five things friday

It’s Friday!!! For once this week actually went by pretty fast. It was probably because I didn’t have much homework. You know what that means? Next week I am going to be swamped with things to do. Bring it.And since it’s Friday, I figured I would do a Five Things Friday post. Five things that have been going on in my life, and five things you all really want to know, I’m sure.

1. Yesterday marked the first day of Alex’s Sugar Free Challenge. And that’s exactly what it is…a challenge. So many of my favorite foods have sugar in them. Frozen yogurt, I will be back for you. I will admit, I did eat a Nature Valley bar yesterday after giving blood. I mean, I didn’t want to pass out or anything so I just hadΒ to πŸ˜‰ But besides that, I have been on top of it. No pumpkin butter, sunflower seed butter, chobani, or frozen yogurt for this girl. Wahhhh! Sweet potatoes have been like candy…and I have one left.

i am drooling...

2. I gave blood yesterday for the first time everrrr. And it will probably be the last. Just kidding, just kidding. The worst part was probably waiting for 2 hours. That’s right…2 hours. For somebody who hates needles, I cannot believe I actually did it. And I am happy to say that I didn’t pass out. Win! I made sure to not look at the needle or blood bag. I would have probably passed out then. Would I do it again? Yeah…I mean I wouldn’t spend my Friday nights giving blood but I saved a life, so it was worth it.3. I am stoked to visit my sister in Portland next weekend. Since it’s Veteran’s Day, I don’t have school on Friday. That means 3 day weekend. Holla! I haven’t seen my sister in 2 months so I need to get my dose of sisterly love. Plus, she’s in Portland…PORTLAND! I freakin love Portland. One day, I hope to live there or Seattle. Either way, I love that city and am super jealous that she gets to live there.4. I have found so many great gift ideas on Pinterest. (P.S. Are you guys sick of me talking about Pinterest? Yeah…me either.) Since I am a poor college student, these DIY gifts are going to be perfect. So far I have found something for my mom, dad, sister, best friend, brother’s girlfriend, and cat. (Yes. My cat.)

5. I decided that I am going to run the half marathon on Sunday. I don’t care if I have to crawl or walk…I’m going for it. You guys gave me lots of great tips. So I am going to take today and tomorrow off. This is going to be hard. I am not used to having two days of rest but I know that it is what’s best for me so I will just have to push away any ED thoughts that come up. I am going to continue to drink water like a mad woman. My water bottle will be by my side these next couple of days. I will also make sure to fuel my body as best as possible. My mom told me to up my protein a little bit, and since Mom knows best, I will do that. And of course, I will listen to my body and play it by ear. If I wake up on Sunday light headed or weak, then I won’t do it. But fingers crossed that it all goes well!

And now I am off to enjoy my Friday by drinking lots of water and eating no sugar. Fun right? But wait…I couldn’t stop laughing at this for some reason.


15 thoughts on “five things friday

  1. I am glad youre racing sunday πŸ˜€ Me thinks if I get through my first half marathon alive that you and me should totally do one together someday!! that would be so much fun!! πŸ˜€

  2. A marathon while doing the sugar free challenge. I am in awe of you right now! I have never given blood because of the whole needle thing. I really need to get over my fear because its such a good thing to do for others. I might be stealing that reindeer 6 pack idea for my dad.

  3. Newbie reader πŸ™‚ All the best for the marathon! I bet you’ll rock it! Because you gave blood, make sure you drink some isotonic stuff! I know they probably all have sugar in them which goes against the sugar-free challenge, but it is really important to increase your blood volume- I just finished studying for a huge topic on water/blood balance and stuff, straight water is no use seeing as you’re not dehydrated (plus a whole lot of other mildly boring details!). Again, good luck! You are such an inspiration πŸ™‚

  4. Good luck in the Challenge!!! I’m so glad you joined πŸ˜€ And Congrats on giving blood!

    And those photos just made. So ridiculously hilarious.

  5. YAY! I’m so glad you had a good blood-giving experience! I’ve never been allowed to give blood, I so wish it were something i could do!! And I’m glad you’re going to rest, hydrate, fuel, and RUN! I think you’ll be just fine – better to do it and feel crappy than regret not doing it! πŸ™‚ and OMG no sugar….wow. I have huge respect for you, I would probably break after a day hahahaha

    • woo hoo for running your first marathon! and in portland…lucky! there’s a super cute street called 23rd street. i love walking up and down it. then there’s the rose garden too. i haven’t been there but my mom loves it. and of course, there are a ton of great places to eat. one of my favorite’s is the farm. the veggie burger was actually on the best thing i ever ate on food network πŸ™‚ then make sure to check out the food carts! they can be found everywhere basically

  6. Good luck on your race tomorrow!!! πŸ™‚
    and NO SUN FLOWER SEED BUTTER?!?!?!?! 😦 I think I just cried and died a little for you. Thats terrible…. πŸ˜‰ I’d epically fail if I took that challenge…

    Good luck on Sunday!

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