ten (?) things friday

You guys are the best. Really. Your response to yesterday’s post was amazing. I know that I can count on each and everyone one of you. Thanks again ❤

But enough of that downer stuff, let’s get back to some fun. I bring to you, five ten things Friday.

1. This song is amazing. But really. It is. The play count is slowly rising and before I know it, it is going to be the most played song on my iTunes. Taylor Swift, you’ve done it again. Even if you aren’t a Taylor Swift fan (how dare you), go listen to it now.

2. I went on my first run since the marathon. It was 4.25 miles with an 8:35 pace. My legs felt like lead the entire time. I also saw a shoe…then a sock. So I made those lead legs move a little bit faster. 

3. Mangos make me swoon. I can easily eat one, two, or three in one sitting. Then my sister gets mad because there are no more left. Should have beat me to them.

4. Did I mention I love this song? Okay just making sure.

5. I cleaned today. Say wha?! You heard me. We are having people over tonight for a sort of “Christmas Round 2.” My brother and his girlfriend were in northern California for Christmas so they weren’t here to celebrate with is. So we’re doing the celebration all over again with some other family members coming over as well. But back to the cleaning. I’m not sure about you guys, but I get super tired when I clean. I mean, I can run and workout just fine. But make me vacuum and I need a nap afterwards. I also cleaned the litter box which took a good hour, when really, it should only take 15 minutes. I find any way to distract myself. 

Have you ever seen the episode of Modern Family where Cam has to clean the kitchen? Yep. That’s me.

6. I got a pedicure with my mom yesterday. It was magical. I haven’t gotten one in way to long. They even got rid of my calluses. TMI? Nahh. I got my toes painted a silver color. I love it. And just might need to buy the color too. Whenever I look at it, it reminds me of Zenon Girl of the 21st century.

7. December is coming to an end. (Booo). So how did I do on this month’s goals?
-Finish reading a “fun” book: I got exactly 30 pages into the book I was reading so that is a big fat NO.
-Make homemade ravioli: Once again, no. I still want to make it though. So hopefully before break is over.
-PR in a race: The only goal I achieved this month. Holla! It was at the Walnut Creek Half with a time of 1:48:27 🙂

8. I hate hate hateeee that Sarah McLachlan commerical with the abandoned animals. Every time it comes on, my sister and I start screaming and looking for the remote to change the channel.

9. I really want to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. First off, I love Sandra Bullock. Second, it just seems like an amazing movie with awesome acting. Plus, it’s nominated for a bunch of awards. 

10. I’m going to my grandma’s house this weekend. You don’t spend New Years partying with your grandma?? Who are you people? Just kidding. Since I’m not much into the partying scene, I have no problem visiting the fabulous grandmother this weekend. She lives alone in the mountain so she always loves when my sister and I come.

My grandma doesn’t knit so I don’t have to worry about that. Instead, we play hours and hours of Rummikub. Seriously, the best game ever. 

So, since I will be at the mountains this weekend, and have zero internet or service, I am not going to post this weekend. Don’t cry. I’ll be back on Monday so stay strong until then 😉

I hope you all have a safe, fun, and memorable New Years! Enjoy yourselves and the ones you’re with.


33 thoughts on “ten (?) things friday

  1. I love T Swift! Major fan right here!! Congrats on the PR and the first post marathon run! I agree about running faster when I see stuff like that…always freaks me out!!!

  2. I have so much to comment on!!! ahhh. Okay, to be honest I was disappointed when I heard that Tay Swift was on the Hunger Games soundtrack, and I really haven’t listened to it…YET. I will give it a chance though.
    I remember watching (and loving) Zenon. I used to think that it was the coolest movie EVER (shows you how I lame I am 😉 )
    I HATE THAT COMMERCIAL!!! That picture is what happens every time it comes on TV because my sister is a huge animal lover and she crys everytime it comes on! Ugh, it’s the worst commercial out there.
    &Join the party…well the no party party. I probably won’t be staying up to watch the ball drop because dude…thats like 2-3 hours PAST my bedtime! *snorts* Why would I stay up for that?? I could be watching the back of my eyelids. 😉

  3. I totally hate those animal commercials! They are like 5 mins long and I’m not motivated to adopt anything by the end haha

  4. I got a mani/pedi with my Mum yesterday too!! Mine are watermelon colour.

    That’s a good idea setting monthly goals! keeps you more on top of it because you don’t always think “ah I’ve got plenty of time, maybe later!”

    happy new years!

