more scenes from portland

sissy and me ❤

who's ready for christmas?

local produce

beet tartare with cashew cheeze and slices of baguette

my dinner: there was some fancy name for this but it was basically kombucha squash ravioli with a cashew cream sauce and hazelnuts on top

with a side of brussel sprouts. come to momma!sister's dinner: pear, red onion, and cashew cheeze pizza

insert food coma.

i couldn't resist buying this shirt from goodwill. motivation for the boston marathon i guess

brother's christmas gift "Beards. They grow on you." HA

street car that we road all around town

outside the portland state farmers market

GIANT beets

red kale




kabocha squash



my all time fav

banana apple?? you better believe we bought one! i'll let you know how it tastes

sweet potato soup with some bread

vegan + gluten free cranberry, apple, pecan, and hazelnut sticky bun. yeah. you heard that right.

Our buys:

honeycrisp apples + asian pears

lavandar pear fig jam


see that thing to the right? we road it and the view was unbelievable

powell's bookstore is hugeeee. there's even a map for the store!

kitty grass?