Operation Jack Marathon Recap

It’s that time again. Recap time. Check out my other races on my 21 before 21 goal. This was #7 on the list: Operation Jack marathon.

Did I feel mentally ready for the race? Nope.
Did I feel physically ready for the race? Nope.
Bad runs + Being sick = a nervous Haley

I woke up at 5am superrr thirsty. Perfect. After chugging some water, I did my usual routine of getting ready and making breakfast.

udi's cinnamon raisin bagel with pumpkin butter, 2 hardboiled egg whites, clementines (i ate 2), green tea, and water

My mom, sister, and I were out of the house at 5:30. The race was in Manhattan Beach, about an hour away, and it started at 7:30. So we had plenty of time to get to the start.

This race was really small (375 runners) so parking was easy. We actually got a spot with the start in view. The part that I was most excited about was the scenery. All 26.2 miles were along the beach. Don’t mind if I do.

After sitting in the car, going to the bathroom, and freaking out a little, it was time to walk to the start.

being serious is overrated

a good luck thumbs up

I got into the crowd and listened to the directions. But I really couldn’t hear anything because the guy didn’t have a megaphone. I should buy him one.

the arrow is pointing to me...if that wasn't clear πŸ˜‰

Then, we were off! The weather was uhhmazing. I was able to wear shorts and a t-shirt without shivering once.

Mile 1 – 8:10
Mile 2 – 8:02
Mile 3 – 8:07
Mile 4 – 8:10
These miles were kind of uneventful. The pathway that we were running on was pretty small so I spent most of this time finding a comfortable spot and pace.

Mile 5 – 8:19
Mile 6 – 8:32
Mile 7 – 8:27
Mile 8 – 8:38
I was SO thirsty this entire race. At the aid stations, it was like they were giving me the nectar of the gods.Β Β Mile 9 – 8:44 – I took some Chomps at this mile. I decided that I like the normal Gu much more. The Chomps take up a lot of breaths. Cause you know, you have to chew. But with the Gu, all you have to do is swallow…that’s what she said. Tip: when you have a Gu, drink water right after.

Mile 10 – 8:44
Mile 11 – 8:56
Mile 12 – 9:15
Mile 13 – 9:05
There was also a half marathon so the marathoners got to run the whole course over again. Joy. So basically, I saw the same things, 4 times. But at least it was pretty. My mom and sis snapped some pics of me dying running by.Β 


Mile 14 – 9:19
Mile 15 – 9:41
Mile 16 – 10:09
I start to really feel the pain. It didn’t help seeing the finish line and the half marathoners being done. Mid-way through mile 16, I begin to walk. I told myself that whenever I wanted to walk, I would only do it for 30 seconds. It worked out well. I only walked about 4 times until Mile 21.

Mile 17 – 10:50
Mile 18 – 10:39
Mile 19 – 11:21
Mile 20 – 12:09
Slowly, but surely, I continue to run. I am beyond stoked because I am on the last stretch…even though it’s still 6 miles. I keep on telling myself that 6 more miles and I will be done.

Mile 21 – 13:21
Mile 22 – 12:54
Mile 23 – 13:32
Mile 24 – 13:00
These were painful. I start to walk for 30 seconds, and run for a minute. I did this over and over again for 6 miles. So those miles went by beyond slow. Every time I looked at my watch, I only got about .2 miles even though it felt like a mile.

Mile 25 – 13:22
Mile 26 – 13:08
Mile .2 – 2:16Β 
There was a water tower thingy near the finish line that I saw once I came around a corner. I was stoked to see it because I knew the end was near <–dramatic?

the arrow is pointing to my saving grace. oh and i'm making a face at my mom, which you can't see..luckily

run, Haley, run! no, really...

Total: 4:27:05 Β  Pace: 10:11/mile

So overall, how was the race? Not great. I was in a lot more pain than I remember from last time. I know it hasn’t helped that I’ve been slacking on runs lately. But hey, I did it! And that is all that matters. I would definitely do this race again though. It’s for a great cause (autism) and it was on a beautiful course.Β 

And best of all, the medal is the best I have ever gotten. It’s a dog tag with a list of where all the Operation Jack races take place. There is even one in Kabul, Afghanistan! Don’t worry…I won’t be doing that one.

Thank goodness the car was close because I did not feel like walking. My mom offered to go to Whole Foods but I wasn’t feeling it. Whaaa?!?! It’s true. Instead, I really wanted a smoothie. So Jamba Juice it was. I got peach perfection with whey protein. I got the medium size but they made extra and put it in the bigger size. Heck yes I was going to drink it all. I’m pretty sure it was gone in 2.5 seconds.

I also got some oatmeal with bananas and brown sugar.

It hit the spot.

On the way home, I also realized I had a dirt on my leg. But after showering, I realized that it wasn’t dirt. It’s a tan line. Because I’m cool like that.

As for the rest of the day, I have been spending it doing what I do best: laying on the couch, eating, and watching quality TV (Kourtney & Kim Take New York, The Rachel Zoe Project, Tosh.O, etc).

I am so going to be sore for awhile so the couch and TV are going to be my best friends πŸ™‚

Race #7…DONE!


33 thoughts on “Operation Jack Marathon Recap

  1. Sorry to hear about some of the obstacles you faced going into the race but HUGE congrats on finishing!! That’s amazing πŸ™‚ And the beach scenery must’ve been beautiful!
    oh and the nectar of the gods thing is so true, I just died laughing haha

  2. Congrats on another race! The course looks beautiful, and I’m super jealous of that California weather. How do you train/taper with doing races so often? You must have legs of steel, woman. Keep it up, you’re amazing!

    • hahaha my legs are really strong (especially my calves). luckily, i have learned to accept them. but as for training, i really don’t do anything differently in my workouts. i run every other day, never two days in a row because i don’t want to burn out. the other days, i do some sort of strength. that really helps with the leg strength. plus, working on arms at the gym helps too because you’re constantly pumping your arms.

      as for tapering, it depends on the distance the upcoming race is. if it’s a half, my longest run that week would be about 6 miles. as for a full, i’m still experimenting. this week i ran 6.5 about 5 days before the race and i wasn’t regretting it. then again, everybody is different. then, two days before a race, i’ll run about 3 miles. and the day before the race, i always leave it a rest day.

  3. YOU RAN A MARATHON…..not only that but it was your 7th one!!!!!!! SO INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait to run one someday! Its such an amazing accomplishment!

  4. Congratulations!! I love the tan line; typical. And the water picture is so true. I always go ape-shit on fluids after exercising, and then feel really really sick afterwards (which you would imagine after drinking half a liter in under ten seconds. Felt good at the time.)

  5. Congrats girl! You are so amazing! I can’t believe you ran a marathon so soon after Christmas. I spent most of yesterday in my PJs – way to make me feel lazy haha. πŸ˜‰ Sorry you were in so much pain though. Take it easy these next few days and enjoy vegging out! πŸ˜€

  6. EPIC!!!! you are such a fighter! way to finish even through pain and thirst πŸ˜€ ANd btw you totally don’t look like your’e dying in that pic – you actually look pretty strong! Congrats on race #7, you’re officialy 1/3 of the way to your goal!!!! πŸ˜€

  7. I probably said this last time but… YOU ARE CRAZY AND I LOVE IT!!! I can’t imagine running the same loop four times. That sounds rough! It’s so inspiring to see how you persevered and pushed through the pain and finished to get that awesome medal. Way to go!!

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