  5. Mangos– hellzzz YESSSS! And holy crap I miss Zenon, I used to love that movie! And the animal commercial…no…just no haha
    Dude I’m with ya on extremely loud and incredibly close– the book is one of my all time faves, so I hope it lives up to it! 🙂
    Have an awesome weekend and happy new year, Haley!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mangoes!! I hear ya girl, I could totally eat a them ALL day EVERY day. Speaking of…I’m totally craving one RIGHT NOW!! 😛 haha

    I hear ya on the stinking commerical…I seriously HAVE to change the channel as soon as I hear the music playing. It’s just too sad. 😦

    I want to see that movie too!

    && I think it’s awesome that your spending the new year with your grandma! Too sweet! Hope you have a great one!

  7. Hahahaha,that picture with the grandma knitting a scarf from noodles is a burner! 😀
    When I was little,I also spent hours of playing Rummikub with my grandparents. They managed to make my sister and I become addicted: Now,we have the game at home ourselves and it’s the only one my sister really really likes to play. 😉
    Have fun with your granny and a gorgeous new year,Haley! ♥

  8. AW pedicures are SO fun!! I’m in dire need of one and really bad at doing my own nails haha. And yesssss lOVE those Zenon movies!! I was OBSESSED when I was like 10 haha. New Years with grams and sis sounds fun! I’ll be chillin with my parents, so cheers to family time 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR Haley!!!

  9. I used to be a huge tay swift fan but feel like all of her songs sound exactly the same now.. I’ll definitely have to check out the song you posted. I’m a huuuge fan of mangos but usually eat them in the summer. Are they good now? Interesting.. I usually stay at my grammies for new years too! This year we’re heading home on new years eve so i’ll be traveling all day. Oh well. Have a fun weekend with your grandma!

  10. I’m listening to the song right now! I’ve heard a lot about it, so it’s about time I check it out. So far I’m liking it. I desperately need a pedicure and now I really want to watch Zenon and all the other movies of my childhood. What about Pixel Perfect? I loved that! Oh now I want to watch even stevens. Why did the Disney Channel have to change!?!

  11. I also hate those animal commercials and I don’t think I could ever listen to Sarah McLaughlin again even if it wasn’t on the commercial, just because when I hear her voice now, I’ll think of suffering, homeless animals. And the sad thing is, I don’t think the ASPCA is even one of the better animal rights charities :(. Those Disney channel movies like Zenon were pretty neat, wish they would show them again… they have completely sold out now, bleh :(.

    Congratulations on your PR and maybe you can get the ravioli made before break ends!

  12. I’ve been listening to that song on repeat! Xenon is awesome… how about that song! zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom, boom… my supernova girl. I am pretty sure I was obsessed with that movie. I seriously wanted to be her.

  13. I loved Zenon! I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!
    My school has a TV Production class and I was in it last year. This is my boyfriend’s group (at about 7:40 you can see my lit teacher and my boyfriend, but not the point) and they did a hilarious thing with those animal commercials. Start at 10:39 if you’re interested. Just wanted to share 🙂

  14. Great song! & I hate that commercial as well. And the song is just too depressing.
    That movie looks great, i wanted to read the book but don’t think ill have time so ill probs just end up watching the movie.
    Happy New Years!

  15. Hunger Games, Modern Family, Zenon (Super Nova Girl!)… Yes, yes and yes! I don’t mind the “Arms of an Angel” commercial so much because it’s annoying, but because it is so sad! I just walk out of the room “for some food” whenever it comes on.

  16. OMG loved that episode with cam cleaning the kitchen. I literally died. I usually die of laughter when it comes to anything cam related. I need to get a pedicure too. I haven’t had one in FOREVER and ever. Probably bad, but I at least try to keep them up all pretty myself. I’m obsessed with mangoes too. They are sooo delicious.

  17. Hahah I love that picture of the grandmother and chopsticks- hilarious! Hope you guys had a lovely night together! And I totally feel you about the mangos..my sentiments towards pineapple exactly!

  18. My sister just finished reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and said it’s a fantastic book. She didn’t realize it’s been made into a movie until approximately four hours ago, and she FLIPPED when she saw the preview on TV. So apparently it would be a good life choice to go see the movie haha.

    BAHHHHHHH ZENON!! YES!! When I was a young’un (and obviously even cooler than I am now 😉 ) my best friend at the time and I would use Zenon-lingo in every day life, especially macro. It was my adjective of choice for pretty much all situations in fifth grade. Bahahahaha I’m such a nerd 😛

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