how to spend all your money on school books (which you will probably never read)

As I said yesterday, I’m back at school. Of course, there are no classes though. (Thank you Martin Luther King Jr.) I spent today stocking up on groceries and all that fun jazz. *Jazz hands!*

Before I left home though, I picked up some non-refridgerated stuff at Costco and Trader Joes.

First up, Costco:

-Fruit and Nut Mix (raw almonds, raw walnuts, raw pistachios, dried cranberries, and dried cherries)
-Prunes (just one of my many old lady characteristics)

-Calcium Citrate
-Toothpaste x2

Trader Joes:


-Joes O’s cereal
-High Fiber cereal
-Plain rice cakesΒ 

-Roasted Almond Butter with flax seeds
-Peanut Butter x2
-Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter (not from Trader Joes but I found this in my cabinet and jumped for joy when I found it. Weeee!)
-Sunflower Seed Butter

-Ground flax seeds
-Pumpkin Butter
-BBQ sauce

And then some other random goodies:

-Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bars
-Coconut Chocolate Clif Bar
-Peppermint Stick Clif Bars
-Chocolate Mint Luna Protein Bar
(obviously I like the chocolate and mint combination πŸ˜‰ )

-An awesome cat mug that my friend gave me

-Back rest for chairs…and it was only $1! I used it on the car ride up and it was SO comfortable. Definitely the best $1 I’ve ever spent.

I also baked a double batch of protein zucchini walnut brownies. These were perfect for on the road!Β 

Then there was some tofu in the refrigerator that I knew nobody else would eat. (My family’s crazy and doesn’t like tofu….Crazy people.) I broiled it. Perfection.

That brings me to today. I went shopping to get the goods that I didn’t get at home.


-Fage Greek Yogurt 0%
-Organic Pre-cooked Chicken strips
-Soy Mix (soy nuts, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, honey roasted soynuts, and dark chocolate covered soynuts)
-Mini Luna Bars (Nutz Over Chocolate and White Chocolate Macadamia)

Target:Β -Annie’s Lite Gingerfly dressing
-Spinach and Artichoke Hummus
-Chobani x11 (they were on sale for $1 each. Holla!)

I got the three new Chobani flavors! Wooh! Can’t wait to try them πŸ™‚ Speaking of Chobani, today is the last day to enter my Chobani giveaway.

And then…the bookstore. (A.K.A. The store that likes to drain my entire bank account):Β -$313 worth of books. Wahhhh!

But anywho, now I am all stocked up on food and overpriced books. Thank you college, thank you. My first class is tomorrow at 7:15 in the morning. It’s anatomy. Considering I almost passed out when I saw the stitches in my wrist, it should be an interesting semester.

Have you started classes yet?
How much did your books cost?Β 


33 thoughts on “how to spend all your money on school books (which you will probably never read)

  1. I started classes again last Monday – and my books have so far set me back $80 for two courses, which is before the $175 and $120 books I still need to buy – ick!

  2. Mini Lunas at costco?!?! I somehow missed those last trip, must get them next time around fo sho! Love the kitty mug your friend gave you too heehee πŸ™‚
    You got some awesome stuff! Gross about the book prices, mine were close to that too *hurl*
    My first class is at 7:30 in the morning tomorrow too! (microbiology lab…yikes haha) We can suffer together!

  3. WOW lots of goodies in this post!!! I am loving all the nut butters and bars! And those yogurts were such a steal! Chobani never goes on sale around me!!! Lucky girl!

  4. You got so many goods today at the stores!! I wish I had dough to spend on a ton of food like that πŸ˜› $313!?!?! Thats insane- especially since we all know they’ll barely get used AND you probably won’t be able to sell them back… :\ Ugh. Thank you college.
    I hope your anatomy class goes alright! I’m the same way- I had to get my blood drawn and I almost passed out. &Whenever someone talks about blood, I get the worst chills and a headache. I’m weird, I know πŸ˜›
    Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Oh man- that’s why I usually try to rent books or check them out at the library though that can be a hassle…what school do ya go to? I just started my first week at CalState LA (like my 4thyear of school though since I’ve hopped around a bit.). Have a great first day tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  6. I’m taking organic chem and bio all year, so I spent the most money on books at the beginning of fall term. I also had to shell out $300 for a yearly bus pass (I get a discount through the hospital I volunteer at… otherwise they’re $90 per month!) I was hurting then with all the school money.. but this term I only spent about $60.

    And I avoid the bookshop at all costs, unless it is something I forgot to buy and need last minute.. like a lab notebook. SO overpriced.

  7. WOWZA great hall. 7:15 AM class?! Jeez. I thought 8:30 was early. But, you’re so lucky you get MLK day off! We don’t. On the note of books, I’ve started only buying one or two books a semester.. Because I know I’ll never read all four-five anyways. It’s a bad habit, but it saved me 150 bucks last semester. πŸ™‚

  8. At least all your books look interesting!! You definitely have your food down too. I want the passion fruit chobzzzzz – it’s the only one I have tried!! I’m absolutely in love with the peppermint clif bars. I wish I had ordered a whole box. I have like 4 saved. I’ll probably still have them next december because I will hold on to them as long as I can!!

