friday favorites

1. Pistachios

I used to hate pistachios. But then the other day, I gave them another shot. Ohhh boy. They are delicious. We bought the huge bag from Costco so hopefully they’ll last. HA just kidding. They won’t.

pshhh now i know

2. Bike Rides

Since I got my new bike I haven’t gone on many rides. I have always been scared of the cars because, you know, everybody is insane and hates bikers. But today I decided to get out there and I’m glad I did. But now my butt hurts. Note to self: invest in bike shorts.

3. Parachute 

No I don’t mean the kind you jump from a plane with. But those are cool too. I’m talking about the band. 

This doesn’t mean I’m over country music. Ohhh no it doesn’t. But now my roommates won’t have to throw stuff at me when I play music. Currently, my favorite song by them is Words Meet Hearbeats. Listen. Obsess.

4. Ear Cuffs

I’ve wanted to get my cartilage pierced but my parents won’t let me. I know I’m 18 and I could get it done but I kind of like my education, car, food, and a roof over my head more than a piercing. So the next best thing: an ear cuff. All you do is put it on your ear. No piercings necessary. I ordered this one from Etsy. That way, I can keep my college education. 

5. A Clean Room

Somehow, after being home for a week, my room ended up like this.

I have NO idea how it happened. I think my cat just went a little crazy one day or something. But my mom asked me to clean it because we are having people over for Christmas. And since I love my mom oh so very much, I did. Now it’s beautiful.

6. Tofu

Okay so this really isn’t new but I love being able to broil it in the oven since being home. It gets so crispy and delicious. Broiled for 15-20 min and dipped in BBQ sauce. Mmmm.

7. Watching Movies with the Family

The other night we watched The Help (which was SO good) and then last night we watched No Country for Old Men. That one was…creepy. But still good. We’re watching Super 8 tonight. I’m not sure what it’s about but as long as I’m with my family, I’m good.

8. My Dog and Cat Loving Each Other

They cannot get enough of each other lately. Wherever he lays, she is sure to be right next to him. 

8. The Fact that Christmas is 2 Days Away

(Or 1, depending on when you are reading this. In that case, Merry Christmas Eve!)


What’s a Friday favorite of yours?


14 thoughts on “friday favorites

  1. Thats a good idea about using the pistachio you just ate out of to open the new one! I have never even thought of that because you always get that one pistachio that doesn’t want to open! That ear cuff is super cute- and it requires no piercing? WIN! &how come your parents won’t let you get your cartilage pierced?? Anymore my parents are like “you’re 18. I can’t tell you how to live your life” haha

    Have a great holiday weekend! 🙂

  2. Haha,my dog always wants to play with my cat and she’s annoyed of him… So my dog always ends up chasing my cat and I gotta save her 😛
    I never thought of opening pistachios with pistachio shells – what an awesome idea,thank you for the inspiration! 😀
    Oh,and by the way – I cleaned up my desk yesterday and it looks AMAZING right now…

  3. Ohmylord THE CAT AND DOG. WHY MUST THEY BE SO CUTE. And you’re room; hahaha, I feel the pain. My room looks like that, I can hardly move without stepping on camera equipment, sweaty clothes, boxes, books and pins (ow.) What is the difference between broiling and grilling? =)

    • grilling just cooks the outside, but broiling kind of takes some of the moisture out. it gets sort of like a spongy texture. definitely the best way to cook tofu 🙂

  4. such cute pets! before my cat died, it was like a war between him and my dog haha. Also super jealous of your bike ride – I asked for a new road bike for christmas! You’re right though, drivers are ridiculous – I’ve had people purposely try to run me off the road while running before lol. And ❤ all the family movie watching time! We've watched Sherlock Holmes and A Charlie Brown Christmas this week, it's so nice to just relax with the people you love! Merry Christmas, Haley! 🙂

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