a ranting wiaw

Doesn’t ranting feel so good? I mean, just getting it off your chest. It doesn’t really help solve the problem but just saying it does a lot. I’ll get to ranting in a little. But first,Β WIAW.

Pre-Workout Snack


Post-Workout Snack

I had an unpictured banana while heading to class and trying to not freeze my butt off.

really, california?


This was a new to me breakfast and I will definitely be doing it again. Plain 0% Chobani, Chocolate Amazing Grass, Nature’s Path Smart Bran Cereal, sliced banana, and a scoop of peanut butter.


I spent most of the afternoon in the library. Partly to get away from the dorm and partly to get some work done. Before I left, I made a lunch.

how adorable is this sandwich case?? $1 from target πŸ™‚

alvarado flax bread, hummus, spinach, red onions, cucumber, shredded carrots, tomato, chicken

steamed carrots - i steam them so they aren't so loud and crunchy when i eat them in the library...i think ahead πŸ™‚

prunes - i didn't eat this entire bag. oh boy. that would have been disastrous


trader joes omega-3 trail mix

I made some great progress in the library. Including finding this article.

WAHHHHHH! My day got instantly worse 😦 I had hopes of a reunion concert but I guess I’ll just have to move on…somehow, someway. (Dramatic much? Nahhh. Not when they were your first concert!)


vegan polenta with mushroom tomato sauce + sauteed squash + steamed green beans + salad with kidney beans, shredded carrots, mushrooms

The polenta is my fav thing that the dining hall has so I was excited when I saw it. Dinner tonight = a success.


Ready for the rant? Okay here we go. (Luckily my roommates don’t read my blog. But if they start to, I will delete this post and deny ever writing it.) πŸ˜‰

In my dorm, there are four of us. Two in one room, two in another. A, the one in my room, is great. We get along great. Things are good. Then C and J live in the other room. C is super sweet. Sadly though, she is moving out next semester due to financial troubles. Then there is J. We’re probably the closest out of all the roommates because we have a lot of classes together but at the same time, she can be so dramatic. And I hate drama. Hate it.

  • Everyone has different tastes in music. I respect that. But whenever a Taylor Swift song comes on, she makes a gagging face and sound. Really? It’s not like I do that when she turns on some of that head banging metal stuff.
  • For awhile, we were hanging out with some other friends. Then J got in a fight with them and now we don’t hang out with them anymore. I had to go to the library the other night and then when I came back, she was all pissed off. I brushed it off. Then I heard her talking on the phone, “This is the last straw. I can’t believe she would do that.” When she got off the phone, I asked what was wrong. She said she was mad because I went to hang out with those people. Did I say I was going to hang out with them? No. No I didn’t. I did what I said I was going to do. I went to the library.
  • When I came back from the library, I found her friend, a guy, wearing my rain boots. MY rain boots. He thought it would be funny…I didn’t laugh. When I asked J why she let him where them, she just shrugged. Then I told her, “You know I’m a germaphobe, right.” Her answer: “I know.” She let him wear them because she was mad at thinking I was going to hang out with those people. Mature, right?
  • Then, I found out that she has been letting her friends ride my bike. I leave my bike inside because it’s a nice bike. I don’t want to risk getting rust on it by locking it up outside. And I told my roommates, “Please don’t ride this.” But J decided to let others ride my bike. And not just around campus. Somebody rode it across the street to 7-11. So now, I have it locked up to my bed.Β It makes me so frustrated! What makes her think that she can just use or wear my things. And then the coming to conclusion part really made me mad. Hopefully, going home for a month will make me feel refreshed.

Phew! I’m glad to get all that off my chest. Here is day 19 of the 30 day photo challenge…

Best Friend – Stephanie. Through thick and thin, she has stuck by my side ❀


Any rants you want to get off your chest?Β 


23 thoughts on “a ranting wiaw

  1. I. Love. That. Sandwich. Thing. πŸ˜€ and I feel your cold woes, freakin Texas has been extremely, randomly freezing too! My butt is a permanent icicle
    Hey man, it’s good to vent! And it feels great to get that stuff off your chest. Today, my Chem prof decided LAST MINUTE to cancel all of our reviews for the final next week. He said he was tired of lecturing and thought we would be fine without a review. FML. Excuse me while I go egg his house. Haha

  2. Oh yuck, sorry about your roommate troubles! I would be majorly ticked off about the bike thing too. I hate when people use my stuff without asking!

    That is SUCH a good idea to steam your loud veggies! I really need to start doing that because I’m sure people know me as that annoying girl who crunches on apples and carrots in the library. πŸ˜›

    My rant: today we had a lab test for my food science class and the prof said all we had to do was know the material from the lab manual. But it turns out there was a bunch of material on the test that was definitely NOT in the lab manual. Grr!

  3. I am in love with that sandwich thing. Sorry about the friend troubles! I had a roommate frosh year who was my best friend (we lived with two other people) – then we lived together alone soph year and she changed completely. I could NOT wait to get away from her. We don’t talk now, which is kinda sad. I hope you get your troubles worked out!!

  4. Ugh bad roommates are the worst! It will get better! It seriously does help just ranting about it. Love the clif bar and the sneakers with the graduation gown!

  5. Wow… what an obnoxious roommate. Way to stand your ground though and lock your bike up by the bed:) I am quite impressed that you roasted your carrots so that they don’t crunch. And don’t give up home… I bet NSYNC will change their mind and start touring.

  6. you know, it really boggles my mind how some people go to college and just dont understand the concept of living with another person and respecting them! Have you talked to your roomie about it? I mean, letting others ride your bike without even asking you?….that just…boggles my mind. lol. On a happier note, All your food looks NOM!! that sandwich has like all the good things in the world in it and polenta = ❀ ❀ ❀

  7. I baby do I know about roommate troubles! My roomie will just randomly ignore me for days at a time and then claim she wasn’t doing it on purpose and wasn’t mad or anything. Then when I don’t really care and hang out with other friends she comes around πŸ™‚

  8. I feel ya on the cold! Usually it’s in the 40s or even 50s here around this time and the past two days it’s been close to 0 degrees! What is this craziness haha?

    Rants are always good to let out! My rant is that if I have to meet up with my group for our group project (that we already presented again) again to fix our paper which our professor already said is great, I will probably scream! I am so sick of working with them since they aren’t understanding at all!

  9. Oh gosh, whenever I get nostalgic for college, I always forget college roommate drama–YUCK! My goodness, living with girls is just impossible. They are just so stinking passive aggressive. I highly recommend marriage–boys make the best roommates. πŸ™‚

  10. Grr! Roommates can be so annoying! I would be mad if someone wore my boots too. Yuck! I hate when people are spiteful.

    My rant: my roommates never do there dishes, so I always end up doing all of them. One day I decided to stop doing their dishes…instead of doing them, when they ran out of dishes, they started using mine!

    P.S. I really love your blog!

  11. I think we all have people like that in our lives. They drive me crazy… to be honest I try to get them out of my life because they cause more harm than help to me, but it doesn’t always work that way because I do like them! I just can’t be that close to them. It must be really difficult living with them. I hope it all works out! Sorry about the icky weather too. It’s not even that cold here in Jersey!

  12. That sandwich holder is ridic cute. I go to target like all the time, I wonder why I haven’t ever seen it. I saw one at old navy I want though. I love bringing snacks to the library. We aren’t really supposed to eat in ours, so I get a thrill sneaking in all kinds of food.

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