bear with me

Heyyy guys. I’m not feeling too good today. I have a headache and have been feeling dizzy so I am just going to show you guys some pins I have found. Bear with me and I will be back tomorrow 🙂


There is also an interesting story about Mountain Dew. One man has claimed to have found a dead mouse in a can. (I know, ew.) He has sued Pepsi Co. but they have come back, saying that the acid in the soda would have dissolved the mouse. How disgusting is that? If soda can dissolve a mouse, then just think about what it can do to your stomach.

Reminder: Modern Family is on tonight. Don’t miss it!!

And since this post is already random, I have a random question:

What is your favorite running shoe? I wear Nike Free Runs right now and I swear by them. But now that I am running longer distances, they aren’t the best for my knees. So I’m looking for something with more support.


22 thoughts on “bear with me

  1. omg I love all your modern family pictures. i just started watching season 2 on blu ray. the last one i watched was when mitch went to work as spiderman hahaha also…i want my future husband to be just like phil

  2. I have saucony trainers and vibram minimus shoes. I like the vibram ones but I’m still building up slowly in them, so mostly end up wearing the saucony ones!

    PS Hope you feel better soon!

  3. woooo love the pins!! “channing tatum” ahaha. that’s great. And ugh, that skinny one…..I wish people would stop posting that! some of my friends who are overweight and are starting a weight loss journey have pinned that and some have even posted it on their facebook….I got so mad at one girl (who kept posting stuff like that every day) and just left a comment “strong can run faster and longer than skinny can…think about that if you ever ask me to go run with you again”. anyway. maybe that was mean. but things like that irk me. As for my fave running shoes, I’m currently wearing Brooks Ghost and I love them! I’ve also loved Mizuno Wave Riders – I wore those for YEARS and never got injured (I was wearing Brooks Ravennas when I got injured this summer). I also want to try out the Brooks Defyance (clearly I’m a brooks girl haha). I have also tried on the Nike Pegasus and LOVED them….I think it’d be cool to move more toward minimalist shoes but coming back from injury probs not a good idea. Someday though! And I hope you feel better soon girlie! xoxox!

  4. I’ve been buying Saucony’s for the past 3 years and I like them! I’ve been thinking about trying out Asics though just to try something different.

    Haha so true about how the light always turns green when you want to check your phone! 😛

    Feel better soon girl!

  5. I love all your pins and I do agree, people really need to stop pinning that “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” one. It’s horrible!

    I run in the Nike Pegasus. I like them because I don’t feel like they’re overly cushioned and the toe is really flexible.

  6. These posts give me just enough pinterest to keep me satisfied, but to not give into the addiction. Love it! Thanks! 🙂 Also, I love that joggers vs runners at stoplights.. Totally me. I glare at everything that is currently moving when I don’t have the right of way. My fav shoes are my beloved Kinvara 2’s!

  7. I have gotten in trouble for laughing out loud in class from some of your pins. Not even kidding. It’s so worth it though 🙂 I love that site!! The channing tatum one is my favorite. Can we add Ryan Gosling to that list please?

    Right now I’m struggling with my shoes. I really liked the old saucony triumph 8’s, but the 9’s were just weird to me. I ordered a pair of 8’s online though and they were cheaper since they’re old, which is kind of a bonus!

  8. ohmygodohymgodohmygod
    1. CHANNING TATTUM. I laughed so hard. Can you link me up your pinterest site so I can stalk you =D
    2. Runners looking pissed. So true. I think this is the picture that cracked my ribcage from excess laughter. I don’t know what’s worse; those obsessively bouncing joggers, or the runner that looks through your window at you like he’s voldemort on a mission.
    3. …… this post made me smile. I’m not sure if that’s a valid point.
    4. I have nike airs? they have gel things squished into them to make you super bouncy (but it really doesn’t feel that bouncy. Just expensive) But they’re purple. So that makes up for it.

    More posts. More posts. I’m waiting. My laughter depends on this.

    No pressure darling =P

  9. So many awesome pins. The raccoon and penguin ones ftw. Oh, and the one about joggers/runners. So true! Haha.

    I have a pair of New Balance Barringers and I’m obsessed with them. They’ve been wonderful for me. They are more of a minimalist shoe, though, so maybe not what you’re looking for. Have you been to a specialty store and talked to the people there? Specialty stores are the for running shoe shopping in my experience.

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