the men of pretty little liars

Ohhh my. Please oh please tell me you guys are Pretty Little Liars fans. Because even though this is WIAW, there is no way that I cannot mention the best show. The premiere was last night and I was SO excited for it to come on. As you can see, I get way to attached to shows.

Anywho, I don’t want to give away anything about the premiere but let’s just say it was nothing short of amazing. I am still not sure of who I love more…

Mr. Fitz:



For anybody who has seen it yet, I basically died when Mr. Fitz told Aria’s parents a little something, something. I had to replay that scene a few times. And die a few more times.

And then, of course, there was The Lying Game premiere.

I love this show, but not as much as Pretty Little Liars. Plus, I can’t help but stare at Ethan:

Okay. Now back to WIAW

I woke up superrr late today (11:30!!). As you know, I never sleep that late. Apparently my body needed it though. By the time I woke up, it was warm outside so I figured a smoothie would do the trick.

(recycled pictorial) frozen berries, frozen peaches, protein powder, ground flax seed, almond milk

I also had a piece of pita bread. Make that 2 pieces of pita bread.

Before I went to workout, I fixed Mama Pea’s Black Eyed Pea Salad with Corn and Peppers. I used black soy beans instead of black eyed peas.

I bought these after Alex talked about them. And boy oh boy, they ARE delicious!
I also used cilantro instead of parsley. And I didn’t have any bell peppers so I used mini peppers instead.

Once it was all done, I put in the fridge and went to workout.

As soon as I stepped out the door, I knew that a normal t-shirt wasn’t going to cut it. It was so hot! Apparently Orange County didn’t get the hint that it’s winter. Since all my short sleeve shirts are at school, I decided to make my own. So, I grabbed an old shirt with the most sweat stains and cut a little here, cut a little there.

Much better.

That’s right. My runs have…how do I say this…sucked. Could Orange County air be a reason for it? Ehh I doubt it.
And about my 12 week trainer, I took a break because I didn’t have a gym to go to while on break. I was using the school gym but now, well, I’m not at school. I was going to get a membership at a gym for break but decided against it because I would have had to take awhile off for races, going out of town, etc. But once I get back to school, I am going to be back to the gym to pump some iron!

Anywho, here’s what I had for lunch.

watermelon, Mama Pea's salad on top of spinach, and carrots dipped in guacamole

Since I ate lunch so late (I ate at 5…what the flip), dinner will be small. I will probably have frozen yogurt or some other shenanigans.

Since I don’t have any pictures of tonight’s dinner, here’s what I had last night. Homemade pasta!! It. Was. Amazing. Boxed pasta doesn’t even compare. (P.S. The picture is done by an app called Diptic. It’s 99 cents and totally worth it.)

We also played our new favorite game: Mexican Train. 


Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?? What did you think of premiere?
Mexican Train: have you played before? 


34 thoughts on “the men of pretty little liars

  1. Aren’t those beans the bomb?! 😀
    Dude, these men are so fine. I’m drooling over such fine male humans haha And Mexican dominos is the best, I love that game so much!
    Happy first WIAW of 2012!

  2. Homemade pasta!? YUM!! I think that you getting burnt out on running is normal..if that’s what is happening. A small break might be beneficial so give it a try!

  3. Yum! That smoothie looks so thick and colorful! I really really really want to make homemade pasta. I’m waiting for my Italian step cousin to come visit to make some with me though! I’ve been staying up and sleeping in so late also. It’s gonna suck when I go back to school wahhh.

  4. Oh my gosh is needs to be Monday so we can watch more Pretty Little Liars! I love that show so much, it’s a problem.
    And that scene?!!! I died a little bit.
    Lucky you in warm Orange County. It’s all rainy and gross up here. Moving to Cali after college for sure!

  5. I’ve never seen the show! But then again, our tv doesn’t work and I’m not much of a TV watcher 😛 Oh goshhh! I know, isn’t it strange how warm it’s been lately?! It actually feels like spring weather. The whole world is having interesting climate….and I can’t believe you’re in the OC!! me too! haha. It’s so fun to know that other bloggers live around the area.

  6. I love Pretty Little Liars! I’m so excited that it’s finally back on.
    And homemade pasta?! I’m so jealous. I’ve never attempted (or had) homemade noodles- but I’m sure they’re 10X better than store bought!

  7. Homemade Pasta ??? OMG, I wanna do it to !! and homemade sushis !!

    I totally agree about the guys in PLL and the Lying game ! and i really liked the new episods =)

  8. whoa. eye candy. why aren’t I watching this show already?!? lol! I’m sorry your runs have been crappy lately….usually I take some time off after a big race, I find that when I keep training like normal after a race my body just gets burned out really quickly….I hope you find your mojo again soon!! And froyo for dinner sounds epic. I’ve totally been known to do that hahaha.

  9. Apparently I have been living under a rock for far too long, as I have never seen Pretty Little Liars! It seems I must though, for the eye-candy more than anything 🙂
    And I feel ya on the crappy runs lately.. I believe taking a step back is the most helpful and essential thing to do right now… it may rekindle your love for the sport when you turn your focus to something else for a little while

  10. I have never seen Pretty Little Liars, but apparently I am missing out! There are so many good shows on TV now, how does one decide!?!?
    Homemade pasta sounds so amazing. That is something on my list of things to learn how to do. I don’t think it will be for some time though, because I do not have any of the cooking tools to do so!

  11. I don’t watch that show, but I do know what you mean about getting addicted to shows!! I love bones, ncis, h50, nikita, and my guilty pleasure the vampire dairies. I mostly just watch that one for paul wesley though. That guy is seriously smokin!!

  12. Homemade pasta AND hot weather? Can I come visit you, like, right now? 20 degrees here, and I am not a fan. I AM a fan of trashy tv shows though, so I’d probably love PLL. I’m mostly just excited for the Project Runway premiere tomorrow 🙂

  13. Make me smoothies pretty please. That one looks super delicious and it is what I’m craving. I haven’t seen Pretty Little Liars yet, but I really want to get into it because my friends are obsessed with it.

  14. YES YES a thousand times yes. PLL (yep, I went there) is my greatest guilty pleasure at the moment, although whenever I have the nerve to bring it up, I find out that everyone else is obsessed, too!

    Mr. Fitz is the prettiest, of course, and that scene you speak of was my favorite, as well. (I do hope it all works out! They loved him before!) Yet, my heart did skip a beat when Caleb made his surprise reappearance. Good teacher, bad boy, I’ll take em both 😉

  15. I’ve never seen pretty little liars, but I’ve heard it’s good! Maybe I should watch it sometime… though I don’t have enough time to get addicted to a TV show!

    It’s great to hear another good review of the black soy beans! I picked up a can after Alex mentioned them and now I’m even more pumped to try!

  16. Clearly I need to start reading your blog more often, because I’m about to comment on the last three posts. Here we go.

    LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE Pretty Little Liars. I knew who Lucy Hale was WAY before it was cool (June 2003, baby) and have been a fan of hers almost that long (probably more like October 2003), so I started watching PLL to support her and I’m thrilled that it’s become such a popular show (and that it’s not horrifically corny like most ABC Family shows). As far as the men go: Mr. Fitz fo’ sho’. Caleb’s all right, though he’s a little too bad boy for me. Toby’s just weird and way too sullen. I pretty much liked the premiere, though I thought the end was really frustrating (as if that’s anything new). I’m starting to think too much about the show, though, and seeing all the little things that are totally unrealistic…must stop! Must continue to enjoy trashy TV! Haha.

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