there’s no place like grandma’s

I’m back, whether you like it or not! After spending the weekend at my grandma’s house, it’s nice being back home to the swing of things. I left on Saturday morning and came back this afternoon. So what did I do while being away??

  • I played in the snow for the first time in like…forever. There wasn’t much, but more than I’m used to.
  • I had a (mini) snowball fight. It was mini because I’m a wimp and my hands got wayy to cold.
  • We found out who the smarter sibling is. Even though we weren’t expecting snow, I was still smart enough to wear boots while my sister wore sandals. 
  • I ate my weight in trail mix. Raw walnuts, raw almonds, raw pistachios, dried cranberries, and dried cherries make me swoon.
  • We played hours of Rummikub. 
  • I found out that I had some serious sewing skills in 3rd grade. I kid.
  • I had some of the best iced tea…like ever. Decaf green chai peach to be exact.
  • We found out that nursing school has made my sister smarter. You know that saying, dumb blonde? Yeah, that defines my sister. At least it used to. Now, she beats my grandma and me at basically every round of rummikub.
  • We went shopping. And I am now obsessed with this picture of my sister and grandma.
  • We saw beautiful Lake Arrowhead.
  • We saw Tori Spelling. While at the supermarket, we saw her strolling around with her husband and kids. We may or may not have followed her. Then we were scared away by her husband. But I can now officially say that I have locked eyes with Tori Spelling. Bam.
  • I helped fix a healthy and delicious dinner. My grandma’s cooking is…how do I say this…interesting? So when we went to the market, she asked me for dinner ideas. I jumped on this. Dinner included: Veggies, hummus, pita pockets, pita crackers, and a fruit salad. It was a hit.
  • I ate some dark chocolate. And I basically wanted to swim in the truffle filling.
  • I ate a pita bread filled with blueberries stuffed inside. Don’t judge. It was delicious.
  • And, most importantly, I hung out with the coolest 86 year old I know.

27 thoughts on “there’s no place like grandma’s

  1. I love the pic of you and your grandma! It’s so sweet, seems like she’s a really awesome lady, even for keeping your pillow from when you were a kid :).

    Hooray for seeing snow! No snow for us this year yet but it finally got a little cold, haha.

  2. I love rummikub and regular rummi! I used to play with my grandmother at her nursing home for hours when she was alive. Now I’m tearing up, but they’re happy tears 🙂 Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. When I was in third grade my teacher had Rummikub in our classroom and we would play it alllllll the time. I asked for it for my birthday or Christmas that year and I still have it in my closet, but man oh man, I haven’t played in SO long. I honestly don’t remember how the game goes at all anymore. Maybe I should dust it off and relearn!

  4. Aww! your grandma is super cute!!! I love that picture of her and your sister…I wish my grandma and I spent time togehter like that!! I also love how you took charge of the dinner operations, I’ve no doubt your pita pocket meal was a hit…I might bust that out on my family soon too 🙂

  5. this is seriously amazing!! Im glad you got to spend time with your grandma and sister. I used to love hanging wit my grandma. She was truely one of the best people I’ve ever met.

  6. Aw that sounds like such a fun time with your grandmother. That picture of your sister and her is adorable. That iced tea sounds delicious, too.

  7. So amazing you and your sister are able to spend that time your grandma. Those are some memories you will cherish forever!

  8. Aw, these pictures are the cutest! I love going to visit my grandparents in Minnesota SO MUCH. Partially because they buy me everything I could imagine I wanted to eat. Those truffles? I love them! Also, it’s suuuuper cool that you saw Tori Spelling!

  9. Aw,I love this post. Although it makes me a bit sad.
    When I was younger,I was really close with the parents of my mom,but there was a big argue and now,it will never be like it was back then, But well,at least we all talk with each other again by now…

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