a sugar free wiaw + some ramblings

It’s Wednesday. Ohhh the dreaded Wednesday. The only thing to make it a little better is WIAW thanks to Jen at Peas and CrayonsSince it’s still the sugar free challenge, this post will feature zero added sugars. I have to give my props to Alex. No sugar is a hard thing to do! (And if there is sugar in this post, don’t judge. I’m a newbie at this sugar free thing.)


smoothie with frozen berries, frozen banana, raw protein powder, green superfood powder, ground flax seed, and almond milk


banana + pb

Speaking of peanut butter, I just polished off another jar. I should just change my blog name to, “Fueled by Peanut Butter.”


sandwich with chicken, hummus, cucumbers, spinach, onions, and shredded carrots + asparagus + broccoli + kidney beans

Sandwich! Hands down my favorite food. There are so many possibilities. This one hit. the. spot.

Pre-Workout Snack

sweet potato eaten like a banana - don't knock it till you've tried it

If anybody has had pre-workout snacking troubles, I would totally recommend sweet potatoes. Not only do they taste great, but they are also a great way to get some quick carbs.


salad BEAST - lettuce, cucumbers, shredded carrots, mushrooms, radishes, kidney beans, corn, salsa, guacamole, brown rice


So I’ve been planning out some of my races for my 21 before 21 goal and this is what I have come up with:

5) North Face Endurance Challenge – Half Marathon – December 4, 2011

6) Walnut Creek Half Marathon – December 10, 2011

7) Operation Jack – Full Marathon – December 26, 2011 ***

8 ) 13.1 Los Angeles – Half Marathon – January 15, 2011

***I went back and forth on which marathon I wanted to sign up for but I ultimately decided on this one because of the cause. It’s supporting autism while all the other races didn’t have a specific group to support. You can donate money to runners and help them raise awareness for autism. I totally understand if you don’t want to donate, but I figured I would let you all know anyway. Check it out here.


Speaking of running, I finally got my running magazines in the mail!

Running Times and Runner's World

I had never gotten, or even read, either of these magazine before but I knew that I would love them. No more of those weight loss magazines. Those are just ridiculous. What I really loved about these magazine was that the models were not stick thin. They were strong and they looked like they could actually run. Definitely a good investment 🙂


As I’ve said before, one of my roommates has been trying to lose weight. She literally talks about it everyday. I get that she wants to lose weight and all but to be quite honest, I don’t want to hear about. I tried to help her out in the beginning. I helped her with workouts and how to eat healthy but now she is just being annoying about it. She constantly talks about how fat she is. I get it. I’ve been there. But she knows my past. She knows my issues. So why the heck does she always bring that up? Not gonna lie, it’s gotten to me at times. But then all I do is walk away, and take some time to myself and then I am okay. The other day though, I, personally, hit a new point in my recovery.

We were hanging out and she had just come back from the gym and she was telling me all about her workout. But all I heard was blah blah blah because well…it’s getting old. But then she said, “Oh my gosh. I hate cellulite!” And then me, the one in recovery from an eating disorder, the one who has hated her body, the one who has said so many hateful things to her body, said, “I like it. It adds character.”

That’s right. I said it. I said I loved something that I hated for so many years. And you know what? I wouldn’t take back those words. I really do love it. And it really does add character. I can’t help but cry while typing this up because I am so happy. Really and truly happy. A year ago, I would have joined her body hate. But that was last year. I am a new person with a new mind set. I love my body and all it’s “imperfections.” 

What imperfections do you love about yourself?

And this is totally random, but, do you guys know of any good stretches for hips? Mine are super tight! 


38 thoughts on “a sugar free wiaw + some ramblings

  1. I SO agree, sweet potatoes are THE BEST pre workout fuel! I’ve never eaten one like that though…you know what I’mma be trying this week 😉 Great eats too my friend!
    My favorite imperfections are my freckles, they make me who I am! Flaws rock, end of story 😀
    Happy WIAW!!

  2. I never thought about eating sweet potato before a workout. I always thought it would make me feel heavy. I’d love to try it out sometime! 🙂

  3. I have a few scars (one on my neck from a surgery and several on my knees from being a college drunk-tard), and I’m actually happy I have them. Whether for medical issues or sheer stupidity, they prove that I am mortal but able to heal and recover stronger than ever 🙂 My favorite hip stretch is to get on your knees wider than hip distance, get on all 4’s and then lean back into the stretch. I’m sure it has a specific name, but I have no clue.

