the last of portland. i promise.

dinner dinner chick'n winner

brown rice, black/red beans, avocado, black olives, cilantro, salsa, and tali sauce (a.k.a. crack sauce)

portland made kombucha. lavender lemonade. ehh not great

supermarket finds: KIND granola (maple walnut clusters) and wild squirrel bright eyed and bushy tailed peanut butter (espresso and dark chocolate)

sweater from target

teaspoon/tablespoons from urban outfitters for $1!

remember this soy nut butter we bought yesterday?

uhhhh yeah...we sort of liked it

breakfast spot of choice - vita cafe

nutritional yeast in shakers?? yes please!

vegan biscuits with almond gravy

new years breakfast - 2 free range scrambled eggs, steamed veggies, and a corn cake with maple syrup

mini vegan strip mall - the furthest is a vegan bakery, the middle is a vegan clothing store, and the front is a vegan grocery store

i got these earrings from the clothing store. i don't even have my ears pierced...but now i'm gonna get them done

and then i got some stickers...


we went to another farmers market but we didn't get anything this time. but look at this cauliflower! whaa?!

i want this sticker...

dutch bros. coffee pumpkin spice latte. if you are ever in oregon, you MUST go to dutch bros! every time i'm in oregon, i make it a point to go. plus, it was $1 for mediums today! can't beat that

And that’s it. No more portland. I’m sorry if you guys have been sick of seeing all these pictures but I promise that I will be back to normal blogging tomorrow 🙂



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