i feel good nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

Thank you all so much for your well wishes yesterday. It really means a lot. I am still feeling great! I refuse to take vicodin so I have been going off of motrin, tylenol, and ibprophen. It’s been working great.

The part that I was not looking forward to the day of the surgery was not being able to eat all day. Having the surgery at 1:45pm meant no food after midnight. You better believe I was eating up until the very last minute. I also drank some coffee because I wanted to stay up as late as possible so that I could sleep in as late as possible. Well, no surprise, coffee did nothing for me once again. I was feeling the need to crash 30 minutes later. I ended up falling asleep at 1:30am and set my alarm for 11:30am, hoping that I would be able to sleep in. Well it worked! I was awoken at 11:30 to the sound of my alarm.

We left at 12:00pm and headed to the outpatient surgery center. I never felt hungry, just super super thirsty. But sadly, liquids were off limits too. I checked in at 12:30pm and was in a hospital gown at 1pm.

After waiting around, being asked a million questions and told tons of information, it was time to go into surgery at 1:45pm. I wasn’t too nervous. The worst was over with in my mind: the IV. Blahh. I hate needles. But luckily, the nurse was amazing and I didn’t even know he was doing it.

45 minutes later and I was awake in the recovery room. I remember telling the nurse how easy that was. Then I looked over at the other nurse and thanked her for helping me. Because, you know, you’re never too out of it to be polite.

I feel like I look better after than before. Ehhh it was probably the hairnet. They’re so hawt.

After a little, I got some water. Sweet heavens that stuff was amazing.

I was feeling amazing. I got dressed by myself, walked around, and was having full on conversations. Then I got into a wheelchair (mandatory) and was wheeled down to the car.

My hunger was roaring. It was 4pm and I hadn’t eaten all day. I told my mom, “Get me some fro yo. Stat.” Just kidding. I said please, of course.

Mmmm. One quart of pure gold. In there, I had s’mores, graham cracker, and cake batter. And you better believe that by the end of the night, that thing was gone.

I was starving for the rest of the day so I switched off between the couch and the kitchen. I watched lots of TV and spent lots of time on Pinterest. And I watched Jersey Shore of course 😉 (By the way, poor Vinny!)

For the next few days, I need to wear this and keep my arm elevated at all times.

Then after a few days, I can change this out for a less bulky splint. And thennn in 10 days I can get the stitches removed. But no heavy lifting until then. Booo.

And I almost forgot! I painted my nails the night before because I had some time to spare. Different colors because I am 5 years old.

I felt really good today so I went to the taping of The Doctors! But I’ll talk about that more in another post.

Don’t forget to enter my Chobani giveaway!

Have you ever had surgery before? I have had it twice before this. Once to reset my arm after breaking it and once to remove a tumor from my left leg.


23 thoughts on “i feel good nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

  1. I’m so with ya about Vinny, I’m so sad for him 😦
    So glad your surgery went well!! Just can’t beat golden spoon afterwards haha 😉 I wish I could sign your cast!
    Have a great weekend on the mend!

  2. I wish we had a FroYo place here! We have a machine at the mall but it was broken last weekend and when I went today it was still broken! I’m ready for it to be fixed so I can get my fix!

    I’m glad your surgery went well. Like you, I think the worst part are the eating/drinking restrictions and things like needles. They put you out for the actual surgery so yeah. Hopefully your recovery goes well too. Can’t wait to read about you going to see the Doctors taping!

  3. I’m so glad it went well, poppet! (sorry for the outburst of affectionate terms, I tend to do that all the time) HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU KEEP YOUR ARM ELEVATED AT ALL TIMES? You’re going to be getting some serious muscle going on after a while (or maybe it’s just me. After five minutes of my hands being in the air I’m sweating and puffing. So fit.) And the nails; finally someone does that too! I always feel so stupid, I have each finger painted different shades of ludicrous because I think it looks sexy at the time (lol no), and then I can’t be bothered to take it off until it grows out and everyones always asking ‘Are you SURE you dont want nail polish remover?’ Sigh. My life story. At least you can paint your nails; I just randomly paint my fingertips and hope it gets some of the nail whilst I’m at it. HAPPY RECOVERING =)

  4. I’m glad everything went well. I’m gonna hate not being able eat when I get my wisdom teeth out. No food 6 hours before and what the heck do you eat after that? Yes, the hair net it totally hot. Didn’t you see the last Lady Gaga video? She says they’re gonna be in this year’s vogue. 🙂

  5. Aw man, not eating that long would kill me. I’d totally be eating until the last second too!! Froyo must have tasted AMAZING after that. I’ve only gotten oral surgery before – hopefully it stays that way!

  6. I’m happy your surgery went well!! and good luck with holding your arm elevated at all times…it does not sound fun!!:D
    As for me, I’ve never had a surgery before, I’ve never even broke a bone! somehow i sense I’ll be scared to death the first time it happens 😦

  7. So glad your surgery went well! Luckily I’ve never had to go through that!
    You got to go to the taping of The Doctors?!?! I am so jealous! That is one of my favorite shows!
    Along with Jersey Shore…and yes poor Vinny! He is my favorite too!
    Hope you recovery quickly!!!

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