  9. I’m so jealous of all your food and the stores that you guys have! We don’t have Costco or Trader Joe’s here, all we have is Sam’s Club and they sell junky food, ickiness… bleh.

    Hope you enjoy the new Chobani flavors… I haven’t seen them here but hopefully they arrive in our stores soon. Sorry your books were so pricey, I always did for mine, but now you can “rent” them, we didn’t even have that 5 years ago, you just had to buy.

  10. Cool Mint Clif Bars ftw. They are SO. GOOD. Definitely my favorite flavor for straight up Clif Bars (but Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars are the best thing Clif Bar makes…period). I really wanted to try to peppermint ones, but I never saw any during the season 😦 Boo hiss.

    I started classes last Tuesday. I’m only taking 13 credits (3 real classes plus one workout class) so i didn’t have *too* many books, and the ones I do have I all bought online. Plus! Two of my three real classes are using the same book! Holla! Granted, the books is 3000 pages long…but whatever. I’ll take that monster for killing two birds with one stone.

  11. Pumpkin Butter? That sounds amazing! I’ve never heard of it, though… what do you use it for/put it on/eat it with?

    Also, that’s CRAZY money for textbooks. I think I spent about $200 this semester. Maybe a little more. Ugh. Textbooks are the worst money-suck ever. I still have a huge pile in the corner of my room from past semesters that I haven’t gotten around to selling yet…

  12. So much nut butter !! I’m not the only one addicted to it :p

    Nutz over Chocolate is my favorite flavor (Luna bar).

    I remember when I was in college some of my books were more than 100$ EACH ! It was insane !
    So I just didn’t buy any books the next semester :p
    No class for me (I wish !!) because I graduated and I’m looking for a job now. I miss student life :/

  13. looooove the food stash!! thank you for the reminder to go to TJ’s and get that flaxy almond butter too, I had it a couple months ago and its been my favorite ever since. LOVE the new chobani flavas too! Ugh, I feel ya on the textbooks. I was a biology major, and consequently never got away with spending less than $500 on my books. Multiply that by 8 semesters….yeah. I was poor in college hahaha. To be honest though, I’ve kept most of them and they’re REALLY saving my butt when it comes to taking subject-specific GRE’s and I actually reference them a ton in my new classes now! (so, my advice, keep those books, they will probs come in handy again if you go to grad school) And yay you’re taking human anatomy!! so am I this semester, let’s be study buddies!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I’m sorry yours is at 7am though….classes that early shouldn’t be allowed! grrr!

  14. ah, I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent on books these last three years! But at least I used most of them to the bone, so they were worth it. As for starting school, in Italy the whole university school year is kinda different, so I’m still in my first semester and am now in full study mode. Second semester starts in March!

  15. Ugh my books were ridiculously expensive this semester too – over $500 for sure! Are you taking a degree in Kin? Somehow I didn’t know this. That’s so cool! πŸ˜€

    This post is full of sooo many great grocery buys! I’m jealous of those new Chobani flavours – we don’t have them in Canada yet.

  16. Love all your grocery buys! I need to go to Costco (I have yet to ever go) because I want some of this mini luna bars!!

    Textbooks..what a fricken annoyance because every year, they come up with new editions (Aka they change like ONE sentence in the whole fricken book and call it “new edition”) so I would never get money back or get like 5 bucks back. UGH. lol

  17. haha love the jazz hands kitty!
    I just had that dreaded back from break stocking up on groceries trip, on top of books, left me a poor poor girl! Oh the college life! ha
    Loved the stock up on Chobani though, I just went to Target and saw they were $1, I too grabbed one of about every flavor and a couple in my favorite flavors. ha I about swept them clean!
    Good luck with Anatomy! I just had that last semester, it was a killer! But super interesting as well!!!

  18. Haley, what are you taking Calcium Citrate and Glucosamine for? (I legitimately want to know; I don’t know what they are for?
    Also, I’ve been running for about a month and I am still really sore-is that normal? Someone told me to take l-carnitine for it, can you verify?

    • Calcium Citrate is like any other calcium supplement. The only difference is that Citrate is used instead of Sulfate (which is found in most Calcium supplements). Citrate makes the calcium easier to digest. And since I don’t drink as much dairy as I should, I like to take a Calcium supplement to make sure I am getting the proper amount.

      As for Glucosamine, it really helps with knees. Awhile ago, I began to have knee trouble (from the combination of playing basketball and running). Ever since taking Glucosamine, I have had little to no trouble with my knees. So if you ever have knee trouble, I definitely recommend taking Glucosamine.

      As for L-Carnitine, I wouldn’t recommend it for what you’re looking for. It’s mainly used for weight loss.

      To help not be so sore, try stretching really well before/after running. Either do normal stretches or get a tennis ball and roll it on your muscles where it’s sore. You could get a stick or foam roller too but those are usually expensive. The tennis ball is super easy because you can do it while watching TV or something and you can do it anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

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