches out of my wrist tomorrow. Weeee! It’s been feeling really good so I am going to start lifting weights again. Tomorrow is legs so I don’t need to worry about my wrist quite yet. We’ll see how it goes but I am stoked because I have been going coo-coo on the elliptical and bikes. Coo-coo I tell you!

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Are you a sucker for sale items?
What’s your favorite kind of weather?
What’s your biggest pet peeve?  


24 thoughts on “sales, rain, and a rant

  1. My husband watches the Walking Dead and really likes it, but I’ve never seen it. I’m more into shows with a light mood… LOL.

    I love sale items and I always check the sale sections in stores, you never know what you might find. Especially with healthy stuff because I guess people buy less of it or something? And I love sunny weather, sunny and in the 60s… perfect for running!

  2. DUDE I’m the same way in stores, especially when I see sales at Target! The dollar aisle at that store has claimed a lot of my moolah haha
    And I’m SO SAD about seal and heidi klum, they’re so cute together 😦 I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with Hollywood though.
    Hope you enjoy the last bit of your weekend!

  3. I will always be in search of a show as great as Lost. Best show of life. And I am totally a sucker for deals too! I always buy way more than I originally planned on.

  4. I LOVEEE walking dead, seriously an awesome show 🙂 as for the roommate situation, i feel for ya. i’ve got problems in that department also, oy vay!

  5. I ate tofu for the first time today! I made a peanut-tofu stirfry! It was really good…next time I’m trying the stirfry with chicken though hahaha. I also have a recipe for baked tofu-fingers. Like chicken fingers, but tofu instead…I’m liking this experiementing and trying new foods thing 🙂 I can’t enter your contest, I’m not on twitter hahaha

  6. Um, the roommate thing, crazy. I had a friend that did that all the time. I don’t see her anymore. Haha, she went away to college a few years ago and we grew apart naturally. I miss her, but not that part of her.
    Lost was the best show ever. My life is incomplete without it.

  7. Ugh I hate people burping! This one girl in my hall does it really loudly every single day and I can hear it in my room with the door closed! Soooo gross!

    I love sale items too, but usually I only find them at clothing stores, which is a definite win for my wallet and closet.

  8. I hope your roomate doesn’t read your blog :p

    I like spring and fall because it’s sunny, but not too hot =). I like the rain too, but i need some sun (I’m really moody and the sun makes me happy)

  9. Aw,I hate that it’s raining all day long here lately! 😦 Walking my dog is no fun anymore this way,I am a true sunchild and can’t wait for spring and summer already!
    But I am also a big sucker for sale items…Oh,they’re so dangerous! 😛

  10. I totally feel you on the sale items! And I don’t know if it’s my grocery store, but those Annies salad dressings have been on sale for like, weeks, and every time I go I grab a couple, because normally they’re so expensive. So now I’ve got enough salad dressing to last me through the next couple of years, lol.

  11. I love sale items like I love picking scabs..they pull me in. I can’t stand screaming kids or parents that cannot control them. Also, people that think they are cool with their loud bass and blaring music with windows down make me gag.

  12. I love sale items so much. I seriously buy EVERYTHING on sale. It’s like a problem, because sometimes I’ll refuse to buy things until they go on sale. Looool. My roommate for the first two years of my college experience was the worst.. She chewed with her mouth open.. Loudly. SO GROSS.

  13. So…you’re ok with zombies eating people, but not ok with House of Wax? LOL I loved House of Wax, but then again, I love all horror movies especially if they star Jared Padalecki. Now if the Supernatural team could only get him to cut his current hair and shave his stupid side burns, I would be happy again.
    Not sure if you’ve read any of the graphic novels of Walking Dead, but they are great and I am NOT one for graphic novels. (That’s what the show is based on.)

  14. Heidi Klum and Seal getting divorced??/ NOOOOO they were like the most adorbs couple EVER! gah. celebrity love. I swear it does not exist lol. Anywho, sales at the store are such a WIN! even if you didn’t intend to buy it that time…its all stuff you use right? 😀 And oh man your roommates! the burping, the friend drama…they sound like such characters hahaha. hopefully you’ve got better options for next year’s living sitch! 😀

  15. I have that exact problem in stores as well! I think it may be a girl thing! ha If it is something I’ve wanted to try, or something I usually get and it’s on sale, I’m a goner. It goes straight in the cart. I try to get the items I need and leave, but I am an aimlessly walker through grocery stores and usually get distracted. ha
    Oh and yes Megamind, such a funny movie! I love a good animation movie that hits all age levels!

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