portland day 1

dinner at the sacramento airport - mixed greens, marinated mushrooms, tofu, beets, kidney/garbanzo beans, broccoli, jicama, balsamic vinagrette

gingerbread latte. dare i say better than pumpkin spice?

reading material for the plane. totally recommend this book

the view from my sister's room. #spoiled

honeycrisp apple the size of my face

i love you fall

yes, portland. you do rule.

local kombucha - dragonfruit lavendar

21 grain bread, orange marmalade, siracha, fresh basil, curry, peanut butter. i die.

cinnamon raisin bread, apple butter, wild flower honey, granola, bananas, peanut butter. i die. again.

I sure hope your not sick of all these pictures because there are a lot more where these came from 🙂


12 thoughts on “portland day 1

  1. Whoa whoa whoa. Pb and j restaurant?!?!?! There is a heaven on earth!! Your sandwiches are making me drool…so is the massive honeycrisp heehee
    Lookin forward to the next dose of pics 🙂

  2. I just want to comment on every single picture!! I’m guessing you’re in Portland OR and not Portland ME – I’ve always wanted to go to Oregon!! I used to live in Portland ME though lol.

    Umm and I also wish 1. my starbucks had the nutcracker on the back of their cups, too cool (oh and YES, the gingerbread latte is hands-down the BEST seasonal drink, even better than pumpkin spice!), 2. my town had a grilled PB&J restaurant (although thanks for the sandwich-pimpin’ ideas!), 3. that my town also had dragon fruit/lavender kombucha – or local kombucha at all, not just GT’s, 4. that my shoes were as cute as yours 5. that I was reading that book too (and thanks for the suggestion! I’d never heard of it before but I totally just ordered it on Amazon lol). Your sister is a reaaaaally lucky girl to have a sister like you visiting her! 🙂

  3. i must get to portland, only because i want that pbj!!!!!!!!

    oh, and i LOVE honeycrisp apples that are the size of my face! They are so much better than the smaller ones, even though the smaller ones are better for traveling. i’ve been cutting mine up into thirds to take with me at a time and keeping the rest in the fridge. it also helps to save money, cuz those things are not cheap!

  4. I WANT THOSE PB & J CREATIONS!!!!! They sound soooo good. I’m so glad a pb&j store is opening here. There are so many fun creations! I’ve always wanted to go to portland. I’ve heard they have a great vegan scene and of course food trucks! I can’t wait to see what else you got!

  5. Your PB&J sounds heavenly! I have a PB&J restaurant in my city and I love it, they have so many amazing combinations. The gingerbread latte sounds amazing too–I think I’m going to try that when I hit up Starbucks next. I’m jealous of your trip, I’ve always wanted to go to Portland!

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