  4. I love sweet potatoes! And yay for your little personal triumph! To stretch out my hips, I do this extremely attractive thing where I spread my legs as far apart as comfortable, and swing my hips in a circular motion slowly. I’ll also do that position and bend one knee to stretch the opposite hip, and switch.. Really attractive stuff, but it gets the job done when my hips are tight from horseback riding.

  5. YAYY congrats on the body-love victory!! FWIW, I don’t think your roomie is intentionally trying to get to you with the weight-loss talk. you know how when you’re sort of obsessed with changing your own body you don’t really think about other people? I bet when she talks about losing weight she’s not even consciously aware of your issues with it (even though you’ve told her) – I bet if you brought it up she’d realize how it was making you feel and would probs feel really bad hah. But anyway.

    And dang, so many half marathons! When are you turning 21? pretty soon? I think its awesome, just be sure you don’t burn out – racing 13.1 miles every weekend is a LOT to put your body through! 🙂

    Imperfections…I like my freckles a LOT. and my nose is kind of curved at the bottom, which is a little weird but I think its cute. I also have really really tiny feet and hands – which I also think are cute! haha.

  6. AWESOME post!!! Imperfections ARE beautiful 🙂 even something like cellulite!

    And I’m super impressed with all of you doing the sugar free challenge! I tried it 6 months ago and it was SO hard!

  7. I love that comment about cellulite! I think half of the reason I love it is because it’s snarky and probably made you feel awesome after you said it and got to watch her face 🙂
    I like sweet potatoes! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

  8. I would definitely support the Fueled by Peanut Butter!!! 😉

    Haha, I love how you ate that sweet potato like a banana. that is just too awesome. 🙂

    ” But that was last year. I am a new person with a new mind set. I love my body and all it’s “imperfections.” ”
    Oh my gosh girl. You are so strong. I am so proud of you — what an accomplishment!!! I know how this feels. Imperfections are Beautiful. That is so true! That is something I’ve been learning — being perfect isn’t what matters. It’s about loving yourself for who you are. I’m sorry that your room mate has been so in-your-face pretty much about her weight stuff. It’s so sad that she’s saying those kind of things about herself. I love how you countered her: your statement is so true — imperfections ARE beautiful! They make you YOU! 😀

  9. I love,love,love your comment about cellulite because it shows how far you’ve come and how proud you can be of yourself! 😀 You are such a strong girl,please NEVER think about giving up!
    And yes,imperfections somehow ARE beautiful. Often,no one would even think of something oneself regards as “imperfection” being dramatical or the like. In the end,it’s all about being self-conscious and self-confident enough to LOVE and RESPECT our body just the way it is.
    Personally,I think I haven’t come that far yet,but I like my “imperfect” birth mark on a finger of my left hand as well as the one above my belly button. They look kinda cool! 😉

  10. I love love sweet potatoes! Especially when they’re still warm…
    I’m 5ft 10inches so I used to hate being tall cause I wanted to ‘fit in’ with my high school friends! Trust me, you can hardly find any girls that tall in Malaysia! but now, I’m loving it! I even wear heels! 🙂

  11. Yay for imperfections, FINALLY! I was hoping someone would join me in this soon. I love my bulky-shaped-elbows and my newly muscular/and-yes-fatter thighs. I thought I would always hate having a bigger body, but dayum, it’s so nice! I feel liberated =)

  12. Gosh, can you believe I’ve never eaten a sweet potatoe – they’re such a rarity here. I guess I’ll just have to go on a hunt one of these days and find one 🙂

    I’m short but that just helps me get through crowds better! Loved this post!

  13. I love how you eat sweet potatoes! wow you have quite a few races coming up next month. I’m sure your training hard this month for them. Good Luck. If I were you I would say something to your roommate.
    Wednesday means we’re halfway through the week…weekend is fast approaching 🙂

  14. Girl I can sooo relate to having a roommate like that! Mine always talks about wanting to drop a few pounds, even though she’s already thin. Plus she says things like “I can’t have more than 1 piece of bread in a day because that’s too many carbs”. Ughh it drives me crazy! But that’s awesome what you said about cellulite. Yay for body love! 😀

    My favourite imperfection of mine is the small gap in between my front teeth.

  15. So impressed with your control of eating all non sugar items. I’m going to have to try that. Although I don’t think I have enough will power. OMG the roommate situation. Seriously I think everyone gets a roommate that hates their body even if they are perfect. Mine was a toothpick and would always be like I’m so fat…wtf.

