my day as told by “that awkward moment when…”

  1. You think your class starts in an hour but really, it starts..right now. I thought my Econ class started at 1. So I was just hanging out at the dorm. I was watching some Lifetime, eating some food. And then I decided that I might as well check to make sure when my class started. It started at 12. I looked at the clock and it was 11:57. Challenge accepted. I fast walked like no other and made it a minute late.
  2. There are no seats left in class except that one right in the middle. Since I arrived late to class, I had to squeeze past everybody to get the one open seat. I stepped on a few feet and slowly sank down into the chair to make sure nobody could see me.
  3. You can’t decide between the red and the green notebook. This is a tough one. I did this today because, really, the color will determine how well you do in the class. I ended up deciding on the red. But boy oh boy. It wasn’t easy.
  4. You stay up to watch the new episode of “New Girl,” only to realize that you have no idea what channel Fox is on. I stayed up until 9 even though I was so ready to pass out at 8. Well, that plan was a bust. I had no idea what channel Fox was. I turned the TV off and knocked out as soon as my head hit the pillow.
  5. You wake up really early to go to the gym, only to find it super busy. I woke up at 6 this morning to get to the gym early. I didn’t have class until 10, so I could have easily slept in. But nope. I wanted to get up early and get my sweat on. I was hoping to go onto the elliptical but every stinkin’ one of them was taken! Plan B: Ride the bike. Psych. All those were taken too. I opted on working out in the spin room instead. I think I’m at the wrong school or something because last semester, I was basically alone every morning at the gym.
  6. There is nothing else to do so you watch episodes of “Teen Mom 2” and “Dance Moms” while eating tons of soy nut trail mix. First off, I cannot get enough of that trail mix. I just bought it on Monday and it’s almost gone. But that’s not the point. Jennelle, from “Teen Mom 2” is crazy. And “Dance Moms….” Boy oh boy. The daughters are actually really talented. The moms on the other hand are wacko.
  7. The string on your pajama pants break and they’re a size XL. I’m not a size XL but baggy pajama pants are the best. Plus, these ones were on sale. So I bought the bigger size, like last week, and was wearing them today. Just as I was going to tie them, snap! The cheap string broke. Now when I wear them, they fall straight to the floor. That’s not very helpful.

How was your day? Any awkward moments? 


21 thoughts on “my day as told by “that awkward moment when…”

  1. I yelled “HEY DENNIS!” across the weightroom…and it wasn’t Dennis…he gave me a weird look, then kept cleaning the machines =P But I did make a new friend named “Will”

  2. I’d give that busy gym a week or two more. I’ve worked at the gym on my campus for 4 years now (yeah, I’m on a victory lap!) and I always see the new years resolution surge, a little push til spring break bikinis, and a serious decline with midterms and exams and good weather! it can only improve from here…

  3. The gym at my school last semester was practically empty all the time which I liked, but my roommate and I went last night, and it seemed like EVERYONE was there! It was crowded on the track we like to run on which can be frustrating. I’m like “why are you all here NOW?” haha

  4. LOL! At least you made it through the day. Your poor pants. I can’t believe you made it to class in time; I would’ve been freaking out! That’s funny about the notebook thing, I will remember it when I finally remember to go to Target and buy a notebook, somehow I’ve made it 2 weeks w/o one! Awkward moment of the day- the librarian asked me a question and to make up for answering her first question super quietly, I accidentally went ‘MHM’ wayy too loudly. So then I had to pretend I was clearing my throat lol.

  5. Oh YES! I had a conversation with my boyfriend and this other guy and the other guy basically ONLY TALKED TO ME. Like he basically ignored my boyfriend and pretended he wasn’t there. Really, really awkward. 😛

  6. LOL oh man I love days like that!! I am also very picky about the color notebooks I use for classes. I have bright green for anatomy and pink for psychology this year – I don’t like using dark colors because hard classes are sad enough as is. And urrgh crowds at the gym….gotta love those new years resolutioners right? I won’t lie, they irk me (i’ve been going to the gym every day all year for YEARS seriously!), so I have to remind myself that hey, at least they’re making an effort to change and get healthy right?

  7. Haha this is a hilarious post! Don’t worry about the gym, I am sure it will simmer down as it gets more into the semester! Although it will probably pick up again around spring break…ugh!
    Oh and when I arrive to class late like that, I sit on the floor in the aisle or near the exit lol…. I hate crawling over people and have this terrible fear I am going to fall when I try to do so!

  8. HAHA!! This sounds like my life every single day! Especially the sweat pants one. I have a ton of huge sweat pants and the strings on them wont untie or what not so they ALWAYS fall off. So I have to wear spandex shorts under them so I don’t moon anyone 😉

    have a great day!

  9. Apparently Jenelle lives in my area (well, not really, but she lives just over the border in coastal NC), close enough to where the local news picks up the story every time she is arrested. And she’s arrested a lot! It’s so annoying to hear about it, I think they need to stop covering it because the girl probably just wants to make the news.

    Surely your gym will clear out in the mornings as the semester really gears up and also when people abandon their new year’s resolutions of working out. Oh and when the weather warms up people go outside and walk or play sports, that’s another reason the gyms get less crowded.

    Sorry about your pajamas 😦

  10. Those darn NYR people. They’re ruining it for the people that actually care about their health! No awkward moments, snow week (cause where I live snow is almost as bad as an alien invasion) so I get to sit at home all day on wordpress and pinterest.
    That sucks about your pajamas. Now you have to wear a belt with it! Darn cheap stuff.

  11. You walk in on your professor folding his boxers..? AWKWARD. It happened to me yesterday when I was asking my professor/boss a question about my project. His door was open! I totally understand about the gym thing too. There were SO MANY people there today when it’s usually empty.. Wtf kids?!

  12. Sounds like you had quite the day! haha
    I hate when you get to class late, it feels as if the whole room as staring at your awkwardly waiting for you to choose a seat! ha
    And I completely agree, that girl off Teen Mom and her mom as well are both a little nutty. It’s like a train wreck that show, you don’t want to watch, but somehow I can’t seem to want to change it either… haha

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