the good and the bad

Good: I am done with my first semester of college!! Technically, finals go until Friday but I only had one test, and that was at 8 this morning. All my other classes had papers due. So I am doneeeeee.

Bad: I’m sick. I woke up on Sunday with a throat that felt like sand paper. That’s all it really was. Then this morning my throat felt like the most sandiest paper ever and my nose was stuffy. 

Good: I go home tomorrow.

Bad: It’s a 9 hour drive home. Yes, I’m driving. My roommate is from LA so she’s gonna come with me and split the gas. But I mean really, 9 hours?? I better make some good country CDs.

all 9 hours...

Good: I see this adorable face in a day. 

Bad: That means she has a lot of catching up to do.

Other Bad: I am such a cat lady. 

Good: We cleaned our entire dorm today. We even had to take everything out of the fridge and unplug it. Then we vacuumed for the first time since…ever.

Bad: I have been living in a dirtyyy place these last few months. 

Good: I’m done registering for classes. I don’t have classes on Friday. And Mondays aren’t too bad.

Bad: I’m #40 on a wait list. So basically, “Tough luck kid.” WGS 280 is Women and Gender Studies. I basically just need it to get a GE done. But fingers crossed (40) spots open up.

what does this have to do with registration? nothing. just thought i would brighten your monday a little

Good: I saw this quote on Pinterest. It’s now my new favorite. 

Bad: Nothing. Life is too good.


19 thoughts on “the good and the bad

  1. Congrats on being done with your classes and being done with your first semester in college!! (I will be celebrating this on thursday) It’s so exciting! and a 9 hour drive home?? You better stock up on some goooood music girl! 9 hours is such.a.long.time. 😛 Have fun!

  2. yay for being done with your first semester!! for the drive home lots of cds definitely would be a good idea, haha. and coffee and yummy food!

    i love that picture of the girl with a million cats in the car window. SO adorable and definitely something i would do – my mom’s been calling me a cat girl ever since i can remember!

  3. Wooooo!!! Congrats on being finished!! I’ll be partying with ya when I’m done on Thursday 😀
    Sorry to hear you’re sick though, hope you feel better ASAP so you can enjoy every second of being at home!

  4. CONGRATS on finishing classes and finals!!! ahhh man that has to feel good! and so does cleaning up the dorm in a way, lol mine was always super gross by the end of the semester too. Long car rides….I do them too often, and it can def suck. glad you have a buddy and I hope you find all the Whole FOods along the way to stop at for meals lol! 😀

  5. Congrats on finishing finals!! It must feel so good to be done. It may seem like a long ride home, but you’ll be back with your little kitty cat in no time 🙂

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