  16. I had to do a double-take of your banana with peanut butter because it looked blue! I was like–“What?!” haha! Also, I have GOT to try eating my sweet potatoes like a banana–love it!

    I am sorry about the roommate situation. However, I think it is awesome that it is pushing you toward accepting your body! I have been spending a LOT of time with two 14-month-old twins and seeing them with their ADORABLE tummies, and ADORABLE little thighs that help the run and jump has made me completely re-think body image. Why on earth do we despise these aspects of our body? I want them to love their little bodies–but that means I must love mine, too!

  17. Haley- I just want to give you a HUGE hug right now. I am so proud of you!! You’ve come so far and you should be proud of your body. Nobody is perfect. &for the record, I think your roomate is quite rude…. complaining about body issues is not something you should do to someone who’s recovering/recovered from an eating disorder. It’s your decision but I think you really need to sit down with her and tell her how ya feel.
    I love how you ate your sweet potato- just like a banana 😛 So neat!
    AND I gave you the Liebster award!!

  18. Sweet potatoes are the best! They are the perfect carbo load before a race, especially smothered in black beans, cheese, and salsa. SO GOOD!
    I’m so sorry about the roommate situation. That must be so difficult. You have come so far and you should be so proud of yourself. You go girl!

  19. Wow those are some intense races you have planned – good luck with the training!
    I think it’s great you’re able to love your imperfections, well done on coming so far! I used to HATE my thighs but now I love how big and strong they are because they support me on my runs.

    For a good hip stretch try the shoulder chest and hip flexor stretch. It’s hard to explain without a picture but basically stand and take a big step forward with your right leg, so that the lower leg is perpendicular to the floor (kind of like a long lunge). Fold your arms behind you, clasping your upper arm just above the elbow with the opposite hand. Exhale fully and tighten the grip on your arms to stretch out your chest and shoulders, then breathe deep and sink into the right leg to open out your hip. Hold for 30 seconds – works really well!

  20. Triangle pose has helped my tight hips immensely!!!! I am loving my legs more and more… My thighs are not ‘huge’ they are stronger than strong!!!!!

  21. First time reading your blog. So proud of you! I know what it is like to be in recovery from an ED and have people constantly talk about losing weight- I’m a freshman in college so I hear about the “freshman 15” all the time. It really gets to me. I can see you are a strong girl- keep it up! You inspire me!

    • this means so much to me. i really hope that all goes well with the people talking about the ‘freshman 15.’ you are wayyyy better than ED ever will be. just remember that and stay strong ❤

  22. wow that lunch looks good. I’m not too good with sandwiches, but we’re working towards liking one another.
    okay. I could comment at length about that comment, but let’s just say “how rude!”
    I can’t stand it when people do that. Yes, I know weight and eating and such on every level can be difficult, but just as it might be difficult for her to see people who don’t need to lose weight, it is really difficult for you to be in that environment as well. I usually either leave or steer the conversation elsewhere when people talk about weight and dieting. Or I try to emphasize that they should love themselves and what their body can do for them. I probably sound preachy and I probably am, but it helps me justify that I’m trying to love MY body as well.
    What a powerful last two paragraphs those are. I would have cried writing it as well. Doesn’t it feel just so liberating to allow yourself to love your body with everything that is and isn’t perfect? Perfect for whom? Perfect enough for you. Perfect in its imperfections. Amen to that 🙂

  23. I don’t love or hate my physical imperfections… I just accept them I think!

    You are brave to do no sugar!! Soooo much stuff has sugar in it.

  24. Yay for imperfections! Congrats on the breakthrough. I hate it so much when people complain to me about how fat they are, especially when they’re not. Some of my friends are gorgeous and can eat whatever the heck they want and then complain about their weight. One girl told me all about how she lost weight over the summer and gainied it all back. It got to the point where I wanted to throw something at her.
    That’s great on the sugar free challenge, too. I could never go without my sugar.

  25. Oh my goodness, a sweet potato eaten like a banana…how awesome is THAT!?

    And yes, it does get tiresome to listen someone go on and on…about anything really. Don’t complain, do something about it!

    I have totally come to terms with the fact that I have cellulite and probably always will. I also have an asymmetrical face (most people do) and look way better from one side than from the other. But I think it’s funny and will point it out to people. That said, I do make sure to take photos from a good angle 🙂

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