Walnut Creek Half Marathon Recap

It’s time for a race recap, yet again! #6 on my 21 before 21 goal: Walnut Creek Half Marathon.

The night before, I created a pace-time wristband on Marathon Guide. I totallyyyyyy recommend this if you want to get a certain time on a race. All you do is insert your distance and the time you want. So I typed in 13.1 miles and 1:50 pace. Then you can print this paper out:

You would then cut out the left part and there you go, you got a wrist band! You can either leave it be or wrap it in tape in order to make it more secure. That’s what I did.

The morning was usual to most race mornings, woke up at the crack of dawn (4:30am), got ready, and fixed breakfast.

the usual: udi's cinnamon raisin bagel with pumpkin butter + 2 hardboiled egg whites + an orange + green tea

The race was about an hour and five minutes away from me so I ended up leaving at 5. Oh and apparently there was lunar eclipse?? And I missed it? Anwaysss I got to the parking garage around 6:10. I warmed up as much as possible before getting out and heading to the start line at 6:30.

The parking garage was across from Whole Foods (good planning πŸ˜‰ ) and I thought about going to the bathroom there. I skipped it, hoping to hop in line at the start. Wrong. After a 10 minute walk to the start, I found out there were only 6 porto-potties. Six! And there were about 700 runners. Not great planning on their part.

I decided to forgo using the bathroom, hoping that I wouldn’t regret it. There were corrals so I stuck with the 1:50 group. Not much longer after getting into the corral, we were off. Most miles were uneventful and basically boring.

Mile 1 – 7:39Β – I was just trying to get warmed up most of this mile.

Mile 2 – 7:42 – I’m warmer now so it feels better.

Mile 3 – 8:08 – I don’t remember this mile…

Mile 4 – 7:53 – Or this mile…

Mile 5 – 8:06 – Or this one…All I know is that my pace is good and I am doing good on time.

Mile 6 – 10:04 – A hill. They really like their hills in Northern California apparently. This mile was straight hill. I see the 1:50 pacer run by and that gives me even more energy to move faster and keep going.

Mile 7 – 7:59 – A slight downhill.

Mile 8 – 8:26 -This mile is a little bit uphill. And then it switches to downhill.

Mile 9 – 8:39 – Then uphill again.

Mile 10 –7:39 – All downhill. I ended up not going too fast because I didn’t want to go hard on my knees and I started to feel like I had to pee. Uh oh.

Mile 11 – 8:12 – Flat land again. It feels weird to not be on an incline.

Mile 12 – 8:53 – This mile was a harder mile. I knew how close the finish line was but at the same time, I was starting to feel really tired. I didn’t take any Gu throughout the race. Instead, I took Cytomax at the water stations.

Mile 13 – 8:14 – So close! I’m gonna beat my last time!

Mile .1 – :47 – Woot woot!

Finish time: Β 1:48:27 Pace: 8:16

That’s a new PR!!! I was so stoked when I crossed that finish line. I gotta say, that wristband seriously helped so much. I will definitely be using it for more races. My previous PR was at Healdsburg Wine Country Half MarathonΒ with a time of 1:51:26. So I beat it by 3 minutes. Score!

While walking back to my car, I’m pretty sure I got frostbite on my fingers. Just kidding. But really, it was cold. Once I got back to my car, I warmed up a bit and then headed over to Whole Foods for some food. All I really wanted was some tofu, but of course I got more. (How does Whole Foods get there tofu so delicious??) I got some tofu, beets, marinated mushrooms, quinoa and mango salad, barley salad, and a wheatberry salad.Β 

Overall, the race was great. I hated that there weren’t more porto-potties but I liked the course and people. Plus, I got a new best so I’m happy πŸ™‚

Up next: Operation Jack Marathon (Gahh it’s a full!)


15 thoughts on “Walnut Creek Half Marathon Recap

  1. That bracelet thingy is AWESOME! What an incredible invention haha πŸ˜€
    Way to go on the race, you’re such a running beast, woman!! I mean that PR?! HOLY CRAPOLA! You totally deserved a whole foods splurge πŸ˜‰

  2. Congrats!!! It’s a good thing you can’t remember those miles. It just means you were in a groove, just doing your thing! I think every race needs to end near a whole foods. That’s the best reward ever! Can’t wait for the next one!!

  3. Great job! Well done on your pb!

    I love those pace bands too! A great way to keep track of how you’re going. I usually print mine a little under goal pace so I can give myself a lil ‘buffer’.

    I used gu for the first time 3 weeks ago… it was ok but I still lacked strength, energy. I will experiment in some long runs soon.

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