Thank you thank you thank you all for your comments on my post earlier today. I didn’t mean to scare any of you but I just had to get it off my chest. I see a therapist every Friday so it will be nice to talk to her. I will beat these thoughts. I know I will.

Since it’s WIAW, I just have to participate. But I really don’t feel like posting my eats because well…they’re boring and repetitive. Instead, here are a few things that I have been seeing on pinterest lately. And don’t worry…I’ll be back to some of my normal blogging soon. 


Did you know that I collect pressed pennies? Well you do now. This would be a perfect idea to do with them all one day. I probably have about 100 of them…no joke.

Too cute!

This is my new catch phrase.Has anybody else seen That Thing You Do?? It’s totally one of my favorite movies!Thank God…

I want this outfit…like now.

Anybody have a baby I can get this for?

This is totally going to be my child.

Marry me. Please and thank you.


So true..oh so true.

And my personal favorite…






















11 thoughts on “WI(pinned)W

  1. LSHMSFOAIDMT at this post!! I love the little girl on the swing and that baby’s bib. Too cute! All the great motivational messages and positivity in here are getting my morning off to a great start. Thanks for sharing these!!

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