if the pants fit

A while back, I wrote a post titled Screw the Scale. I talked about how the scale doesn’t define who you are. It doesn’t matter what a stupid number says. After living based off of what the scale said, I am proud to say that I could care less about that number. With zero desire to weigh myself, I am able to live my life without a number flashing in my mind. 

So how was I finally able to get to that point? Slowly but surely, I weened myself off of the scale. It went from weighing myself three times a day, to once a day, to once a week, to never. My therapist was able to help me realize that the scale doesn’t matter. At all. As long as you are happy and healthy, then that’s all that matters. 

The way I keep my weight consistent as possible is by my pants. If they fit, then why should I obsess about the number on the scale? I haven’t known my weight for about six months and I haven’t been happier. If I ever go to the doctor’s and have to get weighed, I asked to get weighed “blind.” That way, you step on the scale backwards. No biggie. And if I have to fill out paperwork with my weight, I put whats on my license. 

So what if I wake up one day and my pants are tighter? Well, it happens. Your body is constantly changing. Maybe I had a lot of salt the night before. Maybe I’m bloated. Maybe they are a freshly washed pair of jeans. Things just happen. And it’s okay. 

At this point, I don’t think I ever want to know my weight. Now now, not ever. That could change once I get older and have a baby and stuff but for now, I’m okay with going off of how my body and clothes feel.

Like I always say, this stuff is way easier said than done. That habit of weighing yourself can become so addictive. It can define whether or not you are going to have a good day or bad day. I know, I’ve been there. But once you realize how freeing it is to not define your life by a number, you will realize just how much better life can be. 

Day 13 of the 30 day photo challenge…

Written words.


17 thoughts on “if the pants fit

  1. WOOOOO!!! Girl I feel the same way, scales just make people feel bad in my opinion. I’d rather be happy with my reflection rather than being defined by a stupid number. Life truly does begin outside of ‘definitions’. Thanks for the awesome post, you rock!! 😀

  2. This is a fantastic post! I really love the message. I used to be focused on the numbers.. Now I’m weaning myself off. The truth is, my scale numbers don’t really change that much, so I’m really getting better at feeling safe to assume that because I look the same as yesterday, I haven’t magically gained weight.

  3. I had to ween myself off the scales as well. I never thought I could get addicted to weighing myself the way I did. But then I found that I was afraid to know my weight when I had to fill out paper work about a month ago. I agree with you when you say a number doesn’t define you!

  4. This is awesome and I can relate to it 100%.
    I haven’t weighed in months, and really it’s so nice not to have to obsess about a number. I remember the days when that number dictated my mood, and I never want to go back there.
    Thanks for the great post!

  5. This is such an awesome post! Sometimes I find myself checking the scale a couple times a day, and I just have to tell my self, You didn’t gain or lose any weight in the past 3 hours. It’s funny how our minds work.

  6. Love this post girl! you are so right, we are so much more than numbers. I do weigh myself and check my body fat % once a week, but (and I know I’m the oddball ED-survivor for this), I don’t obsess about it. I do it to keep myself honest from an athlete perspective – I don’t want to see a low, unhealthy number that’ll hurt my performance or make me injury prone. But that said, I agree with you – if you like what you see in the mirror, who gives a crap what the number on a (probably less than accurate) machine says?

  7. Looove this post! I hate the scale. I haven’t weighed myself in months..of course there are times I am super curious and have to force myself to get away from the scale but most of the time, I am content. I figure if my clothes fit the same, I am not gaining weight. I just have to reason more like you do because I get really upset if my pants fit tight (especially if I didnt eat the healthiest the night before).

  8. that’s great that you were able to throw away the scale 🙂 i haven’t found a pair of pants to “go by” yet because all of mine are slightly different sizes and none of them fit me perfectly! but someday i’d love to not need to weigh myself too.

  9. i wish there was a freaking love button for this. You and I are so much alike! I haven’t weighed myself in months and I’ve never been happier. I love this (and YOU! 😛 )

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