changing tastes

My tastes have changed a lot. There are some foods I used to love and now hate/some foods I used to hate and now love. It’s happened to all of us. I’m not sure what it is, but there is just something that changes our taste buds. None of this is ED related. Just pure taste, my friends. Pure taste.

Foods I used to love, and now hate


I was way ahead of the seaweed trend. In second grade, I used to always trade with my best friend (she was Hawaiian). I would give her something in exchange for seaweed. I don’t know why, but I just loved it. I would happily munch on it during snack time. That’s probably when my weird eating started…. Anywho, now I can’t stand seaweed. Sometimes there are pieces of it in some snack mixes. Don’t try to trick me. I can taste it.Shrimp

See a trend here? I don’t like seafood. I used to eat shrimp every once in awhile but no other kind of fish. Now, I can smell seafood a mile away. Neighbors are having salmon for dinner? I can smell it. 

Foods I used to hate, and now love – This list is longer so bare with me.

Brussels Spouts

I know, I know. How could I hate these little balls of magic? My dad would always go gaga whenever my mom made them, and I never understood why. Then one day, I decided to give them a try. My life hasn’t been the same since then. Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration. But they really are delicious. Roasted, steamed, sauteed. I love em.Tofu

My mom used to put this into a soup and I would eat every part of that soup, except for the tofu. Now, it’s one of my favorite foods. Mmmm.


If a sandwich came with avocado, I would ask for it without. Not because of the fat thing, because I didn’t like the taste. I liked guacamole. Just not plain avocado. Well was I a crazy child or what?? How could you hate avocado. It’s pure deliciousness. Don’t be surprised if I eat an entire avocado in one sitting.


Okay, well I didn’t always hate eggs. I liked them until 1st grade. Then I came home sick from school one day and all I wanted to eat was eggs. So I ate 8 of them. After that, I couldn’t even look at an egg. Now eggs are a staple in my diet. Yes, yolk and all.


I don’t know what it was, but I just didn’t like these. I guess I was a weird child. Yeah, we know that already. But now I love blueberries. It’s an expensive addiction. No joke, I ate a 1 pound container from Costco in one day. Don’t look at me that way.

Dark Chocolate

My mom is a huge fan of dark chocolate. Whenever she ate it, I looked at her like she was crazy. I always thought it was so bitter. Now, it’s my favorite kind of chocolate. And for those who have had a See’s Candy box before know that two of each kind of chocolate comes in a box. So it’s perfect because both my mom and I can get dark chocolate covered almonds. And then we’re two happy campers.

Anything But Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

No joke. Every time I got frozen yogurt, it had to be vanilla. Actually, my favorite combination was vanilla with marshmallows. But not just any marshmallows though. Those pastel colored ones. Then once they got mixed into the cold frozen yogurt, the marshmallows became hard and chewy. Bliss. But back to the frozen yogurt. I’m not sure what compelled me to try a different flavor one day, but I’m sure glad I did.

i'm pretty sure the left is cake batter and the right is espresso. (p.s. golden spoon is the best frozen yogurt. ever.)


I think the texture turned me off. I was never one for creamy things. But then I decided to give it a try. Oh boy. I’ve been missing out.


Day 15 of the 30 day photo challenge…Technology – my computer. If you guys don’t know yet, I love the color orange. It’s the color of my bedding at home, phone cover, and laptop case. After putting the case on, I had to add a little bit of personal flare to it. Hence, all the stickers.


Question: How has your taste changed? 


22 thoughts on “changing tastes

  1. Cool post! It’s cool to see how your tastebuds changed! When I was a little kid I used to loathe once can you believe it?! All my friends thought I was an alien. Now I pound jars like no tomorrow! 😀 same goes for plain flavored yogurts.
    I used to love corn, but now it just doesn’t taste the same…maybe I OD’ed on it haha
    Have a great night girl!

  2. My taste buds change all the time which I think is good or I might never get variety. My taste buds used to be bland and boring but now I love spicy foods like curry. Lately I’ve been grubbing on spinach pancakes like twice a day. Can not stop.

  3. I never used to eat artichokes or coffee, but since trying them over the summer I now love them! (Separately of course!).

    I also never really liked blackberries when I was younger, but I like them now (not as much as other berries, but still!)

  4. My tastebuds have changed so much over the years too! I used to hate everything vegetable-ee.. Now I love it all! I have a tendency of eating too much of one thing and then hating it though. It’s a tricky balance!

  5. I used to hate anything coffee flavored and now I love actual coffee! I guess it just used to be too bitter to me but when it’s mixed with something that’s a little sweet it’s so good! But a lot of things I have hated my whole life like corn and eggs and tomatoes! I just can’t eat them!

  6. When I was a child,I used to hate raisins – now,they’re one of my favorites!
    Oh,and after eating too many coconut macaroons (and,erm… seeing them a second time after that),I hated everything coconutty,too… Now,I love coconut again 😉

  7. this is fun!!! it’s always weird to see how our tastes change over the years isn’t it? I too used to HATE brussel sprouts and now they’re one of my fave veggies! As for eggs, err, I used to like them…now? well I don’t hate them, but I would never choose them for myself. lol. Love your laptop BTW! stickers are totally the way to go, all I’ve got on mine is a William & Mary sticker and a USATF sticker….defs need more!!

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  9. First of all, I love you’re computer because it’s so vibrant! 😀 and “little balls of magic” xP ha. I’m sorry- I had to laugh at that. lol. It’s a bummer you don’t like shrimp. I LUUUVE shrimp. If I could eat it more I would.

  10. Interesting post! I wonder if they actually do change… i.e. grow differently or something? Ok that sounds weird but you know what I mean.

    I used to have a huge list of hate foods when i was young: corn, rice, coffee, seafood, eggs, anything spicy… But now I like pretty much all of it.

    I never ever grew out of my sweets phase tho… I get just as much enjoyment as a 5 year old going to the candy store… gimmee gimme!

  11. It’s amazing how tastes change. I used to love toaster pastries and english muffins but now they make me sick. I’ve never liked seafood. But tofu has always been delicious! I hate eggs though and I used to like them. Good thing I guess since I’m transitioning slowly into veganism.

  12. I wonder if you have developed a fish allergy? Often food aversions can be your bodies way of telling you to stay away from it–I was the same way. I used to eat SO much shrimp–then a few years later I found out that I was severely allergic–go figure!

    I used to hate any and all veggies–no longer the case! Love them!

  13. Wonderful post! I was just thinking about this the other day as I was remembering how picky I was as a child. My 2 year old is very picky, and looking back at myself, it makes it easier not to make a big deal out of his pickiness. Now I’m not afraid to try anything!

  14. I heart brussel sprouts!
    I used to hate onions and mushrooms, and now their like my two favorite foods. I also used to despise coffee and now drink espresso like its going out of style.

  15. Really nice blog! I agree. Taste buds really do change, when i was little i liked eggs. Then I started going to school and stopped eating them. Since then I couldn’t even smell them but a few months ago, 20 years later, I’m returning to my original appreciation for the taste of eggs. Check my blog out too:)

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